Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Ride Along

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A very special Saleen S7 Twin Turbo at Suncoast Motorsports for Sarasota Cars & Coffee on Saturday January 7, 2012. This is one of only 58 S7 road cars produced.The owner took me for a short ride after the meet. This video was shot with an iPhone 4S.Copyright Peter Tromboni Photography.

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Chachi Three
I love how the beatles are playing in the background \u003c3
Coenraad Noorloos
Nice car, i would probably kill myself if i had one though ^^
I'm so jealous! I really want one of these but there is no way I would ever be able to afford one!
Sounds like a monster but that dash cluster...just not cutting it.
Sombody needs to clean up the inside
Gianluca Chiarolanza
love it
Joe Kerry
Yea...he didn't do a damn thing..interesting how users sort of piggy back off comments...anyway amazing car saw one at a show on CO.
Beautiful, powerful, and an all around great car. But yes, I agree, stay out of such a populated area when driving a vehicle such as this at these speeds. What if a child were to chase a ball onto the road infront of you? I say, take the car to some quite unpopulated area, a backroad or something, and rip it off there. Nonetheless, stunning vehicle, the Saleen S7 TT is sure a force to be reckoned with.
saleen s7 have from ford stick for window washer lol.
If you lick the paint,it will - taste good,
Nimai Sharma
Dream car.
Peter Tromboni
@RealMCR12 It says in the description. iPhone 4S.
Prestige Inspiration
Awesome ;)
Awesome video, I recorded one of this myself. It's a beautiful car, what camcorder are you using?
Robert Bapp
Wish i could afford this\n
Ryan Nathaniel
my neighbor has a yellow tt s7 and its ill
If one day I became rich I want this Saleen Twin Turbo a Ford GT twin Turbo and a Toyota Prius.
SuperSonic Toast
this makes me so proud of myself for owning a 351w
Supercars Puerto Banus
I love saleen S7
The Gaming Dragon
i would passout and not know what to do if i got to drive a saleen s7, i would giz my pants if i even got to ride in a saleen s7
i want a saleen s7 TT. too bad theyre out of production and ill have to get a used one if i could afford it.. unless they put it back in production......
Troy Donahue
Toyota prius ain't expensive fool.
Nice of him to give you a ride. But this is a pussy run...
head troll
yah ya see him let off as soon as it started to break loose ....BUT KEEP IN MIND THIS DEUSHHHE WAS DOIN THIS IN THE RESIDENTIAL....yes i have been in 91 5.0 that would kill this ....
you should clean it up big man
perfect dog leg gear shift too. that monster was made to move.
I will own this car. Be on the look out for a new owner :)
Fuck Bugatti I want one of these sexy beasts!
Isn't the radio useless in this beauty?
skinny sasquatch
is it a chevy or ford engine