Making The Thing Called Love with River Phoenix

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A special feature from the film's DVD where cast and director share stories about making the film with River

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Most people here are probably women but I can tell you that River had a huge impact on me despite me being a straight male. He was such a natural actor and I guess part of me wanted to be him ( he was about my age). So many actors now are just so shallow compared to him. They are all the same with their six packs but they don't have his depth. He was so versatile and vulnerable and innocent and he just mesmerized me. I loved his hair too. Sadly missed and I feel he has been forgotten, at least he doesn't get mentioned a lot and that is a shame. Greetings from a Dutch fan.
oh my heart\nrip my sweet prince
He looks sad :((
He looked so sad.
Angie Guzmán
I remembered when \
Ann Marby Mananquil
my panty dropped
Ashley Baran
Bob Kosta
River's life was so sad and tragic. I hope hes in a better place RIP.
Brett Kavanaugh
Titanic, Before Sunset, The Basketball Diaries, Interview with a Vampire. What could have been. Sad.
Bryan Harman
I knew a couple of his family members in Gainesville, FL. He comes from a fantastic and very humble family.
Caroline S.
He looks tired :/
Chris Placko
Rip River
Such a gorgeous jaw line River has..
Cristina .Filipe
My god the best ones die too young , heath ledger river phoenix, the best of the best greatest actors in my view the most handsome died long ago
Dame Lia Sorelle
Really pissed me off that the hot, talented one is the one who died. Something dodgy happened that night. He wernt a loose junkie, just look at his work. His death worked out in favour for quite a few of those there 🤔\nWe all know how hollywood worked back then.
In his old age?!.........
Donna Wilkins
My ex neighbour called her baby son river Phoenix no just no. She claims not to have heared of river wrong.
FuturePrimitive Soap Company
That was great. Thank you for sharing this x
omg i can't believe when i was kid, i use to think that was johnny depp!!
Ica ro
I think his nose is one of the reason that looked so familiar to Bill Skarsgård,
Jane Doe
Wow I’ve never seen this before. Thank you
Jennifer Woodby
Katie Reed
He looks so bored of life and fed up. Sad to see he kinda knew he’d die
Late night phonecalls
So beautiful. Love you baby River, miss you.
Layne AIC
Keanu Reeves best of friend
Wow he was gorgeous
I really really miss you, River. Much love from South Korea♥
Matt Polzkill
I always wonder what River would be doing now. I just hope he would be happy with his music, or acting if he continued. He was definitely the best of my generation and I can watch his films over and over. There is no one like him.
Mez Greene
Rivvy, we all love you foreverrrrrrrr
Monika M.
Thanks for sharing 😘 He is my Idol... miss you riv 😢😢😢
Im gonna cryyy, I miss his beautiful soul so muchh
Paige Ronzini
He was soooo fabulous and an inspiration to young people , may he Rest In Peace 1970-1993 💖❤️💜💛
River was so beautiful. Inside and out.
Rat in a cage
I cannot stop crying. I love you so much, River, I do.
Sharon M
He looked so sexy singing and playing the guitar
the song from 4:10? in the background
He was hurting already in this film
6:50 \
The fact that people still know who he is amazes me ❤
jen qian
such humility 💕
I don't understand why no one helped him, he was struggling with drugs but he also stopped while he was on the set of dark blood, even so nobody did nothing, his friends or his girlfriend...
lucyluvs clutch
It still hurts
He looks SO sad and tired...
najmo osman
Hurts my heart. He deserves the world
rainy month
He had to die.
sennn k
He just continues livig in Harry Style's body
veronikah K
he wasnt the greatest he still is one of them because he was not just an actor but his whole life,character was a special person that lived,breathed REALITY .i cannot believe how PURE he was
Олеся Янголенко
Why did he have to die... he was so talanted. How many great movies, music he could have done!