TWD S4E9 - Michonnes Walker Resemblance

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Iy bide bulandirici pis zombiler 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
19050202 Mjn
Hay qua
Alberto Miguel Descalzo
*_Wakanda forever!_*
Anonymous plumz
wow no bittes
Ayesha Kyrielle Zafra
1:16 the walker accidentally made eye contact with Michonne
Cameron Greaves
The walkers are like michone’s friends.
Chris J
This method makes no sense based on the guts methods logic, the zombies were able to distinguish their smell when the were even closer to other walkers than Michonne.
Ciro Fascia
Cole Smith
Why dont the walkers attack her 😅
Conrail Gp-40 Guy
So she drags walkers around?
Why does she have walkers as pets
Daniel Gomez
Es escena eliminada? Nunca vi la primera parte de este vídeo
Dark Side
Don't mind me. just walking with a herd of walkers that could possibly eat me if I wasn't so badass.
Darth Stalker
So much symbolism
Deadly Pie
She's so calm being around all those walkers, I couldn't do that
Delia Alomo
Que miedo
Demi Lovato Fan
I don't understand why don't the zombies attack Michonne?
DevD Khiladi
1:17 the walker took a glance at Michonne
Dinda WJ
Penakluk zombie😂
EGElsaGaming [Mcpe and more!]
Probably the walkers feel akward following eachother lmao
Edgar Alexander Sanchez
Eihcra Asuncion
Why the Walkers not eating her
Elizeth Garita
Que miedo los tiene a la par de ella
Food Is Bliss
1:14 HOW IS SHE NOT GETTING BITTEN?! WHAT'S THE POINT OF WEARING WALKER GUTS WHEN SURROUNDED BY WALKERS THEN?! I swear Michonne is just simply invincible in this show. She just can't die
Gian Philip Gabayaran
i miss the old walking dead, i stopped watching at s6
Gracie Richmond
She's not getting bitten because she is being calm and not freaking out zombies here can sense fear and she is acting totally calm and she's walking normally \n\n\n\n\nLike if you again
Halik Bul
OMG is michonne a pregnant?
Heather Day
Always wondered where this herd was going. Thoughts?
Helen Assing
She isent getting eaten because of the 2 slave zombies
Helen Tabornal
Hugo Moreira
Michonne \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e Daryl
And why don't they offenly do this?
Jairani Maharaj
I've always wondered why is she walking around with those two walkers enchained by the neck...
Jason Vooshers
Pq os Walkers não ataca ela
John Louis Ferrer
The original is more better
Jun hee Bae
1:03 zombie skipping
Justanregularacount Anregular acount
When your taking your dogs out for a walk and then everybody wants to pet them
Kitana Mournful
Why the walkers she has hooked with her dont attack her
Lawanne Vitória
1:16 sussurrador (a)😕
Luzmila Vera
M.M Mayra Matute
Por que los zombis no la atacan
Another advantage of being black.
Mamen Ramírez Núñez
Acá nadie habla español
Michonne was better as her own comic charecter not Andrea.
Mia González
Esta serie es lo máximo me encantaría ser uno de lo los integrantes de walkin ded
Monkey Killer
jealous michonne..
I don't get it. Sure she could fool them at a distance but when the walkers get close they should be able to pickup the *smell* of life off her. Otherwise, why even need the *walker gutts technique*
NELSON & Brighton Raw
MH370 - MH17 Zombie
Nanang Anang
Nexus Records
how da heck the walkers didnt bite her neck
Nicole Bruce
dannnnnng she got guts
NoLimitAntoine 424
Michonne was a whisperer before whisperers
Omer Kaya
Panda Man087
Is Rick a walker
Rakesh Kumar Singh
Liberals walking behind Hilary. Lol
Rizky Gaming
jombie is dead
Rohan bhai
Tal vez fue una premonición?????
Rose Tuyor
Michonne didn't get bitten because he had 2 pet walkers on the rope and Michonne is accedently made an eye contact with a walker
Shiina Charles
That was actually the part i laughed a little
Skylar Willow
Some Amine Trash
HEY Michonne whatre you doin?\n\nJUST WALKING MY WALKERS
Sweet Psychopath
To me this scene was very important and powerful. It represents who Michonne is. It shows us as an audience that she doesn't want to become a walker-she wants to live. This is extremely important to see because of everything she has gone through. While other characters may wants to die, it shows how she pushes through.
Michonne has a mod menu
People might think this werid, but it's actually smart. She gaining like trust from the zombies like a scent. So that's why their not attacking her. I was like \
Tandari Dominik
keep it going dad! \u003c3
Tauane Santos
Qui medA
The Daily Twitch
I miss moments like these in the show
Theresa Elliott
Your not rick grimes
Tom No It
I swear to God she is the Walker whisper 😂😂😂😂😂
Trice Ngwenya
i like the movie a lot though its a bit scary
Ulala Unicornios Quiñones Markez
Amo the walking xd michonne y daryl😙😙
Unknown Timelady
How to control zombies, tie up their king and take them out on a walk.
Unknown YouTuber lol
This is something I would do if I was in the zombie apocalypse
Video Summoner
Woah 2 handed katana
Weird Wolfie
0:42 Don't mind me just walking my dogs here
1:17 Ha she blinked!
The Walking Dead 😘😘
Zack Brown
I swear this series will never ever end! It’s going to drag on for eternity 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
anna carichini
bouchra LBJ
How they didn't try to eat her
I've always wondered why they didn't use this method instead of bathing in walker guts.
citlali villegas
Lmao me walking with my problems
flaco castro
Son muchos y que buen camuflaje
frre play
geraldine Polinesia
grover poindexter
Michonne walks among them 👍
katherine Oasnon
First Michonne was in front of the zombies and then she is in the back from it
mad hanger
Doesn’t she kill her walker lookalike as well?
Michonne tought the whisperers
mundo de victoria godoy
No quiero q ayan zonvis porque te pueden comer. Los serebros
noah stump
Werid how they forgot about this tactic
This tactic is way too risky that's why few only tried this. You must be alert and be ready at all times to fight while walking with the walkers for it can't guarantee that the other walkers won't notice.
the rock
why r they following her?
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كاشف الخونة
رائع جداً
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