Accidentally on Purpose Episode 1 TV Show

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Billie, a newspaper film critic, just went through an ugly breakup with her boss, who still wishes to mend their relationship. After a fling with a much younger guy, Billie ends up pregnant and decides that she really wants to keep the baby -- and the guy she hooked up with.

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I'll never understand why they cancelled this show!
Accidentally on Purpose
Adam Sukenick
I've already slept with everyone here. Oh yep.
Duane Lassiter
What year was this?
Fabulous Graal Gal
Exactly,why cancel such an amazing show😡❤️! I loved it so much then I realized it got cancelled!😭❤️😡
I think they made a movie with Katherine Heigl called \
Larry Wilmore is awesome!!!
Neha Sehgal
He's just so perfect
Tia Stubbs
I love this TV show it's my favourite TV show ever I've probably watched the how series more then twice !
Somehow they managed to make a sitcom of my life....I loved this show. lol!!
kagome Medina
There a k drama that the same I do i do
So bad... poor dharma
violet erin
I dont understand why they had to cancel this show, its a funny one, especially that scottish gal