The Thing Called Love (James/Miranda) - River Phoenix Samantha Mathis

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Another video I made, hope you like :) My second favorite movie with River after My Own Private Idaho. ~ My River Phoenix playlist : (apparently some videos only work on computer) I don't own anything in this video. I don't make any profit!

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Ahmeg azodnem
I had this full movie saved on my phone.I can't recall how many times I've's very soothing,watching him sing with his unique and cold voice..I love them both.
Maryline D
For sure the best video I've seen! Awesome movie
Megan Moz
Thank you for uploading this, I am crazy about River! Love this movie so much!!
Stephanie Buendia
River Phoenix \u003c3 Thank you for this wonderful video. Undoubtedly one of the best!
Yoanna Ayala
Beautiful video. Best one I've seen. Thanks