I T S G O N N A B E M E Chihaya x Taichi

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#Naruffy D. Schnitzelalarm
Chihaya & Arata doesn't match! 🙅❌‼️‼️‼️. ➡️ Chihaya x Taichi forever!!!!!!!!!
Name ?
0:42 is just... AAAAAHHH!!!
A Horse
Taichi! , just kiss chihaya already!
Ahhhhhhhhhjhhhhhh cooooooolllll soooooooo cooooooollllllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂💕💕💕💕👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💕💕💕😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩LOL I am in loveeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍 with this.........\n\n\nSong ❤️ lol 😂
Aillyn Lopez 07
I can watch this for hours
Alexandera A
I rewatched the video just so I could get a good screenshot of Taichi's face.....(I ask myself why I'm pushing 20 and have always been single but than I look at the Anime character drawings,and the Taichi screenshot I just took and tell myself..`you already know the answer and your happy was it so just click another Anime video´..............)
Angela dela Cruz
Uhmmmmmm... I hate to break it to you all! But Can anyone tell me what is the name of the anime? \n\n\nIt looks fascinating to watch so please do tell!
Angélica Liberalino
This is actually perfect *-*
Areeba Shafiq
Taichi&chiharu 😍😍😍😍😍💖💗💕💕💕💕
Celestial Princess
Taichi ×Chihaya
This manga will be dead for me if Taichi doesn't get Chihaya
ChErrY bLoSSomS
Haven't read the manga. Is it over already?? I just watched the live action movie and believe me, the only thing that made any sense would be a Taichi-Chihaya ship (Even though I found Chihaya such an irritating and clueless character, not to forget highly selfish and self-centered...grrr...but what can we do? Taichi loves her na..:) That Arata in live action was soooo uninteresting it was kinda funny..:)
Charisse Caballero
I ship arata and chihaya so much ,but I feel bad for taichi, he suffered too much even in manga, this describe what taichi feels ~ nice vid *hands down* perfect song 👍👍👍
Cheska Heartfilla
I wish Arata was not in the anime lol TEAM CHIHAYA AND TAICHI FOREVER!!
Christian Morales Ortiz
this amv pretty much explains what taichi and his situation in a nutshell
Cristina Isabelle Hernandez
Could someone explain what happened at 0:56-0:57 hmmmmm? I was all like \
D/BC Cruz
love this ship. love love love this ship!! 😊
My reasons as to why I think Taichi will end up with Chihaya in the end.\nAnd If the story doesn't end this way, either the writer is completely cruel and twisted, or I've made a mistake in analyzing the symbolism present in the story. And not to mention, the series will also be dead to me. And it will fall a good couple of notches in my all time list.\n\nTo start off, of all the characters in the story, Taichi is the most \nhuman-like, and the one that we all can very well relate to. We \ncan feel his frustration and pain as we watch him constantly struggle and fail from self doubt and second guessing his own capabilities.\nHe knows that he has insecurities, and over time he slowly changes. And in short, he becomes a much stronger character persevering and growing as an individual. Overall, his personality is just much more rounded, dynamic, and easily relatable.\n \nAnd now as to why Taichi is a better fit for Chihaya.\nObviously, throughout the whole story they've been through \neverything together. And Taichi has seen ALL sides of Chihaya. \nThrough all that, in his own words, \
Danice Rose Custodio
God, this song fits perfectly on their story.
Eijun Sawamura
Nice video my ship chihaya x tauchi😍😍
Erry Chu
whatever all you people said, I'm rooting Chihaya x Taichi!
Fatima Angel
What is the name of this anime ?
Fatima Dellali
اسم الانمي بلييييييز\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nادا في عرب هنا💋💋💋💋💋💋
Filipina Getrodes Blanquera
My fave character since episode 1 is Arata but I ship Taichi and Chihaya :)
I just LOVE the way daichi looks at chihaya and just LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS HE DOES FOR HER. I'm gonna re-read the manga and watch the anime before I choose a side! (Also, there needs to be more seasons of this, kaichou WA maid-sama, hiyoki etc)
Ghina K
I really like this video. I really like taichi and chihaya together. I hope in season 3 chihaya will love taichi and they will end up together.(but i also want chihayafuru will be long story, i mean there will be season 4,5,etc.
