Saleen S7 Twin Turbo on the Road

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I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to record this beautiful car. The owner is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet, a really nice guy. Special thanks to him for letting me do this! Also, want to give credit to Black Wolf Automotive Specialties Located in Woodbridge, Virginia! They do awesome work there go check them out!

Biturbo S7 Saleen Turbo Twin car engine exhaust freeway highway on public realmcr... rev revving road sound spot spotter spotting the track

Akram mohamed
Tyson corner lol
Dude you REAAAALLLY should post these videos on the forums, especially this one! That is a car that VERY few people get to film like that, and this deserves WAY more views! +1
that is just so amazing!!! god damn thats awesome. sick! +1
John Irvine
Damn I thought we were gonna hear it open up! Hopefully in the next vid we get to hear it. Idk how you were holding the cam so still I would be shaking cuz the car is so amazing. Great video man I can't wait to see the highway one
Matt Maran Motoring
Awesome footage!! Sounds so sick!
Maximov Design
the turbo truck smoked the saleen :D
@DtRockstar1 I have one more video to upload..filming this car on the highway. After that video im going to make a thread of all these videos:)
This is my favorite American car by far! They have one of these at the lingenfelter collection in Michigan. I am gonna upload a video of it soon. +1