‘Simply crazy’: What do you think of Trump’s vow to withdraw from US-Russia nuclear treaty?

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network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Come on Russian trolls. Where are you? Trump is the best. Three, two, one go :-)
RT shows all these videos of gigantic nukes and nuclear missiles that can travel all over the world and stay in the sky for days. Of course Trump is going to try and build the biggest baddest most shiny beautiful nuke the world has ever seen.
A man
We need to cleanse earth... Let's all agree on sending a usb key to space that has wikipedia and VR porn and leonardo dicaprio scene fighting a bear and nuke planet earth and start the matrix from scratch
Propaganda fear porn.\nFear brings out negative emotions, such as; anger, hate, regret, being scared and leaving people feeling powerless. This is exactly how the old guard wishes people to think and feel because it leads some people to irrational behavior. \n\nThe mainstream media pumps fear porn out by the boatload and really should be avoided altogether.
Alan Corona
Terrible journalism. Nothing but propaganda. Terrible choice of follow up interviewees
American exceptionazism
Waiting for Ivan Chernobyl,Pyotr Veliky ,Maria Grigorieva and other fake ukie puppies with their \
Axis Gamerz
Let's make America Great Again
Bad Fairy
I do not trust trump. Was anything he said true ? The man is bloody crazy.
Bevis Tane
US has been nuked for the last 11 years by Fukushima hundreds of thousands have gotten cancers from this unseen war they are even going to send the worlds elite athletes there for the Olympic games nobody is being told the truth about Fukushima and northing is being done to stop or control it
Bruce Dimo
treaty s aren't worth anything if both sides don't comply.\nPresident Trump was correct in doing this.
How about getting rid of them all and compare penises insted!🤣😂
Carol Secret
IF ALL the Kids on your Block were taking Steroids, working out every day to build up their Muscles to WHIP your ASS and take your toys/life away,,,wouldn't you start doing the same?
Sounds like another Trump negotiating tactic to me. I'm amazed that after 2 years of seeing his pattern of doing business that RT would fall for this. But then again nobody in the mainstream (even RT is mainstream sometimes) gets how Trump operates. Don't worry about it people. SMH
Comrade Hatuey
I wont blame Russia, China and NK for nuking this country. This earth will be a better place if they did.
David Council
The Russians have been violating this treaty for years, thereby making the treaty worthless.\nTherefore, the US withdrawing from this treaty is merely symbolic.
Dez Povey
Nuke the democrat party house
Donald Ganley
If anyone had any doubts about Israel running the US, this should remove them.
Dragon Butt
So the only real consequence of this is that tactical cruise missiles can be equipped with nuclear warheads again? Theres pretty much zero consequence since most, if not all, TCMs are built with the capacity to be equipped with nuclear warheads anyway.
Duhsteen !
Hmmm.. I guess the elite has still got the nwo ball rolling.. Trump is just a presidential puppet.. these aren't HIS decisions. He is just playing the part..
EB Extreme Bodybuilding
long live Russia we 1.3 Billion people with You love frm ...India...
Edward Vaughn
THIS is \
I am surprised that RT doesn't go into depth on explaining this nuclear scam deal, that we are following instead of just following the CNN narrative. What  purpose  does this agreement  have, if China and Russia are breaking the agreement? It seems to me President Trump wants to remove nuclear production  from all sides. This can be a win win for all of us, if properly negotiated. ....... as I see it  nuclear warheads must be eliminated  altogether, by sitting down and have a serious agreement on the table. What is on the table right now,  is  that Chine and Russia  combined Ballistic missiles  are more than the Americans side, and that doesn't sit well  with the people of the USA. Also a a na unbiased discussion  by RT on  what is going on in the China Sea, and North Korea could shed some light on this matter.
Guess Moscow aren't that happy about Trump anymore :D
Eyeknow Now
I see comments joking about nuke war, I imagine people will never now until it's too late...
Flip Flop Synonamous
You broadcasted that hypersonic missile... Just remain peaceful He is just being a troll. I think the middle east is the only issue that wants to kill others. I am sure we have been ignoring it too the cold war wont end because its a compitition right? Thats what I think
Frank Mosca
Trumps father should of pulled out!!!
G June36
Your taxes goes straight to enriching the rich military industry. Not enough money for schools, roads, and other infrastructure upkeeps. But USA sure got the money for nukes and arms.
Trump pulling out of the treaty is his first step in negotiations.... Art of the Deal
Glen Bradley
He’s probably trying to either force a renegotiation that includes China, or he wants a midrange arms race with China.\n\nIt’s not Russia he’s worried about on this one, it’s China.\n\nThe only reason he’s bringing Russia into this, is they are party to the treaty that’s preventing him from going tit-for-tat with China. \n\nI expect that after a bunch of super alarmist world is ending media coverage, suddenly trilateral talks will be announced, and a very similar treaty will be hammered out that includes China.
