Putin: Russia Getting Rid Of US Dollar Matter Of National Security

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When you listen to Trump who talks like a snakeskin oil salesman and listen to Putin, only stupid people side with Trump.
The power has gone to his head. Too much power for far too long is affecting Putin‘s ability to think straight. Just because you are the toughest bully on your block doesn’t make you the toughest bully in the world. I have much respect for Putin for he has done a lot of good, but this rhetoric will do nothing but bring gloom over his nation. I love the Russian people like they are my own. After all they are one of the few Christian nations left in the world. It’s our political leaders on both sides of the fence that need to sit down and work these problems out. Maybe this with spare some lives on both sides of the fence. It’s our US leaders and Russian leaders that throw our children into harms way by way of proxy wars that have nothing to do with the sovereignty of nations but everything to do with profit for the elite and there special interest agendas. \n President Putin has extended his hand of friendship for a gratifying handshake. But the US leaders and the elite that rule them will not allow a friendly response. They must keep Russia at bay so they have a big bad bogeyman to justify their existence. \n Can’t we all just get along? Well the answer to that is no because the elite have a different agenda and it does not include we the people of either nation. You’ve heard the statement let us put our petty differences aside. Well I have a better statement let’s put our elite to the side, by ignoring their rhetoric and false propaganda that initiates hardship between our two nations. The elites have done a fine job of convincing US citizens that the Russians have nothing but bad intentions. This is not the case, President Putin has bent over backwards for respect and friendship but has had his hand slapped away. The Russians love their president that should speak volumes to the rest of the world.
2Bee_not_2Bee _
Getting rid of the Dollar is not being against America ... it is however against the deep state that still has its corrupt tenticles in position of power .... once all these bad people are removed ... then president Trump will be able to trade with Russia and all other countries with a better monetary system. But removing all this corruption which seems to originate from my home country UK is painfully slow process . Most of us want it over with so fair trading for all nations can take place based on tangible assets . Like for instance money whether digital or paper in the U.K. Is worthless really because it's just digital numbers and paper . We used to have gold reserves but Brussels stole all that when traitors signed away our rights to the corrupt . Out of all the mess globally going on and since the Berlin Wall came down ... it makes me happy to see Russia doing well for its citizens. I loved the fact that they hosted the World Cup and they did a fantastic job 👍💚
Agatha Joanna
That would be a nice gift to Chinese economy, indeed.
Ahm S
Enjoy the crash now uncle sam, your devilism is coming to end. EU, Middle east and Asia should ban using fiat dollar.
Alex Cricket
Я думаю у России может появиться своя криптовалюта😄 афшоры на двух российских островах готовы, теперь цифровая экономика и крипто деньги! Подготовка долгая, но внедрение может пройти в течении года и это изменит много в мире! Крипто (нефтегазовый ) рубль может гипотетически порвать $💥 как тузик грелку! В общем как говорится будем посмотреть)
Never knew he is that smart the guy knows his stuff.
Amit Rathod
He speaks so logically...
Angry Anglo Saxon
No! Propaganda.\nThe west is in trouble. Putin is a man like us Nationalists. He understands us. \nTrump is doing great! Work togeather... Help us Putin!
AuroraAthenaAsh1111 Ashtar Command
Putin and Trump Are wiping the floor with the global elite !! People in the know understand that this message was directed at the Cabal’ a syndicate a compartmentalise global syndicate ‘ it has nothing to do with President Trump he’s on board with Putin to eradicate these global rats !! 🌍
Bader Ralef
Trump's sanctions will speed the collapsing process soon.
Baikal Lake
If US punish EU company for doing business with Iran, and EU must punish US company for not doing business with Iran. Fair logic...
Benevolent Ones Are Here
if vladamir putin could run for president of the US he would win. LOL.
Blue Lipped Warrior
Pretty much why they killed Gadaffi. The African continent should be 100x more wealthier & powerful than any other continent on earth. But we know what happened there..
Thanks to Gaddaffi who seeded this idea. I hope he is smiling from heaven.
Calm And rest
well , it took him a long , but finally he done it
Capone Sohrabi
The world need stay toghter against Israhell an Americunt. Politics ’ The Evil 👹 of the world
Chosen One
Comrade Trumpsky sends his regards he will call you later in the week to get more advice on how to run the United States!
Clem Cornpone
Sure, cut your currency loose from international exchange standards and it can free fall unfettered by contact with the rest of the world. The US dollar, like the British pound before it, only serves as the so-called \
Comrade_ Savage15
Russia will not use US dollars
DJ Tan
U're right, Mr Putin Sir!
