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2MushEpicness Eclipse
isn't G with all 4 fingers and not 3?!?!?!?!?!??!
AGirlCalledKill 86
Whenever I watch these videos I'm always like \
Alex Iordache
Man, you rock. Thank you! After seeing the first clip about the 7 mistakes, the missing goal mistake stuck with me. And after 30 more videos from you I reached this one - now I have a goal. Thank you! You got a loyal subscriber here!
Amit Savla
i have learn 9 chords with progression in 4 days !!!!!!!!!! with the help of these lessons.. now within 2 week i learnt major barre chords.... !!!!without classes!!!! thank you NATE and youtube
Aron Alvin
your awesome!!
My fingers are barely long enough to even play some of the chords
Curious why you use fingers 2, 3 and 4 for G major instead of the more traditional 1, 2 and 3 fretting shape?
Bhuwan K.C.
it would have easier for we beginners if u had mentioned strumming pattern along with the video! ,,, anyways! what is the strumming for \
Boyle G22 Misa Martha Mae C
May I ask if what did you do to Let it Be on the last chord (G) to make it sound like the last \
C.L Ramok
Candice Singleton
P.s. Im inlove with you now. Just got my guitar today and you already have me sounding like a pro.
Chris Harris
Thank GAWD for Nate Savage, I'm an aspiring musician, thanks for the lesson, this'll help me alot👌👍
Connor Betts
My pinky has trouble moving independently without the third.
Dan Mk
Thanks alotttt
Daniel Richerson
Throw an \
Dick Potticary
IT would help a LOT if we could print out the songs.  All your stuff is really good, Thank you\nDick
Eanne _
Hye :') . Thnks god i met this vd , its very helpful . I need to perform in my ex-teacher's wedding but is been a year I didnt touch my guitar . Lol . May god bless u .
Eduardo Hinostroza
Emily Abbott
I'm just starting guitar myself, and i might do a video on it.
Emma Maria
is'nt let it be C- G-Am-F all the way trough the song. Thats how i learned it any way?!
Erdogan Essat
thank yo so much guitar lesson with capo.
Giovanni McGlone
So you can use a capo on both the electric & acoustic?
Glam Diva
very nice! hope to play like that someday
Gobin Bhujel
hi thanks to the so new, pl how to play bar major &miner
Gokul Pai
Is there any lessons on strumming used in this video? I am trying to use my ears, but not able to get all.
Yeah, changing chords seems to be one of the tougher things for newer guitar players. That's why most of the newer lessons on the channel have something to do with that topic. 
Guru Wu
Hamer Johnson
that's so awesome so useful!
Heaven Dunbar
I am only 10 and I can get it better than my 👥 🏆👑!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugh Le
Can you teach the strumming of those songs?
Bruh he didint said the song
Ibrahim abu-bashar
this is the best what i saw ever ...... nice atractive way
James Young
high as a helicopter this guy \ngreat stuff
Janice Poncé
I really wish you would put the chords up at the beginning or a link where we can download the song with the chords, strum patterns and possibly picking. I don’t care if I have to pay for it.
Jeff Anderson
What guitar string gauge does nate use I like how his is sounding
D major is driving me crazy, it's tough! keep buzzing and touching the other strings. Life is quite unfriendly for a beginner in guitar!
Jessica Falstein
You're a great teacher.
John Wilson
Love your videos Nate.  I'm 71, never played anything before but for my birthday I decided to buy a guitar.  I got a Martin LX1 lefty.  Love it.  Only had it a few weeks but very slowly making progress.  It would be great if you also posted left handed chord charts in your videos.  There really are a lot of us leftys.  It takes me awhile to mentally convert when watching so I'm always behind.\nThanks\nJohn
Jon Gordon
You seem really cool, but I have no idea why you're trying to convince people to play a G chord starting with the ring finger... I've played in bands with dozens of guitar players and literally none of them do this; it will only lead to uncomfortableness and cramping in beginners. Why not start with the middle finger?
Just another brick in the wall
Oh good luck to the new guitartists out there! Hope Mr. Nate's video helped out 😊
Remembering the chords is easy. Switching between them is gonna take some work.
Kasun Liyanage
Wow. Those 10 songs -- That's amazing playing.
Can you please please tell me the guitar you use?
This is a really good video... for those who have a capo
Lalboi Manlun
Is there a tutorial for learning how to play any songs or is it that we are going to get there by ourselves?
LamarGoesOOf !!!!
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Lamby Corn
0:43 why are some circles darker and at the top the circles are white and 1 black? Total newbie here haha
Great video! Just a suggestion, put links to the songs in the info box, so that we can easily jump around to the song we want to learn and see the notes. Thanks!
Live Acoustic
thank you sir...!!! ur lesson was great.. it helped me a lot... i understood the use of capo.. before i watched many videos to learn use of capo but non off them was useful... bt ur one lesson taught me use of capo... thank u very much... greetings from India..