Gordon Thomson
Perhaps someone knows of an agreement he Americans have adhered to .\nI can't think of any .\nThey withdrew frotm the ABM Treaty when they thought that Russia was too weak to ever threaten them , but have received a rude awakening .\nHypersonic weapons capable of delivering nuclear strikes may never have come to fruition if the Americans had stuck to the Agreements and Treaties they signed.
Hellia Heaven
The end of time is coming near, the war mongering orange monkey should be taken down.
Hugo Corona
Didn't Russia show off its new missile equipment, like 4/5 months ago...\nGood job Mr Trump
Incoming Hit da dirt
And the US never violates... LoL. Trump SMH
Ipso Facto
Trump has been a war criminal since his first missile launch against Syria. That was the day the CIA marched into the oval office and showed Trump a video of himself balls-deep in a 13 year old girl on Epstein's Pedo Island. Trump will do whatever they tell him to do, the rest is all theater.
Ismaiel Aden
The United States's Pull Out Game is always strong when it comes to treaties.... Not surprised at all!
John Grytbakk
Donald is in over his head. ....many of us have known that for a long time already.\n\nThe rest will know it ahead.
K24 Accord
Why is the treaty still active when ussr fail long ago?
Karl Haynes
WW3 will have nukes, apparently. At least we won't have to worry about climate change anymore????
Kelly Martin
If Russia and China are not holding up their end of the bargain, then it’s right and good the US confront that. And if those countries aren’t willing to supply evidence to the contrary, then, yes, it’s a good idea to pull out and start over again.
King Kay
I heard him say 'come to us'. Now I know Trump is crazy. He thinks America owns the whole world. History taught us that every empire no matter how powerful they were at that time came to an end. America is walking towards that path because they have become arrogant and proud which only will lead to their downfall.
Kp Dad
Probably destroying our democracy in this country! Did you hear that idiot! We have a Constitutional Republic people spread the word or they will change the name and the meaning of your future. It's their word play. Sovereign. Know what you are. The supreme court tells you that dont trust me. Danmn idiot's. Educate yourselves or loose everything!
Let history show who was the aggressor in this event it was the US who decide to pull away from this agreement not Russia and if there is WW3 the US will be the provocative force and Russia the defensive force and as Putin said Russia nuclear strike is certainty and leathal to the enemy.
Lear King of Albion
Hint: Every time y'all hear someone say \
This isn't about Russia, it's about China. The US is very concerned about China, and never foresaw their rise to power, thus they were never in the original agreement. This is an initiative to get out of the existing deal, to be free to forge a new one encompassing China.
Who cares its not like either country would ever give up on such a thing. It's all about National security. Even if there was a deal to eliminate all atomic bombs between the 2, what's the point if either on can make another bomb at hand.
Lucy 3
So the deal is already broken, no? Russia has the weapons? Trump is just confirming the end of that treaty. Openly. Honestly. So what?
Mecano Pasensa
Mohammed Sami
They need ti heat things up in order to keep the arms and weapons manufacturing/sells going , they only target mankind they don't really seek money.
Mr Anderson
I remember Putin’s inauguration address to the Russian people and his new weapons technology, in his video displaying his missile capability he had targeted Orlando, Florida with a tactical nuke.\n\nEnd the treaty.
Nuke Washington DC and Israel...and Hollywood.
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
Meanwhile American troops move closer to Russia borders they put Russia to the corner and then crying to world for help.
Noboil Frog
America planning nuclear reset, taking control of BRICS countries, leaving NATO poodles to deal with the resultant humanitarian disaster.
Not Socrazy
Let me ask...Where when how.russian disregard the treaty
Haha....funny.....RT propaganda......no one listens to what he really said. \
The US imperialists have gone insane to an all-new level!
Richard Llewellyn
Hey Russia nuke Israel, and America wont know what to do without its Master.
Robert Ledingham
This is actually getting ridiculous. It takes two to tango. These rich old men need to stop dreaming up wars for young poor men to die in.
Roman de Caesar
In this case President Trump is absolutely correct. The Treaty was a good treaty, but the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation have violated the Treaty on several occasions. China, too, has been escalating the arms race. That said, action has to be taken to protect the Western World. A new Treaty is needed, but both Russia and China have to come ready to prove that they will honor the treaty!!!
Trump pulling out again.\nThat's probably why Melania always looks so miserable.
Sadique Yakubu
Pompeo is the president of US, d. Trump is just a puppet
Sara Wilcker
If there was a nuclear war it'll be so cool to watch on tv.
Saudi Prince
☪☪☪ \
SevenSea Sailor
It’s writing on the wall we US are and have always been the aggressor. The world is either with us, or against. We are the big gun Uncle Sam. And we live on debt.
