First Things to Do With a New Windows 10 Laptop | Kill Bloatware, Lock it Down, Make it Epic

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C Cleaner is a nice tool to remove the apps
windows 10, a big no no. hate so many things about it. automatic driver install and automatic updates. it shares uploads in the background, it works like a torrent program... win10 = spyware
A Nein
Need help, how can I reverse that removed windows apps.
Adi Serghei
I prefer the \
Aman Gowalkar
All sounds good but between your fast talking and fake accent at times, really not possible for us underlings new to windows 10 to follow. (Btw, I'm not really an underling, just have avoided 10 up to now. Need a video I can follow. Thanks and sorry for the less than Stellar review.
Antonio Rodriguez
I just use CCleaner, works well
Bailey Harrison
Plan A)\n Wipe laptop\n Install Linux\nPlan B)\n Wipe laptop\n Reinstall Windows
First things to do with a power button, enjoy.
Big Boss
Is there a VPN to download torrents? Since I download torrents using transmission....
Bill Nguyen
First thing to do with a new Windows 10 laptop: Uninstall Windows 10.
Bread D2
Personally I am using a desktop I just built with windows 10 and the \
The best way to installed Windows 10 is to install Windows 7.
I just bought this PC and i just started to open Edge to download PC decrapifier but my screen is now flickering like crazy. Is it a hardware fail or is just the drivers
I usually install cc cleaner to remove/uninstall unwanted things and ninite to install simple things like browser and such.\nThen I install Steam on my HDD.
Captain Spook
first thig to do on a windows 10 laptop is to install windows 7
Celso Soares
Logan go away and let Wendel handle Tek Syndicate.
Clay C
is there a new video for the new windows updates?
\u003eFirst Things to Do With a New Windows 10\nKill Windows.\nInstall Gentoo.
Curtis Millar
Wipe it an install linux
DJ Shuffle
Tron is a great piece of software you can find on Reddit. It eats away bloatware, malware, spyware, viruses, it cleans the registry and checks system integrity to name a few. It usually takes a few hours to run (my record at the moment is 35 hours non stop, it was an old laptop) and it can be quite aggressive but you can adjust which tools to run and it works wonders for slow or even brand new Windows machines (removing Microsoft telemetry tools as well).
Daniel Olsson
So much tweaking to get windows going.. well install Linux and it just works!
Darien Ramcharan
Nice guide Logan :D
4:40 Great way to Ruin a Windows 10 Installation. It removed all of my apps (including settings and Edge) and my PC Is useless now. i still gotta have to reinstall Windows 10
Deniz Kendirci
0:51 i prefer the first advice.\nthe others are actually much more time consuming for me.
Donald Baird
Now when you said that Windows Defender is better than those other antiviruses that is just simply not true. If you check PC Security Channel (ofc I dont believe everything I see) he did some videos on antiviruses and shows why he doesn't recommend Windows Defender.
I used the same tips Jerry said in his video onto my dell windows 10 laptop
Ebon Hawk
how convenient\nI've been manually removing all the preinstalled garbage and installed my own software of choice one by one to avoid using any windows services I don't have to.\n\nI'll try to remember this video next time I get a laptop.
Erik McLeod
Step 1: Don't use Windows 10\n\nThanks for reading
Gavin Larson
Step 1: throw it out the window \n\n\n\n\nNo pun intended
Gian Scott
Logan you forgot to put the power shell command in the description.
1. wipe it and put linux on it. 2. Crack osx and put that on it.
Igor Pougatch
the first thing too do is to install linux.
Jack Durrant
I prefer to just run Linux. I occasionally run into problems, but I generally find ways to deal with them. Linux might not be for everyone, but for me, it's clearly the better operating system.
Jackson Walters
i love using classic shell
James Diaz
😳 there's an actual app for PC called PC decrapifier? 😂😂😂😂
Jimmy Chan
you speeded up your speaking by 0.25 or something? 6:59 haha
Johnny Organ
The File Explorer to This PC tip at @ 4:30 . Magic. Thanks.
