TWD S4E9 - Carl Tries Waking Up Rick

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3:20 my dad when i'm asleep till 4pm
Alex - FIFA Mobile
Nice plzz partea a 2
Bill Shinas
Would be difficult to get eggs and bacon on toast in an apocalypse, that would suck.
Bárbara Richelly
I Love you Carl 😍\nI Love you Rick 💜
DJ Vogelgesang
I have those exact bowls at my house.
Eduardo Garcia
por q dwspresia a su papa
On your video \
Eric Ardiente
im curious. why did rick fall asleep for so long?
FBI Webcam Surveillance Officer No - 502
It’s me, Connor!
Fan pic Love
Gilbert Serrano
Inferno guy 3
Insert Name Here
Carl: \
Irandy Cordova
Carl T AMO 😭😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ivanka2024 for POTUS
Season nine won't be that much father son time
Jade Simpson
What seasen is this
Juan - Kun
*Enjoy your eyes carl boy, u ain't gonna have one next time..*
Ky Demaris
3:18 when your friend falls a sleep first
Luke J
Why aren't they sleeping upstairs? Wouldn't that be the safest place with zombies walking around outside?
Marian LO L
More please!!
Matthew Lo
Carl papa!
Phoebe !!!!!
Rick is out cold!
Ramona Petronela
I love carl
Rick Grimes S5
Wake up! (Wake up)\nGrab a brush and put a little make-up! Lol
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TWD 10'
This episode makes me happy he's dead, but I still wish he was still alive 😥
There is always someone young that makes cereal in the morning when a parent is still sleeping
White Katlyn 2021 Student HS
i don't remember this from the episode,.
3:18 my mom waking me up for school be like ...
carrie lewis
Daddy was sleeping .
cyber doctor
why ya always talking bout the cool kids who take archery
fox world
gamesforall ofus
More plz
grover poindexter
Good morning to Carol and Rick👍
you cannot handle the flow son
king 10k
Carl popa
Damn! It's a cruel world when you can't even have milk with your cereal!
samer Kamel
xCos7y Gaming
I am like: carl's the best\nMy friend: he dies\nMe:Rick's the best\nMy friend: he will die 2\nMe: i love twd \nMy friend: it is alerdy dead