Smriti Shakya
2:20 ok so US only can have weapons and others can't so that US can attack anybody without any logical reasons.. sounds very interesting!
Stand4 Liberty
we all have to worry about Israel, Jews are never to be trusted with Nukes, Israel needs to be disarmed for world peace.
Steel CAD
NATO are on Russia's Doorstep,, what did NATO Expect, a Flower Shower !?
Both countries could eliminate 90% of their nuclear arsenals and still be able to end the world more than once. It wouldn't matter if both countries had a million ICBM's each! Learn about nuclear and radiation and you'll discover that irrespective of this treaty, both countries already have way more nukes than the world can handle. I doubt either country has followed the treaty to the letter anyways. Every country has their dirty secrets they keep out of the public eye. Looks like Russia got busted and the US can now use this to empower itself, to do what it has most likely already been doing in secret.
Suley Mehmet
Obviously Trump wants war.
S¡lence !
World War 3 coming folks.
The terrorist government of Jewmerica must be destroyed. Russia should arrest Bolton when he goes to Russia next week
Tbone Touch Hadebe
When your president answers to Zionist globalists . Every thing is crazy.
Terrific Life
From what i understand is about China, because China dont have any nuclear missile pact so they can make missile and USA no.
don't blame russia for building nukes, its the best defence against thje war mongering americans.
so what pulling out of it actually means nothing^^ isn´t it just more freedom?\nby the way russia, so long you play best friends with commie china so long you look like an sicko^^\nbut you can also say ist just an cover for russia to cheat better/deeper on china & iran xD
Veracity North
There should be a nuclear treaty for sure. Every nation has to uphold the agreement. If Russia is breaking the agreement they must stop and the same goes with China. I'm not on Trump's side but I do agree on this topic.
Youngevity Cures
So Trump doesn't want to risk economic ties with Saudi yet thinks it's wise to provoke war with Russia? Mind you, I've been a Trump supporter but really disappointed with his stance on Russia.
arely martinez
Asked the uninformed crowd. \nDemocracy? I thought we were a Republic.
au jack
Where are the evidence on the Russian side, there are tons of evidence on the US side for violating a lot of the Cold War agreement instead. It is fine to have a new treaty one that better than the old one: disarm all nuclear weapons. Perhaps this is another plot of smoke screen against the deep state ?
Saudi Barbaria chops up a Journalist working for the Washington Post and Trumpet decides to pull out of a Nuclear Treaty with Russia?\nIs the deranged Orange Imbecile senile also lol.
blopp bopity
President *elect* Trump = become allies with russia\n*President* Trump = Russia is the boogeyman
buzby 2014
We always know what the Americans are doing because they accuse the Russians of doing it
MURICA keeps increasing its nuclear arsenal, and cries out when others modernize their weapons, and do the same thing. What a bunch of hypocritical warmongers.
drake cain
If they want a free for all, Russia should sell some to Iran, see how smug they are then.
fister fish
us clown nut-job strike again.
francis mcreary
other countries need to let the usa go and go to china and Russia i hope china Russia pakistan india becoming more powerfull also keep your birth rate high
good dog
The U.S. govt surrounds Russia with NATO and now we blame them for developing short range weapons? Seems to me if we weren't on their doorstep then their wouldn't be a need to violate this treaty or develop these weapons...our govt is run by the Council on foreign Affairs what a joke
harvey blue
Nuke pakistan
joseph suazo
I understand that deception ( U.S deception ) always fool the new generation. I myself thought that they won the vietnam war, thanks to hollywood and the news papers. U.S is the lying Satan of the world that will drag the world in chaos if not listened.
mark larkin
Because the DONALD is very clever and gets results.... unlike that leftie Obama experiment that went badly wrong and never to be repeated.
matthew haines
Trump the puppet will do anything for the criminal bankers...
mc 74 Two
The deal didn't make us any safer, long range weapons can hit targets at a shorter range if directed to do so. It was a publicity stunt.
misha 2.0
So Dump didnt realize Patriot missiles in Poland and Romania violated the agreement
natif6souljah AT8
you hear that?? they slid the \
one love
U are here still blaming Obama..
You cant trust them sneaky russians
On the morning that Xi Jimping arrived for his first visit with our newest President it was said that his plans were to began a conversation to initiate the first steps toward a collective denuclearized world with the two biggest powers on earth leading the way. But, plans were immediately cancelled before they even shook hands when Xi was informed by an aide that Trump had just dropped the MOAB somewhere in Afghanistan right before they were all sitting down for breakfast.
Message to the ignorant masses, trying to make it look like Russia has already broken the treaty (but has not) , Putin just said not long ago, Russia will stick to the deal as long as the US keeps its part.
theresa dirocco
Is that what Putin is really saying, and that’s the most smartest thing I heard from trump, if the others can jo8n and not debunk the treaty then we can stay.
tony a
It is now clear that the us doesn't want world peace