Devendra Singh
The following countries are not using or scaling back from using the USA currency:\nPakistan, Venezuela, Japan, European countries, Middle East countries, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).
Ehsan Khaibar
Great move as always by Mr. Putin. Salute!
Far han
Responsibility lies with you and brics. \n\nLet’s get rid of dollar. \n\nGood work president
Gort Newton
The dollar is dead (soon). But why does Putin think that those who 'manage' the US dollar are American, when they are not? The US Federal Reserve Bank is not owned by Americans but is owned by those with Israel passports. They are the ones who are printing the US dollar madly. Look at them and ask why do they undermine the US dollar by printing so much of it.
Hamza Baig
Nice work Russia. Love from Pakistan. we ditched the dollar to get rid of US influence too.
Happy Homes Production
Love you Russia ❤️
Hector Domino
Putin always speaking truth, something the wicked west nor Israel are NOT willing to do for decades. I'm an American, but I support and admire Vladimir, he's better than the garbage in DC and US MIC.
J North
Uh! I can’t wait to get rid of the blood money - fcking useless paper - No Dollar - No more Al Saud, and that’s what I am looking forward the most - the downfall of the Saudi Kingdom!
Jason Hickey
A salute from Ireland Mr Putin! Well said!
JoesJamesJungg SeaCeeZees
I support the ideas I,m tired of Amerifake monopoly.
John Doe
John Olson
There are 3000 American companies operating in Russia. They generated $90 billion dollars in revenue in 2017. That's why Putin said American friends. Wonder what currency they will use now.
Justin Peanuts
The lack of concern of the US public of the US$ losing its reserve currency status is amazing. The US$ value could be halved if it loses its reserve currency status. This would have a devastating impact on the standard of living of Americans.
Kaddahy Mohamed
IMF already a few years ago started to use SDR as a reserve beside the dollar. SDR (Dollar+ Euro+ £+ ¥+ yuan) SDR= Special Drawing Rights.
Mr. Putin is a wise man.
Kat Z
nice to see a politician speaking without the use of a teleprompter while making sound statements.
Krasimir Dragomirov
Damn if he was ahead of Libya he woulda been bombarded just for saying that let alone actually pull it off.I LOVE this guy.
Ksd Islamul
i hope putin chokes nato into dust..
Lily Flower
Putin is the best!
Lutkar Lutkovic
По сред среде браво Путине
probably the most badass character in the last century great vldr Putin
Mohammad Ali Duduble
Sadaam and Qaddafi tried to get rid of dollar and both were killed , I hope putin and his allies will send dollar to the toilet using as toilet paper
Moses Joshua
Putin is brilliant!
Dump that trash!
Sales all Zyjonist toalet paper dollars put them down as fast you can
Putin is great leader I like putin make Asian currency
Natura Trading
God has blessed Russia with Putin! Where ever the matrix stands Putin is there unplugging it...
Nic Phan
Put Donald Duck up there and he will be bragging about how great he has been as President but have nothing to show.
Sheikh Imran Hosein is watching from somewhere and smiling :)
Nuclear Father and Dictator
USA is a great Country with great people\nBut Crooked Media and Politician are damaging that status
Nuriel Joseph Israel
Change is inevitable...
Parikshit Bhujbal
Even a kid knows that talking about de-dollarisation makes the USA bring 'freedom and democracy' to your country, like they did to Libya and Iraq!\nFed is not Happy!!
Pete fromtheIsland
Russia is not the only country de-dollaring. Even the EU is scaling back on trade in US dollars and pushing the Euro which is also a registered reserve currency. China has created a oil selling platform on the Shanghai Exchange where oil is sold in yuan. Oil sale for this week, converted to US$ would be just short of $150 billion. No wonder interest rates are going up in the US and I suspect we have just seen the beginning of it.
Well good luck because the US dollar and economy is 12.5x larger than Russia and Russia is not really producing anything, except weapons that cause a lot of world issues. China did a lot better job than Russia, if Russia has been trying 2x as long to do the same thing..
Proud Menendez
Never in my life have I heard an American president speak like this, openly and TelePrompTer free, incredible.
Good job boss.
Ras Putin
If I have 20yrs more of my life I'd give it to this man for him to live longer and make the world a better place!
Raymond Payette
The US is using its dollar to dictate its will, without any global consensus; it is anti-democratic and abusive, so it must be stopped. An international currency must remain neutral to retain its power.
Robert Martin
Venezuela just dropped the dollar. The US is in trouble...
Rupert Dillion
Best polatician in the world wish he was british.
This man is smart.GET RID OF THE DOLLAR.
