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This movie really has heart. But it is painful to watch River in this -- he's just saying the lines. It's as if it is a mechanized robot programmed to recite dialog -- but with no emotion behind the words.
A. C.
Classic movie. Rest in Paradise, River.
Amy Turnbull
@betsyanncheri1986 I found it at JB HI FI for $5 :)
Ana Zárate
James Wright my favorite River's character
Ashley Neduvelil
River is kinda hot!
Ashley Williams
This movie is the original Country Strong. Well... kinda.
Black Bordello
this will always be my favourite film
for me, River Phoenix kind of resembles Jonny Lang and Johnny Depp
Thank you so much for uploading this movie!!! I love it!!
Florencia Ruiz
Alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar esta película??
omg, river is so hot in this \u003c3
Jamie S
words cannot explain how much I love this movie! The first time I saw it I swear I thought river phoenix was the hottest thing going...I miss him
Jenny Whatley
HAppy Birthat River Jude Phoenix :) Rest in Peace Sweetheart :'(
Jessica Edwards
He is the greatest actor if he were alive now he would've had a massive greatest carrer ever for him rip river I love you your great in this movie
Kelly Hughart
Did anyone notice the David Cassidy poster on the wall in Miranda's motel room? I am a HUGE David Cassidy fan, and that's my favorite picture of him. It was featured in The Partridge Family episode, \
Which other actor River resembles seems to depend on his age, the movie role - plus what colour hair and general 'look' he had going on at any given time. I definitely see Slater and Depp in him, and occasionally Kevin Bacon, and young Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio also.\n
Lisa Alaniz
Please tell me this the whole movie???
Lora Olsen
Thank u for uploading this Movie its one of my favorites..
LuLu Ari
Thank you for loading this movie. i love this :0
Mary Hughes
Megan Melvin
this is one my all time favorites from way back in the day when i was like 10 years old my sister that is twelve years older than mem showed me this movie for the very first time and a few very short years after that i actually took it from her without her knowing and ended up losing it forever and have never found it since till now.I absolutely LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THIS MOVIE AND LOVE ME SOME RIVIR PHOENIX may he rest in peace with to much love coming from me.THANKU TO FACEBOOK & WHOMEVER put it \n\n\n
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא
@xNatalie24x I agree.. Samantha is not a hood actrss and in one of her movies she had to have a accent and sounded retarded
Pat Barber
I just watched a Peter Bogdonovich movie (The Last Picture Show) at the Sedona International Film Festival. Peter fielded questions afterward. He was great, and so FUNNY! It was 20 years ago when he gave me a few scenes in this Paramount picture. I was just starting to get gigs at the Bluebird Cafe. Amy Kurland hooked me up as an extra. I am driving the blue ford pickup in the first thumbnail. I was remodeling Jack Sundrud's (POCO bass player) old kitchen. His old shelves are under the tarp!
River was such a beautiful man. Wht a shameee no one can compare to his godly beauty . RIP my love \u003c/3
Rick Jones
Thanks for posting! My copy is in storage so its nice to see it here. I'm addicted to this movie! I would have loved to become a series.
Will Scarlett
@7beers Why do you think that was ?
Zulay Viloria
River 💙🧡💜💜
alicia daritey
I have been looking for this movie for along time. Do glad i find it. This movie is one of my favorites from back in the nineties
River was great in this movie. I think they finished filming it just 7 months before he passed away. He said the character he played was kind of a jerk, but he wanted to challenge himself as an actor so he took a role of a character that was so different from himself.
@truemoon77 it was his last completed film, yes. :(
An article by director Peter Bogdanovitch said the movie released The movie that was released wasn't quite the picture we shot; about 90 percent survived, and sometimes 10 percent can make the difference between success or failure, mediocrity or enduring quality. Someday I hope the version of The Thing Called Love that River and I really made can be seen; it was just that much better and more unusual.
hey, where did you get this movie?
blueoctober v.
River looks like Slater...
@beliza87 i agree!!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for uploading one of my favourit movies of ALL-TIME!!!\n\nLooooooooooooooooooooove this movie. River Phoenix \u003c3
name of the intro song plz
river is too beautiful for samantha mathis
ivan de Castres
I lived in Nashville for a while I played in Bluebird once! second avenue, Robert's... amazing years!
Thanks for uploading this movie!!! :)
joshua macaraya
love it kanina napanood ko rin yan \n
@blahobla I have it on DVD
I LOVE this movie! Just loved River Phoenix!
River Phoenix is Johnny Depp, Axle Rose, Christian Slater and Sebastian Bach all rolled into one. :)
Does anyone know where I can find this movie on DVD, but german.
@SandraBullockNo1FAN stagevu *dot* com
is this a good movie?\r\n
susan wynne
I see it's got alot of parts to it. cool I love this movie
theabidkhan khan
Hi can you upload this full rather then in parts
thuy vi trang nha
this movie was a collection of great great country songs.
That girl is a terrible actress. Well In this film at least.
I watched this movie already thanks to tv guide l0l
@blacklikemichaelj \nleo kinda resembles rio :P
whats that round harmonica thing she played in the motel room?