WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 ► CM Punk vs The Rock [OFFICIAL PROMO HD]

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... CM Punk (TV Personality) Dwayne Johnson (Celebrity) Elimination Chamber 2013 (Event) WWE (TV Program Creator) WWE Elimination Chamber (Recurring Event)

Ayyub Ansari
Best hell in wwe cm punk😎
Blake Hawsey
whats the song starting at 1:47?
Debasish Bhattacharjee
Rock McMahon Both are Sucks Punk is the Real Champion
Efkan Basar
rock ' 8 time combined reign better than punk's 434
Himanshu kodan
aant bhai
Just a Bloke
The upbeat songs just slid in the middle of video packages like this one ruin these packages
Martin Leornas
Reigns-Styles feud brought me here.
Shivam Chaudhry
love you rock
Snipe Rider
aivan omori
Tha day wwes ratings drop