The Amazing Power of Liquify for Portrait Retouching in Photoshop

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The Complete Guide to Using Liquify for Portrait Retouching in Photoshop! Right from understanding the basic tools in depth to advanced features like the Face-Aware Liquify, we will cover it all. Learn several techniques of using liquify in various situations with four examples.I hope this video helps. Thank you for watching!► TIMESTAMPS:

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Thank you very much for your tutorials. Very clearly explained.Thanks for your time to teach us so much about photoshop, pleasure to listen to you.
A. Joshatt
Great idea to move \
Alaa Akram
amazing explain
Alberto Verdugo
Dude, you are amazing, I consider myself an expert user (15 years using PS) and also have an Adobe Certificate, but I always learn something new with you. Also you are very charismatic
Thanks! I followed along for hours trying to master these techniques!
Amarildo Andrade
Parabéns pelos vídeos. Didática muito boa. Estou usando com meus alunos aqui.
I love these tutorials. You even show timestamps
André Q.
OMG, this opens so many possibilities, haha
Ashley Nell
This is going to be so useful for editing cars! Our photographer always seems to get this weird perspective on the car where the objects closer to the lens are big and everything else is small. Thanks! This is great
Bee Bri
I learn sooo much from your videos!! You're an amazing teacher thank you so much!!!
What if you used the Reconstruct tool for the shoulder of the girl with the shoe?
(This is not to discount the other YouTubers who do the same thing as you do, however,) I feel like if I were in your shoes having that massive amount of Ps knowledge and I was teaching somebody which I can only have a guess of his/her level of competency, I would have done it the same way as you always do. \nBelieve me, you are helping a huuuge number of people with your channel. Salute to you, sir!
Carlos Nesci usual!!! and very helpful the advice of OTTAWAMOUNTAINMAN about the PIN EDGES. Congrats again dear Unmesh!!!
Carol Brett
Fantastic video!
Catlike Diva
Love it as always. Thank you! Learnt alot about liquify now I can create better IG pictures.
David Heaselden
Unmesh, I whole heartedly agree with one of the earlier comments in that you have made a very daunting tool fun to use. Your empathy with us lesser Photoshop mortals makes learning fun and they say if you cannot explain something simply then you do not know your topic; well you can and do. Thank you so much.
Diane Illingworth
In old CS5, in liquify, there is Freeze Mask and Thaw Mask. If you select an area to freeze and paint (mask) it, then alter something nearby, the frozen area doesn't move. I don't know if this feature is in the newer versions. Thought of this reading about PIN EDGES below. CS5 doesn't have Pin Edges.
Doc Undies
Great tutorial thank you.
Gj man
Ga Mora
Your tutorials are life! You're a great teacher. Thank you!
Gary Grimes
I always enjoy your videos so much and learn do much! I'm just a hobbyist but still like to improve my skills. Hint: for that shot where liquify couldn't find the face, if you rotate the face so that the eyes are level vertically, liquify can find the face. You can edit and then rotate the image back.
Grimsoul Blackheart
Thank you, A great video on liquify. \nWhere you was working on the arm near the edge and it moves edge of the picture. One thing I like to do if I'm working on something close to the edge like that is use the freeze mask and freeze the edge of the screen so it doesn't move making that hole.
Harkirat Singh Cheema
Innocent K. Boateng
You're the best bro
Ivan Kiradjiiski
Heyy!! What is the model of your dell laptop?
bro please do one video for portfolio
Jack Moore
Your videos are some of the best on Youtube for Photoshop. Keep the content coming...very informative and well done.
James Britt
This is my favorite tutorial yet!!! Really amazing!
Jeanetta DeFreitas
Great tutorials from you my brother; I find myself revisiting your videos as refresher courses. I always find new tips to learn which helps me to really apply myself.
Jim Miner
Unmesh- you are an incredible teacher/trainer with a great positive personality. That is one of the main reasons I enjoy your tutorials. Also, this video came in at the right time. I need to adjust a photo image for a project and this was the perfect solution. Thank you for such a great job.
John Newbury
This chap is a genius, and a really great presenter as well! I can't stop watching!
Keith Casper
So without any further adieu....
Keith Lloyd
Another A1 5 Star lesson. Thank you
Kiril Iliev
Amazing video, Thx you for all of your work.
Lola Pisón
Te doy mi enhorabuena por tan magnífico video y tan bien explicado. Muchas gracias!!! he aprendido mucho.
Lucien Rout
The \
MaKe YoUr LiFe BeAuTiFuL
Photoshop CC 2018 - Liquify option does't preview its shows blank but still images are liquifying anyone tell me hoe to fix the preview problem
Mahesh Photographer
hai unmesh Very happy makara sankranti to you I am learning so much from your tutorial photoshop iam very thanksfull to you
Mark Connell
You are a fantastic teacher. I have struggled with liquefy for three years.
Max Payne
Bro you are just awesome !!
Melvin Adames
Thank you! Amazing video!
Unmesh, i have to tell you: you are doing an amazing job...really...i mean, almost every tutorial is like \
Mr. Akhilesh
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Mr. Rabby hossain.skytech
i like you Mr.
