Saleen S7 Twin Turbo — 375 kph (233 mph)

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Saleen S7 Competition Total Race (Nikolay G.), 2000+ hp on Unlim 500+ Minsk '14. 1000 m. trap speed world record — 375 kmh (233 mph)!Результаты Unlim 500+ Беларусь '14 (Results of the race):

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the run way looked rough, get this on your normal runway ASAP
very bad runway and dangerous... do it on a proper runway.
3rd Gen Guy
No replacement for displacement!
A Google User
Thanks for this man , now this video will go supercrazy on Facebook . can't believe 2000 HP.?
What a frickin' beast, more please!
Artimal ♛
0:11 PUTIN?
Damn bottom front end all busted up i bet
Straight killa
Bodya Hollywood
Это что за рекорд такой на 1000м..?\nЧё за дебилизм и не 1/4 и не миля!\nВ топку эту хуйню!
My dream car ! A real car. People sleep on it.
Cartney84 Ian
same fast like moto gp
Celica TTE
Cengizhan Türk
hell yeah
Charles Darwin
I knew that thing would be mental but that's crazy. Can't wait to see it on a better surface
Cody Rush
I just keep watching 0:44 to 0:47. Jesus. The S7 is my dream car for a reason.
And suddenly the Saleen needed a new splitter.
Откуда Saleen в Беларуссии?
Deadly Sins
salleen I luv u so!!!
that runway is a death trap. way too bouncy and deadly.
How are you going to put an 800hp Audi up against that beast haha doesn't seem fair to me
REAR WHEEL DRIVE. Still puts down 233 from a standstill. FORD POWER!
I remember this thing on the game Test Drive Unlimited/2 it's bloody insane
0:45 чутка притопил)
1 mile I MISS YOU
Future Bass
Вот вы смелые на таком покрытие мировые рекорды ставить)
Gerald Williams
0:44, The Saleen literally took off. It like changed into a new car under a second.
What it needs, is 4 BIG tires, like Big Chief's, Fix that 60'\nThen sell it, and use that money for a nice sammich.
Fast car. but the fast car ever i seen. toyota supra build 2000hp++ 6.15sec 1/4 mil
Holy s***!
Ikito Husky
missing SAVO :D
Ilia Loladze
And he could not floor it like till 3rd gear.\nOn a perfect road with a perfect launch this thing will make unreal numbers.
после того как убрали милю заезды превратились в шлак, никакого интереса.
Inklebonker 1
Oh my gosh that thing pulled so hard once it hooked up. This Saleen needs a rubbered down drag strip stat!!
Inqilab Novruzov
Вот это мощь!!!! 
Ivan Aguilar
Mete cojones
Вот это зверь!
Jerome Hendricks
Jose 01
Yo sabía desde el primer momento que iba a ganar el naranja
Aaaaaaand the American just slayed the German. Seriously, that S7 is a beast during the start, it looks like it was almost out of control.
King of India
Reply if you have played test drive unlimited 1-2
Let It Happen
Not gonna lie, I think the S7 would be way better than the Ford GT in the Le Mans.
Luis Henrique
saleen Twin Turbo Max speed 399 km/h
Luqman Ridzuan
Took the crew a long and hard time but they've finally got it running the way it should. RESPECT.
M. Kostov
It's alive :D Finally
а в конце он не успел остановится и вылетел на газон(\nЭто в Минске было
Mario Rodriguez
0:45 what the hell .....!!!!!    SHIIIIIIITTTT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Very quick in a straight line to infinity and beyond, but curves, sure I fall over each abyss that is driving HAHAHA
why don't they run the mile anymore?
А чего парашют не открыли?
Nazario Mendoza
+altimgamr If it's putting down the same speed, why didn't the GTR also set the new world record? Weird...
