Bad day for 2000 HP Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

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Результаты заездов (Results of the race):

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Think they put a extra 0 at the end of 200 lol
still a GTR lover ♥
i want to see it vs Nissan AMS ALPHA 16+ 
There was more excitement in the title than in the video!!! LoL
Avtopilot BMW
чо за говно??? мой мерс с 193 кобылами ито быстрее едит)))
lanbo n gtr are way more better n exciting 
*200hp lol
Biró Norbert
This car has 200 HP instead of 2000.
Braden Gray
everyone hating on this car is blind. did you not see all of that smoke? do you think the car is just producing some random ass smoke? no, something happened to the car which has resulted in a loss of power and the performance of the car went to shit. you were given a brain so use it.
Brent G
Bad tuning, bad driver
Chad Andersen
Not impressive at all. Poor launches, low trap speeds. Half the time the car was smoking, I was kinda hoping for it to catch fire so it could add some excitement.
Charles Drumley
Someone put that car out of its misery 
this is slow
Hey, IIAmGothamsReckoning...Underground Racing, AMS, Switzer, Promotive, T1, Boost Logic, Titan, LMR, Drummond, Hennessy, Lingenfelter, Dallas Performance, etc, etc, are *all American tuners*. So you should deleted your well liked idiocy, claiming American tuning is crap. Your comment is only liked so much because being anti-American is a fad, not because you're right. Fads attract weak people.\nYou wish your country had tuners even half as good as the U.S.A has.\n\n(Posted here so it cannot be deleted by anyone but me and the video author)
Dani Cirera
So, for the best races u pick 2/3 with the car broken?
Daniel Heller
Ok, I think this comment section is full of idiots. OF COURSE it's slow - the car is broke morons. The video's title should be \
Darren P
Actual waste of time! I remember watching the dyno run thinking this had great potential but that was just s**t sorry to say!!
Deaftonespilot 214
Lol joke
Donnie johnson
Yea you idiots think this was slow obviously he had a problem with the car you can see smoke coming the back of the car and it wasn't coming from the tires.
best races ? Hmm, missfires, engine clearly burning oil and/or coolant, slow times for \
видео ниАчем, проехал 3 раза медленно и все)))
Electrics Nut
WOW! I almost fell asleep...
If this are the best races I dont want to know how the worst, even normal races went...
Felipe Justino
look like a kart
Future Bass
Что это было? \nСил много, а толку мало!
Ghufran Ali
well that was anticlimactic.
Best races? It's like worst races
Guus Bouman
Been waiting for this for so long!
Who ever is driving this car fucking sucks they need a new driver and that car sounds like crap and hardly even moves
Huan Pedroz
на пердячем пару едет)
looked like 200hp
John Bernal
wow it sounds like complete trash. like its misfiring or running on half it's cylinders . what's up with the sound?
John Connor
Do any of these Total Race creations actually work? Lambo was a total mess as well..
Just another boring channel
it seems smth gone wrong
Is this a practicle joke or a huge waste of money? A stock S7 would put on a better show!
Ket Hyiung Wong
it needs a new tuner 
Liontari Games
бензин чтоли экономил
I wasn't impressed, any 911, viper etc does it better, not believing that's 2000HP
That thing sounds and performs like a piece of crap.
best races? how is the worst?
Besides the Veyron, Venom GT and maybe 2/3 others, I don't think any car was manufactured to handle more than 900hp. What I really want to see is the weight of all those cars racing instead of seeing just the power.
Pretty sad when the 3 part best of includes 2 blow-ups. I'd hate to see the other runs.
Nòbody Impòrtant
And then the engine pops
Pascal ///M Power
Not only in this video, it performed the same at another track . I highly doubt that 2000hp will not work in a Saleen S7. At least it's clutch can't hold that power. I don't think it can perform like Alpha 12 and UGR Gallardo
Pellitadgofio Caldo
2000 hp? Fiat 500??
2000 bhp? Maybe the russians were drunk and saw double zero, instead it should be 200 bhp..
Richard Cranium
This was pretty much a waste. Not impressed whatsoever.
Can total race build a car that works ?
Ry Zeus
This is a dyno queen by the definition of the word
so a 560 hp GTR is better trolololo\nis it just me? or that car seams sloooooooooow
Shay Butta
2000hp or 200hp?
Nice 2000HP, this car does a quarter mile slower than the original one...
So we have effectively bastardized and ruined a perfectly fast and rare exotic. In whats an apparent effort to make it slow, smokey and unreliable. Good job!
Incredibly disappointing numbers... His first run was slower than a stock Boss 302.
Stas Stas
гранта на автомате бодрее едет . без шуток.
Sub Zero
Δυστυχώς.......η αμερικλάνικη τεχνολογία επαναλαμβάνεται και εδώ.\nΤο να πειράξεις αμερικάνικο δεν έχει απολύτως καμία σχέση με το να πειράξεις Ιάπωνα......\nΚρίμα...και είναι ένα πάρα πολύ ωραίο όχημα....τζάμπα 2000 ''άλογα''....
who ever tuned that car, doesnt now how to...
Swolbraham Lincoln
I expected something fast not slow like this...
Terrell Gee
That car needs to go to the scrap yard
Is it broken?
Valerie Romero
dude gots the slowest RT ever
alex smaric
мааа...что это вообще? зачем это было выкладывать? реакция больше секунды!!!! да у людей на пешеходнике реакция быстрее, когда зеленый свет включается!
Long time subscriber, come on Dragtimes we are used to better videos than this!!
What a piece of crap!
this is stupid
Where is my 3s 0-60mph?
That is not 2000hp .. running 12s? No!!!
fj cruiser
maybe there is engine failure they don't know about it
Not very reliable car/tune, alltho one good run and crossing the line in ~340kph isn't too bad.\nExpected so much more from this.
pile of crap
hamad alrumaihi
American fail
Its not saleen 2000hp .its saleena gomez 2000dell
useless piece of junk!! can't put down the power and its broken!!!!!
Нахрена вы мне показываете неудачные заезды???
hmmm american junk
Looks like 1500 of those 2000 horses are dead...
31 secs? surely he was taking it VERY easy?\n\na good 500hp stock car can hit 31 secs.
my smart is faster than this.
If these are the \
That's why i don't like over tuned cars,they either break after one race(look at that gallardo who did 400km/h or so) or they simply can't handle the power and the engines ignores that extra hp you added...i would never upgrade a supercar if i had one...stupid imo
wheel spin
All that money to go that slow...on 7cylinders by the sound of it
Мда, столько ожиданий и ни о чем
2000 hp? He runs at half speed and power?! What's wrong?
so what was the worst races of it? :D
wascar made
The smoke coming from the engine can't be good :S But what do you expect of a car, modified by Total Race?
Total Race? More like Total Crap
Виктор Утесов
чет не тянет на 2000hp
Владислав Стародуб
Мощности до*уя а толку не х*я\n
Дмитрий Марчук
Недоделанный ещё Салин=)
Дмитрий Рыжов
Похоже с ручника не снял.
Максим Иванович
Что это было? Какой прикол с такой тачки с дурью 2т кб., если они не едит не хрена? Верните на трассу ламбу неро.. она  дернит вашего салена!
Стример Корзиныч
Она реально не едет, ещё и дымит, как паровоз...Для 2000 кобыл - больше 11сек 400м - это позор...
епта, да моя приора быстрее едет
2000hp? r u kidding me?