Nelson Teixeira
I think you forgot the \
Nick Robinson
Thank you very much. Very well explained and interesting. Keep up the good work.
u are an amazing teacher
Parsi Pax
Amazing tutorial!\nWatched and enjoyed it all the way through although I've already been using everything said in the video. (except for the right click to let go of the preview lol)
Patel Digital Photography Ganeshapura
your videos very very help for photography...............please help.....\n which is the best photoshop color setting for album print...?
Photoshop Chef
Applying liquify to smart object is a smart move. Most people don't know about that trick I guess. I used that on my plugin
Piset Sun
thank u idol
R.K Steven
Your tutorials have taught me quite a lot about Adobe Photoshop. I can now say that I am more conversant & confidence in using it. Thank you.
Without any further or do huh let's get started
Raaghu NG
Amazing video👌👌
Raghav Bhasin
Unmesh, You are really good at teaching, Its a joy to learn from your videos. You're doing a marvellous job.
Rex Singleton
You have a new Patreon. I think you are the best in quick easy to understand tutorials. I am a commercial phototgrapher and your PS videos are so helpful to me . thank you
Romeo Sarte
Unmesh, after clicking \
You are great as a matter of fact, Gary Grimes made a comment 7 months ago and he is right; just rotate the face a little more leveled and the face will be detected. Thanks
Excellent tutorial. Thank you.
Sakthi Narayanan
awsome video
Sayantan Das
Thank you Unmesh and Piximperfect for this amazing tutorial and answering my request so soon. And of course thank you for all the amazing tutorials till now. Keep up the good work✌
ShadowFox Sports
BEST tutorial on using Liquify. Thank you!!!
Shaharyar Ahmed
u da BEST
Siddharth Kshatriya
It's easy to edit model face but it's hard to edit ordinary face , Sir please do tutorials on face or portraits retouch Indian girls and boys
Spot on!
Great tutorial as usual, Umnesh.\nSpecial thanks for trick with \
Stratos Safioleas
Great explanation of the tool and quite comprehensive. Thank you!
Surajit Chakraborty
Plz provide your mail id
Swati Reshme
Man i love this challenge .......alwaysssss
I once was blind and now I see, thanks man
Tamer Ragheb
Thank you buddy.. Thank you..
Tanner Barlow
You should make a video on Capture One Pro. I recently made the switch from lightroom to Capture One Pro and WOW! Its so much better than lightroom in every way
Thanassis Fournarakos
Absolutely amazing! Have a nice weekend! Thanassis Fournarakos, retired (2011) Pro photographer (born in 1946). Greetings from Athens, Greece.
21:16 was a cat? Unmesh is the man. He definitely needs to be compensated by Adobe for making them (and their crappy products) look and work amazing! Thank you, Unmesh!
Thelma Kelly
Thank you so much for the tutorial! I'm still a novice, but learning a lot. If I start out in Lightroom and then open the image in PS, do I still convert the layer to a smart object?
VAlmaraz 2401
I have a question, what kind of cámara do you use for portraits and what design tablet do you use ?
Vasilis Karaman
Best photoshop teacher ever! I enjoy watching your videos and i have learned so many from you. Thank you!
Convert to smart object ok
Victor Pavia
You're a crack, bro! Sincerelly, I think youre the best at PSH tutorials. Thanks a lot!
Vimal Kumar S
Wonderful work Bro .. keep it up .. learning a lot because you teach simple !! Small request - if possible need a tutorial on how to make a simple couple or family portrait like a movie poster .. thanks in advance..
Wahidur Rahman
Which version of Photoshop do you use brother?
Well Shared By Wheelchair
You are great teacher.
Zakariya Rodgers
What makes your channel standout from all the other Photoshop tutorial channels is how you don't ignore the minor things assuming everyone already knows them. Really appreciate you slowing down to explain a basic concept.
anirban dutta
arjun pippal
Thnx for the tutorial it will be very helpful .
bachyen violet
saw the timestaps had to like right away!!
certified baba
After watching ur videos i feel like a pro i love your voice and accent soo clear and easy to understand...thank bro your tutorial
Good job! You make some very good tutorials.
Great tutorial! Thanks!
kenka hasan
Perfect Tutorials! Nice to meet you bro)
I cant use liquify on a smart object in my older version :(
Unmesh, in liquify (shift-command X to open liquify) you will find a tic box in the main right panel at the top called PIN EDGES. This will prevent the formation of that canvas edge gap you had to correct. It works very well. Thank you so much for your fabulous video!
pothabattula raghava
Sir plz give me light room dowan load link plz sir
rahul sharma
rajesh somarouthu
In fb page pixelartindia ...The digital art how they are doing.....Can u do the tutorial
probably the best photoshop channel ive ever found
shelly bomb
Why won't it face detect?? So i lose all those features?? Since it won't detect??
Thank you so much for these free tutorials. You explain everything so patiently and well that even an old lady like me can understand.
zhu cloud
really thank you for the video!
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Just Awesome!