One Wheel to Rule Them All
Man, imagine having a 700hp car and getting smoked like that
Pascal ///M Power
This will probably kill by AMS alpha 20
Wow! 375 km/h in 1 Km runway that's mental! The fastest Alpha 16 did 353 km/h and this run didn't look so good for the Saleen, partly because of a shitty runway. This car must be insanely scary to drive, i mean when the turbo's kick in the thing just goes like nothing else iv'e ever seen! I can't wait to see a better run, maybe it will even do 400 km/h in 1 km...
RACE 1000
bring AMS and UGR please... this Saleen is no joke
Robert Elmo
So, ummm, any updates on this ride?
Roman Yamaletdinov
Что за сокращение kph? Кило что в час? Пишут либо kmph, либо km/h.
Едет как будто 200
Very old engine, Ford 427 V8 OHV on medium block and still working pretty well.
ShuvItUpUr CramHole
Man, that thing looks scary to drive. Looked super skittish under acceleration.
LS7 под капотом...
Haha not a total fair match, but good video though
alpha omega vs this car, make it happen!!!!
The amount of times this car has broken down...
2k HP! thats unreal,
Thiago R.
Anda muito...\n
Tryna get my cock fucked.
Worldwide Darts
When the turbo's kicked in at 0:46 all hell broke loose. WOW!!! 
Zach Billings
I'd like to see if this has more to offer in the standing mile. If it hasn't run out of gearing, it seems like it would make it to around 275 or so.
2000 HP ?!?!?!? :o
bam 0217
looked more like 23.3mph
bazouka joe
The famous custom  AWD 2000hp  saleen
American made too! I guess not all of our cars are shit after! Never underestimate any car these days. Great cars now come from Asia, Europe and America. The new Z06 will solidify my statement when it arrives soon. That's what I love about this channel, if it ain't fast, time will tell. Fast don't lie!
jesus... bye bye Audi
This car is coming along pretty well. once it is at full kill... this car will give those 2000+hp TT Lambos a run for their money.\ntalking about changing the game.
wow wow WOW !!!   This guy has nerves of steel to go so fast on such a bumpy track... wow !!
Finally got it running rigt.
Just a normal car....... 0:45 OMG WTF!?
josh fritz
0:43\ni feel like this is when the road runner would say \
Great Car!
mat arif leen
look at all those cars that i cant buy
Now this is what they call Decimation.
Наконец-то он поехал!
Nice, and he even lifted before the finish!
Long waited for this video finally !
When it ran over that leaf on the track it almost took the bumper off lol holy shit that was rapid
DAMN!!! It didn't even seem to break a sweat!! 
stefan brown
you need a new track the cars are bouncing about
tygal soulami
And now where is a bugatti Ha ha ha ha
That thing need mile track... Maby more that 400+ kmh ;)
windows/ system32
GT-R AMS Top Speed World Record — 382 kph (237.5 mph)
+altimagtr\nActually this is only 1000 meters, the GT-R did that speed in a full mile (even though I could possibly be mistaken), not 1000 meters like the S7.  1000 meters = 0.621371 miles.  The S7 also looked like it wasn't even doing a full run, I'm willing to bet on a good run this thing would push 385 kph, who knows.\n\nFor the record GTR fanboys are really annoying, such as yourself.  The car is not exactly my forte but it's fast as hell nevertheless, but not unbeatable.  No I'm not trying to preach about how my car or this car is better or anything of the sort.  I'm just saying that there is at least 5 of you on any non-GTR/fast car video always going on about how the GTR would beat this and beat that.  99% of you fanboys probably don't own one.  I actually know a GTR owner and he isn't even in spitting distance of how much of tool you fanboys are.  Grow up.
Валера Николаев
😱😳а че трасса такая кривая🙈🙈🙈
Роман Беск
эту мощ!! нешто не остановит =)
Роман Ковпаев
А почему не показали, как он в поле вылетел? Не снимали?
странно как он бампер не оставил на этой ужасной взлётке
قناة الشيخ أحمد خليل شاهين
I would like this to race the AMS alfa omega !! Crazy race !