Glitter Amber Starz
I really hope that they end up together in the end. ;) I am a total hardcore shipper of these two :D
Great Gabsy
At this point, I'll be happy if Taichi is happy\nChihaya's cluelessness is getting to me. ahem.
Half Blood Prince29699
I don't know anything about the anime.....& I think I don't want to....cause all the ppl r fighting in the comment section & I don't want to join them😂😂
Can't deny the fact that Taichi went and got himself a girlfriend when he was out of touch with Chihaya. He was out of touch with her for all those years, living his own life, having his own fun in other clubs. True, Arata stayed aloof too but that was because he went though a traumatizing event. Chihaya has a special place in Arata's heart because she was the only one who stood up for him and became his friend. Taichi was a bully to start with. I agree he eventually changed but that was because he was moved by how Chihaya was so loyal to Arata. He was changed because of Chihaya's friendship with Arata! And no matter how you look at it, Arata was the turning point of Chihaya's entire existence. He helped her find a niche, a place to call her own. He inspired her to chase her own dream. As for relatable, Taichi is supposed to be from a rich family! He's been to international trips and got placement in an A rated school. I feel like Arata is more relatable- from a small town with dreams involving a relatively old fashioned sport. Granted his grandfather was a famous Karuta player and he is also a champion in it but that's because he worked hard to get there among other things. And I don't feel sorry for Taichi because he will 'never be as good as Arata' in Karuta. Obviously the author is trying to make up for in in abundance by making him good in EVERYTHING ELSE (okay, except height). He's good in soccer, other sports too- I think it was mentioned in the manga and he's top of his class. Like, dude, I cannot relate to a good looking rich dude who is good in everything and at the very least AVERAGE in Karuta ( you have to admit he's still a formidable player in this sport too). So I am pretty okay with Arata getting the girl in the end. Not that I mind Taichi. But I just can't stand this hate towards a possible Arata-Chihaya outcome too.
Ishika Sempai
Chihaya should definetely end up being with taichi bcz taichi first starred in the first scene of the anime and in the end of the S2 taichi was there with her so she should definetely be with him.
Jack Albeaet
what's name if this anime ?! ...please
Chihaya and taichi kiss in chapter 136 :0!
JiKoOk_ LaNd
my phone has 2% 😭😭😭 OK goodbye now😣
Joan Onyeneho
chihaya x Taichi are perfect for each other
K Ngo
What anime is this??!!
Kadmiel John
I love this anime 💖💝💖💞💖🤤🤤😎😍💞 💖 🤤😎😍😘 great video
Kaito Kid k.m 200316
l love the song ;)
Karen Takemura
I'm laughing at the song choice, it's so great yet funny at the same time
Lestari Haryanti Mikami
This song fit them like a glove! I really hope in the end Chihaya will realize it's always been Taichi.
i love the amv .. and now I'm addicted to this song too 😂
Mary Nguyen
'It's gonna be Taichi!!!!!!!' 😍😍😍😍😍😍
My EXO Husbands Our NCT kids
OMG. I feel soooo sad watching this. Taichi deseserves to be loved. Like How can chihaya be so dense? Ghad. Its frustrating. I feel like crying eveytime taicji looks at chihaya longingly.
Naninha Silva
Nata Flame
Как аниме называется??
mega friendzoned.....
Nebula 14
I keep listening to this video more than the nsync one😁 maybe because it fits so well no wonder it reach 1m
Purple Cookie
I'll ship them forever❤Sorry Arata-kun😔
Radmila Chechek
аниме как называется
Ramina .P
😍😍😍 J'aime trop cette vidéo. J'arrête pas de la regarder. Bravo 😍😍😍
Reem Abdelazeem
Hope they end up together ! Chihaya X Taichi all the way. \u003c3333
Love the video, hate the song.\n\nTaichi x Chihaya forever \u003c3 They're PERFECT for each other. \n\nArata is the dullest character ever. I swear I skip most of his scenes in both the anime and the manga. I don't hate him or anything, I just find him seriously uninteresting.
and I love Taichi's eye's there so amazing and cute and I also love his hair
Rung Rung
Loveeeeeeee you Taichi
Sakura Karin Otaku
en que capitulo paso la escena del minuto 2:03 alguien xfavor
Shehla Valencia
Somaa Boon
Taichi's cool. like him
TheGroupFunniesFriend!!!!! andweareagroup
taichi x chihaya forever couple....taichi!!!!!
