TWD S4E9 - Carl Finds and Escapes a Walker

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AHT_ 0110
0:47 when ur mum bought cookies and leaves the house to get something
Abdul Furqan
Granny granny horror game game game
Abw ryhan
Aishath Seetha
she is crazy
2:52 happy zombie😁
Avery Gamez And More
Lol zombies trying get him off the roof lol
Bilal Khan
I think these walking dead need jigsaw
Body Osama
Bogdan DeveloperTEAM
How little was Carl ...\nAnd look it now ...\nHow quickly time passes...\nYou were and still are a good kid!\nAn exceptional actor! #ChandlerRiggs
Brian Achim
Does anyone actually know how long canned pudding is supposed to last? Because that can that Carl eats from in real life would have expired right?
Bruna Emanoelle liberal Iiberallima
Carlos Guedes
Quem aqui fala portugues
Dale Bohanan
He wote did
Denisa Man
You know ironically he dies eventually when he’s older by a walker bite but he survives this lol
Dimi YT
nice Do u have AO3 something like that ? R u RickGrimes on there ?
Emely Zavala
Hey the Walker wants some pudding. He had his arm out. LOL
Esteban EL CRACK
lo quiero ber en español
Food Is Bliss
I have many questions.....many aren't too important but one is.....\n\nWHY DIDN'T HE USE THAT SHARP THING IN THIS HAND BEFORE HE MET THE WALKER?
Gabriel Alexander Wachholz
What a scenne, makes me sad mainly because I know now what happened to him :(
Gage Niedert
Sup Rick let's party
Goku mastered ultra instinct son
They should call them ZOMBIES instead of WALKERS ...i guess from the title...
Gun Lu
Hailey Levisque
Why is he alone in that moment where is everybody did they got separated why what happened?
Hayden Anderson
4:21 Carl's theme
Hey_itz_ Chrisss
He survives this but gets bit in 8x06
Hispanic! At the Disco
If only he did this in you know, the episode
Irandy Cordova
Kisiera verlo en español pero siempre me aparecen en ingles :'v
Jackson Turner
I swear to Christ if they don't get Carl some pudding as like a last meal before he dies I'll be mega pissed
Jaine 0107
1:52 que cagaso😂😂😂me caguei aqui kkkk
Jakub Sokol
1:15 noooo the died parrot😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jefinho Alves
1:50 Que susto da disgracaaaaaaa cheguei peidar
Jose Rodriguez
Que pena lo de carl
Rip shoe
Julie Anastacio
Where are your dad share witj him i hope your dad is hungry
Well, rick was right about one thing, carl shouldn't have used that one bullet at that restaurant.
Kadir Aslan
Karen Otton
Omg!i was so scared when i saw the zombie and why did he not kill the zombie???
oh my god 😱😫😫
Luis Antonio Huerta Fernandez
R.I.P Zapato
Meckiff Rodrigues
Z world 🌎
Mei Is Satan
This zombie is a freaking pedophile. Did you see this sick smile?
Monkey Killer
3:03 a rare video clip of Lucille as a child, when u spot her.
Natalia Sanchez
me encanta esta serie
Nguyễn Đan Phượng
Carl Poppa
Olive Cadana
When carl dies they should put pudding around his grave
OofersUnite Pubg
Lmao some frying pans!! If i was there i would take them (pubg)
Oun TaTa
2:36 gold teeth kappa \nBtw why does kids have to be that retarted on both movies and serieses? They are holding guns and sharp stuff but just throw em away and start running instead of hitting them in their heads or shooting em in their heads...
Who! No
Rifky Adlan
Is that sam's room ?
Salman Abbasi
Nice video
Sandy Schaffer
This was me favorite episode. Just going house to house looking for food and supplies to survive before all that other stuff starting happening
Singh Studio Bahua
Love this show ....
Singularity Gaming
The funny thing is now he died coz he prefer to help his boyfriend india boyy
Skay skeleton
What a ideot boy have no skills and why he is carrying a gun? He can't handle tho
Sonu Dinker
Sophia A
This scene was so moronically stupid that it would actually made more sense if he used a wand to repel this zombie.
The door said sam on it, is that a foreshadowing to the Anderson family in Alexandria?
Taeo Reeves
4:48 the zombie just wanted some beans
TheGolden Gamer19 Aka MegaTron or Dark MegaTron
Why not kill him with the gun just like rick does when he runs out of ammo
Theo Devlaminck
COral shoot the walker not the damn ceiling
Thimo Xgameing
Sorry Sam the zombie😭😭😭
Thám tử Edawconan Conan
4:27 !?!!?!?!!!?
How That Pudding Didnt Expired? After All These Years?
Unknown YouTuber lol
Who knew that 4 seasons later, we wouldn’t have this pudding loving guy anymore :/
Vanessa Montanez
I love this boy, so sad he died :,(
Vorador 1980
That kid had less brain than the zombie. It could use a bullet for himself, to save troubles for everybody else.
Wendell C75
This guy has to go down as one of the best kid actors. Maybe the best kid actor
Rip carl
YT Juggernaut
Whenever Carl came out I saw some scissors on the ground he should’ve used those
Zdravko Zhivkov
Gamer Walker in minute 2:17,jajaja,he is in Fortnite or Pubg xD
ZephyRoblox55 -And More! :D
Zxcvb Zxcvm
david sales
sou o unico portugues
find me
U r best Carl
grover poindexter
Close one for Carol 👍
harleywingakDC SFM
Poor poor Carl’s shoe
jamey smith
Wtf was Rick thinking leaving Carl alone shit could've went bad
just an old man passing by
I would rather replace carl with different actor than to remove him from the series
kelvin lionel
The walking dead
letzi Yamilet Zamorano Guzman
Vean el vídeo. A la con los zombis
lucinha brito
Eu estou com medo 😭😢😢😯😯😯😯
mar cela
Jjja cuando agarra el pudin *_* ami esa parte
pav g
4:23 That is definitely me whenever I have Nutella
rekt m8 get fcking
this kid is not looted the house properly there was a golden scar there! lol
sudeep drall
How could he let that walker keep his shoe and why? Why couldn’t he get his shoe back from the walker by using that light he grabbed from the ground to kill it?
tudo junto e misturado Duda
Tô amando essa série 😘😍
I'm sure walkers cant turn door knobs but by the way Carls standing at the end the door could swing open and hed fall right in
Łvєиđег BlopFlower
Omg \nthat was like a jumpscare o.o
Каба чок
Писька бамжа соси пельмень
Курбан Халидов
ابو رنا البغدادي
احلى فلم عندي
صباح الخير
Eamad Aali
عمر السلطان
《Gachastudio De Andreea》
That walker is smileing