This is a bit elementary for me, but at least I can understand it, since he did go to the bother of captioning it. He does seem to teach well, I will see if some of the vids further down the line will be more my speed.
Matthew Volpe
This guy got me playing these songs fluently in a month...
Meenal Oswal
Thanx a ton Nate for this tutorial.. It is helping a lot,,,
Mehedi Hasan
nice bro
Michelle Lange
This is great! Thanks for the tutorial!
Mike Belcher
Cool, thank you, very helpful
Mohit Mendiratta
hello @NATESAVAGE, after the 11 videos of begginer guitar learning series , which video to learn from. can you guide me about which video will help me next.
Yeah 4 chords.......and a capo, which I don't have...
Thank you Manuel neuer
Neelam Kumar
Nick Schroeder
Hey Nate thanks for all your help with this video.  the songs i want to learn most are Peace of Mind, When i come around, and save the night.  Would you mind sharing the strum patterns to those with me?
Nikolaj Christensen
It's funny how i try to learn my friends to play guitar and they have a really hard time with it. I've never had any problem with finger position or rytm. Guess i just had the right finger structure or mindset?
PC is retarded and gay
G: 0:38\nC: 1:15\nD: 1:52\nEm: 2:17
Paawan Chhabra
D major is really difficult for me\nEverytime my high E string mutes\nPls tell a solution for that🙏🙏
PhoenixRP RuleBreaks
2 Strums G, D, E minor, C, G, D, C, G,
Prabhjyot Singh
Hey, pls make a video lesson for Bob Seiger song Turn The Page. A humble request
Priti J
This is truly fantastic. You are awesome Nate
Project-awesome customs and music
The most overused chord progression ever.
Rainer Rainer
Ratri M. Majumder
remembering them and playing them is really hard for a beginner like me
Another 4 chord progression that you can play dozens of songs is C G Am F.
RobloxHacker Corza
rock on dude :D
Ruth Daimon
Nate, I just want to thank you man. You make it so easy for us rookies. You are a Godsent!
Sainjana Langthasa
I wish i had ur fingers ❤
Sam B
Let it be is the best song i have ever heard
Sure it’s a great idea to remember chord and how is constructed. Yet there’s a rhythm and finger switching chord you have to get used to get the sound right.
Sammy Bones
Good lesson for beginners. As a guitar tech myself, I always recommend setting up your guitar with lighter gauge strings to reduce finger pain.\nHave a great day!\n #fingerpain   #guitarlessons  
Sandip 'Cragon'' Chhetri
Manuel Neur Is tha you??/
Sarah Jammie
I'm a beginner and don't know exactly what all of this stuff is
Savage Panda
Love it, brill ... More stuff like that
Seth Isenbart
You make this too easy. You are a great teacher, but unfortunately I enjoy the lessons too much and I'm progressing so quickly that I don't ever want to stop. My fingertips are now raw. Thank you.
Sherilynn Macale
Why do you not actually share the name of the songs in the description?
Siddhant aryal
Give me that guitar
Steve Albrecht
Basic chords not a problem; Its the fancy strumming patterns that are hard to get, especially if you want to sing while playing!
Tabitha Fox
This is the first video I've ever watched. What are the X, white dots, and black dots at the top of the tab? Something to do with which strings to strum? Thx
Tejero Moreno
Pretty easy for me....thnks for free lesson.
The Walrus
for G major i think it's easier to play it with your 3rd finger on the high e string, 2nd finger on the low E string, and 1st finger on the A string. it's easier to switch to faster.
Tiago Almeida
uau i dont know if it's just me but it's akward to see you playing G major with the fingers swaped. It stops my brain :p but good video anyways
Tim Wilson
This is good, simple but important guidance. In 1993 I completely busted my hand with a fall and had my playing fingers pulled backwards out of their joints. Regaining these chords took on a whole new intensity for me. \n\nOver time I became a writer of guitar instrumentals and if any are curious to see what that sounds like after starting again with a useless hand, look up Tim Hillwood. In the mean time, be glad you have good hands to work with and listen to Nate.
Virgile Oiseaux
I don't play guitar and I certainly never will! But men.. this is so beautiful to listen. Especially \
Zawyed Zion
when you are teaching please sing.. its easy to understand
chitra pandey
Happy to have found you Nate-- in my hunt for learning basic lessons for guitar.Your chords really really help a lot. Being a beginner, I do expect a hint for strumming pattern bcz as I learnt all the cords I noticed I still can't play the songs, , ofcourse bcz I'm trying hard to tally my strums with yours and it's just not happening. Looking forward to you. Thank you for all the lessons!
eber Berrospi
What about the strumming pattern for each song
geht dich nix an
Have never seen someone explainig this as simple as you just did. Thanks a lot - you made my penny finally drop!
Great Lessons.
This was great! Thank you. Great song to teach students both on guitar AND ukulele at the same time!
vince marco Vlog&music
what kind of wood is good for GUITAR I love to know tnk you
zero rush
I need these lessons! so I'll give a sub:)