Any Manjaro users?
Kaisar Arkhan
or even better:\ninstall Linux
Kees Commandeur
First thing to do would be to install a Linux OS that fits the chipset. And if you really need Windows for some irreplaceable piece of software (most graphic artiss and photo/vidographers might have their favourite software that only works in Windows) install that on a separate partition or better, another laptop with Windows7 of which you disable ALL microsoft updated except the antivirus and use only the Linux for going online. Then you have a system that keeps on working the way you want it without meddlesome microsoft telling you what you should like....
How to setup up a Windows 10 Laptop: Follow the instructions. Stop being afraid of telemetry.
Lavos 1999
Powershell uninstall command?
Where can I get the background? 3:24 looks totally awesome!
Lingzhou Liu
the move at 4:55 got rid of my picture viewing program tho....
Lyric Video's
first things to do with a new win 10 laptop:\n-install win8.1\nor\n-install win7\nor\n-install linux\nor\nbuy a mac
Manchu Ratt
Uninstalling windows 10 is what I'd do first.
Master Pirate
Instructions weren't clear .Ended up in Iraq. ISIS now thinks I'm one of them
Matthew McKellar
Isn't the first thing you do install Windows 7 instead? could just be me
Mauricio Gonzalez
I just received my new laptop, but it has two partitions: One for windows (of 190gb) and other partition ( of 25gb) but it has the drivers and some bloatware. My question is, if I reinstalled windows from the settings menu, Will both partitions became one? Will I need to reinstall the drivers? \nMy laptop is a Lenovo yoga 14 (i5 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd and 940mx)
Hey this a sick guide man. Im looking at getting a metabox prime series laptop with gsync. Im not that experienced with gaming laptops but do you think its worth going 4k and would you recommend glossy or matte IPS WVA screen?
Are every one of your fans just 15 year Olds who think they are clever because they can use Linux? \n\nGod dam these comments, shut up already no one cares about Linux and this is coming from someone who used it for many years
Glad to see a new video. I will continue to suppord each member of the tek crew. I just hope the merch keeps up. If not, Thank frack I got my mouse and mouse mat.
My name is JEFF
Soooooooo\nWhat windows is best for gaming?
Oliver Richetti
hey man great video. question for you, if i do a clean install and remove all the bloatware from my msi computer, is there a recommended list of msi drivers or utilities i need to install back on the computer?
Olivia drinkwine
I get flux when first starting out since it filters out the blue light slowly though out the day
Pasha Shestakov
Don't run the power shell script unless you want to uninstall everything from Calculator to Windows Store App.
Patrik Forsman
you didn't add the vpn in the description
Peter Goldman
Interesting ! One very small constructive criticism. I'm assuming that this YouTube video is directed at relative newbies and not toward IT experts or power user nerds. If your prospective audience is composed of users who are not already familiar with how to perform your most helpful suggestions and techniques they (me) might benefit if you eased off warp speed a bit... maybe 2/3 impulse speed would suffice even if it required splitting your VERY useful suggestions into two videos.
+Tek Syndicate This is The First time I have disagreed with you. but the PowerShell Command you had us run to remove the default windows apps, also removes windows store, windows app installer, and pretty much everything that is useful on windows 10. Much of it is crap but     the thing i am mad about is my windows store and app installer with no way to get them back at ll. i have tried a repair install of windows, i have tried the PowerShell command to get them all back, neither of them work. How do you suggest i fix this. i also suggest you add a disclaimer to the description of your video. This is very Misleading.
I love Revo I've been using it for years! It deletes everything! No leftover folders and files on your pc
Raiders_Rep_510 _
Step 1: Disable Computrace or Lowjack
Richie Genao
What is the power shell code?
Rob Leonard
Before I watch this video let me guess what he says... \
Robbie Goldman
Uninstall windows 10, install Windows 7
This guy does not know anything about antiviruses xD
I always install Windirstat on fresh installs. It has a nice GUI that shows whats taking up space on your hard drive. