10 Photoshop Liquify Features and Tips You Need to Know

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y you don't have ads in your videos ?
Carol Helliwell
brilliant thank you
Cosmin Mitulescu
Good one! :)
Dennis W
Key thing is SUBTLE. Don't overdo any of this
Dr. Harshwardhan
d best tutorial ever on liquify tool .. thanks alot 😎
Himanshu Pal
First time first to Comment- Hey Nathaniel your tutvids are fantastic, Keep going.😉
Ibrahim Abbas
Sure I am surprised for your tutorial so with you i can touch the moon , thank you very mach.
good tut!!
Jan Cartwright
Great information, as usual. Thanks!
Jim Conard
Great video! You should slow down a bit so newbies can follow. I worry about buying your video I think it would be to hard follow. Thanks
John Palacio
The video is roughly broken down in to the following sections:\n\n0:45 – Intro and making non-destructive changes\n1:45 – Useful keyboard shortcuts\n4:00 – Using the Warp tool\n6:20 – The Reconstruct tool\n7:15 – The Smoothing brush\n8:00 – Pucker and Bloat tools\n10:00 – Freeze and Fall for locking sections of the image\n11:40 – Viewing background context when liquifying an isolated layer\n13:30 – Using selections as masks in Liquify\n15:45 – Face-aware tools for easy editing of facial features\n\n(list on PetaPixel)
Jon J.
Son of a gun! This is like one of the best quick overviews i've watched! Nice job!
Li Eric
Can you send us the project file of the second photograph?
Madagascar Multimedia
As always, amazing tutorials! cheers from Madagascar :)
Do you have a how to make a intro animation or animated logo guide with After effects?
Oli M
Great Tutorial! thanks a lot :)
Petr Mika
Great work. Glad your channel is here! I've learned a lot
poster desıng, magazıne cover pls.
Great video and explanation of this powerful tool.\nThanks for sharing.\n\n2 remarks:\nAs you said the bloat tool would be useful for resizing boobs but having done digital boob jobs more than all the plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills together, the forward warp tools is much better and gives you far out better control cause the pictures are almost never facing the front straight on.\n\nSecond one: The face tool will only recognize a face if the eyes are (almost) straight horizontal. If it does not recognize the face just rotate the face temporary , do the edit and rotate it back to its original position
Rizky Ilham
why does my liquify cursor goes wrong? it's like \
Rizwan M A Hai
Keep on doing the good work bro. I have learnt PS only because of you and Phlern, my friends think I am a ps pro now. 😂 Thank you very much.
Vivian Lee
Can you please explain why you need to convert to smart object?
Yehuda Moskowitz
Thanks for creating the video. Very informative!
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Great job dude... Keep the good work 😀
bat man
no not 22mins
this was so helpful and clear...but dear lord that dress is heinous
great overview even for a seasoned user
There is a chance for a new series of AFFINITY PHOTO?
emma lissette alvarado vasquez
mhs vz
Wow! Body morphing.