Tiara xx
I've always liked chihaya and taichi. But I stopped watching the anime because chihaya likes arata so much
Trang Nguyen
cho mình hỏi phim này phim gì vậy
All the people asking what the anime is, it's written in the description but I'll include it here in the comments as well. The anime is called Chihayafuru
William Norberg
I really liked this one it fit the song perfectly
Yaisa Sosa
como se llama el anime
Yngrid Comiling
Chihaya's eyes are pink; Taichi's hair is pink. Taichi's eyes are orange; Chihaya's hair is orange. So um... What do you guys think? 🙈💕
Zamin Rezaee
It is obvious that he will end up with taichi because arata can never replace taichi's feeling about chihaya
Zhy Melanio
I hope taichi get a happy ending with Chihaya
aira versoza
I ship Chihaya and Arata but I feel sorry for Taichi🙁#friendzone
amara diala
am i the only one who in love with this video ?\nThe video and the song fit togather so well😍
ann lachowski
chihaya why cant u just see that taichi has always been there for you \u003c/3
besh han
I love them together taichi awesome
bisho Queen
love this couple so much . plz be together 😭😭👏
black rose
Taichi é mais bonito, mas Arata é bem mais legal e fofo.
chuisun canard
Taichi is my fav caracter. I dont like Chihaya but I still ship Taichi with her ONLY because Taichi loves her and that's the only happy ending possible for him. I know he was a brat when he was a kid, but now he's very mature and the most reliable character in the whole serie. I swear I'm gonna kill some bitches if he doesnt get a happy ending
cruel wrld
just leave her already so that she'll miss you you're always beside her so she always think that you'll not gonna leave her . \n\nleave her and she will know your worth .
lol chihaya said already that she liked arata lmao why are guys even trying :P
jonel dela paz
dont compare taichi to arata because the two of them have a girl ^_^ chihaya x taichi and arata x the queen ( I forgot the name though)
justin amv biber one drection
you know arabica
kilari gloria
what is the name of the anime.
eu love
lolycatv S2
Leve vontade de chorar pq eles n ficaram juntos
moon light
omg this is really good i'm really moved ....thank u so much
skills outta boredom
forever team taichi !!! they'll end up together sooner or later :'D
I think last year,my cousin told me he watched this anime and he shipped ChihayaXArata. Around June,I started watching Chihayafuru because I'm kinda curious about the anime xD Yes,I like the anime and I ship ChihayaXTaichi ( TaiChihaya ) . I met my cousin again and since I like the anime,I brought up the topic to talk to him :p I didn't talk about TaiChihaya but HE DID. And he was like \
the black girl
i love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
theworld isyou
I don't know about you guys but I like arata and chihaya\nhe is the absolute power
whiterose gamer
Taichi will end up not loving chihaya and he will quit the karuta club \n\n(Why it not end up to love ending😭😭😭)\nTaichi was bad when he was child but he grown old and stronger and kind )\nSorry for telling this but im into also in chihaya and taichi but i think because of karuta and arata that because chihaya is focused on it she also forget her future since they make the club and maybe she doe'st realize that taichi love her ) but ther my favorite anime so sweet but ending its not exiting i like to see more like this anime or manga i love it)
wo ai ni
I like taichi than arata
zainab mansour
What's name the song please?
zeyno lulu
taichia rata i love you
Патимат Джаватханова
аниме называется на русском яркая чихая 😊😊😊😊 всем приятного просмотра . А клип супер пупер класс прям няшка такая продолжай в том же духе 😻😻😻😻😸😸😸👌👌👌👌👍
رائد الدليمي
شنو اسم النمي بل عربي بليز
زنوبة وافتخر
ممكن اسم الانمي
شبح فارس الضلام شبح
كم اشتقت لضحكتكي هذا جميل جدن
•Sana kurata•
Chihaya queda mejor con taichi