Samsung Galaxy
Für mich und unsere Freunde die mehr als 1000 sind vertreten diese Ansichten es ist und wird für uns immer diese Aussage bleiben \nSowjetunion \nWas andere denken ist uns egal \nWir sind in keiner Richtung Feindlich nicht mal in Deutschland \nSondern zeigen Respekt und Achtung und wir sind Neutral zu jeden Land oder Länder \nAlso was soll diese Aussage zu diesen Kommentar \nVon ihnen als Frage darstellen. Danke
Sandeep Sangha
Respects from Mother India to Mother Russia. EU & rest of world needs to find alternate means to trade without using dollars. US is either issuing or threatening to issue sanctions on practically every country in the world as a hedging instrument. World can only be in peace once we de-dollarize for trade & reserve currency. Combination of EU, Yuan, Yen, Gold, Silver etc must be used instead.
Slick Six
I just can't help it as a true British man, i love this man, he is a true leader and has his country's interest at heart.\nBritain should be the closest partner and friend to Russia instead of licking usa arse and stealing from its own people.\nRestart needed!!!!!!!!
Soviet Turtle
I’m planning on moving to russia when I’m 18 saving money for those plane tickets
Sparky Runner
That is not true that Russia is getting rid of the dollar! They do not waste things ever! They recycle it into toilet paper, where they can make a profit !!!
Srinivasan Salem
Putin a true Marxist-leninist. Long live Russian revolution. China & other communist countries join later. Viva-vencermo
Sriram N
1. Mr Putin said that Russia is even ready for Nuclear war (Retaliation)\n2. Venezuela drops US dollar\n3. Mr Putin said that get rid of US dollar....\nMr Putin is telling the truth✔️💯 respect from India🇮🇳
Sunny Wakefield
GO RUSSIA !!!!!!.....GO POOKIE !!!!!
Syed Kashif
Thank you Russia for standing up to the tyrant, I hope Europe and middle east follow Russia pretty soon, America will just bark they can't bite no more, new era and it will be best for the world.
Everyone everywhere needs to get rid of the dollar.
Putin should be World leader.👍👍
Terlin Lemmancheur
Putin is speaking without teleprompter or earpiece. Incredible.\nGreat man.
Terry Tyler
Mr. Putin if I will: Have you heard of the corruption of language and alphabet systems? The moles, voles, and gophers go very deep. Possibly hundreds of years and there is silencing. I am very frightened and interested in weather work. It is scary here and I can only try to look to guiding leaders with careful careful calculation. I feel I am being rigged and if they can focus something on such an ant as me that is what they have planned for all of us.
The Future Sound Of Egypt
we love you Putin ,, greetings from Egypt you are a real leader and a noble man
Wolfreespirit Rebel
We need putin here in the uk as prime minister.
Wu吴 子 健
When Putin speaks he knocks you down with his insight not like that Trump moron.\nDr dollarisaton- that is a KO.
Sounds like the usa only final asset is war.
Yoshi Todo
20 trillion USD debt. That's more than the entire humanity (minus USA) ever spent in history. 😂 Bye bye, US dollar, aka blood money!
amartyya basu
Man I was really awed\nAnd this Iran oil ban by USA is really hurting us in India and oil prices shooting sky high.... really USA needs to stop dictating these whimsical wills
aminluqman hakim
GOLD = World Currency
Russia along with asian nations need to have a unified currency with native currency also in circulation ! some thing like the Euro ! \nIndia is all in !
b fullofcare
The dollar is dying, together with American hegemony, at last!
carmel bugeja
and that explains the constant propaganda of newspapers such as the \
The thing is, you can't blame an entire country and wish to sacrifice it. For what more power? I agree our US country is corrupt but it's not the everyday American. We have little freedom and have no control over the system that already sacrifices us. We don't need outside forces to collapse our country it's already staged to collapse upon itself.
Stop calling them 'our American friends'. Stop pretending. It's time for a combination of large-scale economic and small-scale military conflicts in co-ordination with China.
😂😂😂yes good plan !! now moron russia can trade with other high powered economies... let me suggest Venezuela to start with 😂😂😂
just think
At least he wont end up like gaddafi when he tried to replace the dollar
Damn this guy knows what he's talking about!
The only reason I like president Putin is he is afraid of talking his mind.
no u
America can still win any war against any country in any part of the world 🇺🇸
straight forward
Time to show the world that Dollar is not the only currency. ...\nCounty should deal with each other in their own currency, why we need dollars????
sunny okoro
SMARTEST AND MOST VASATILE leader of our times. I really love this man, i hope to shake your hands someday, really a dream.
Damm I wish Putin was POTUS instead of Trump.
No dollar is freedom and love. Now we know why putin is a loveless tyrant