Dota 2 Patch 7.20 - New items and Changes

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7.20 Dota 2 item items new patch patch 7.20 update

A Simple HoNLover
So they copied Heroes of newerth's Third Sword which is for intelligence \
AJZulu MOBA Gaming
might as well show the inventory slot, , some of the clips dont even show how \
Ajwadd Anwarr
Still no mars :(
AkeemNicholae Roska
Where is the new HEROOOOOOOOOO :(
Alkri kim
I can see many hero using kaya and sange but yasha and kaya??
Black Sheep
Supports getting some more loving.
holy locket on WK with vampiric aura, does it work?
Bolshoi Booze
I'm early.
Christiand V.
Why why mr anderson???
Sunsfan's favorite hero Techies got a super buff this patch. 315 movespeed, 2 more intelligence, Bloodstone rework. Just waiting on a 6 hour long video to come out soon of patch analysis.
Happy I don't play Dota after 2500 hours in it, I finally found its bullshit 😂😂
Djole Misic
Ring of aquila joins poor mans shield :(
The blue swords are Yasha and Kaya, the red is Sange and Kaya.
Ember Hydra
Why can't we have Sange & Yasha & Kaya? (The holy trinity ) or Kaya and Kaya?
why isnt there a Sange and Yasha and Kaya item
Hugo Pablo
RIP Ring of Aquila; 2011-2018
Huynh tuan thanh
yeah, yasha and kaya or sange and kaya is pretty much ideal from HoN
the reason why i stopped playing dota is because they changed stuff that was completely fine with no good reason.
Jessica Anderson
lovely video! please create more content like this
My speakers are broken. I don't hear sunsfan
If you remember the Ring of Aquila you qualify for a veteran's discount.
Jun Rey
Time to quit dota bois
Júlio César
aquila ):
item names ?
Lelol 7
Got 4,000+ hours in DotA 2, stopped for right now to concentrate on my engineering bachelor's degree. Sure, these changes seem weird, but remember, everyone hated when the Spirits got released, they're now some of the heroes with the best plays in DotA 2 history, boys. Keep playing lads, and as Ember Spirit says, Balance in all things.
Lyf Hax
HON here i comes
Mc Jethro Pov Tee
Changes are changes. If nothing changes, you will complain that it's stale. If something changes, you will complain that it's ruined.\n\nWhat fkn pleases you then?
Noor Fakhriani
It's funny because in Indonesia Sange and Kaya literally means horny and rich
Why don’t they do color mixing for the swords? Sange and yasha should be the mixture of red and green with yasha and kaya being aquamarine and SnK being purple idk
Pavel Dvorak
Iam looking forward to the patch where they do more merging of items... like... Sange & Yasha & Kaya & Butterfly & Heart & Daedalus & Rapier & Silver Edge & Travels & 2 iron branches
Rubens Netto
Hi Guys I have a guide \nHow to get Arаcna!!
Shiftingerino Shaderino
Rest in peace, Ring of aquila
The Flying Toaster
The changes aee fine except phaseboots.
Wow, can you stack the Holy Lockets?
DMC reference, Agni and Rudra.
we want a patch analysis with sunsfan and slacks please
aldo putra
Ice frog says that if you want slow go build skadi
Why would they do that to phase boots?
is a commentated video some patreon only stuff? If i have to read anyway i just read the official patchnotes.
james christopher antivo
The only dismays me was the solar crest it been nerfed it was cheap item for counter pa the chance of true strike was gone. As you play support and you got stupid carry that wont listen any item suggestion this item is good for countering pa also good for bursting down a tank while enemy debuff by miss and now its gone.
That bloodstone is gonna be so weird to get used to.
Get a voice-over
no item names?
Give me back my Poor Man's Shield
Bloodstone is now really a good item compared to before
Макс Шакиров
Hallo HoN
사나미나토 자키
Yeah roti kaya roti kaya 😂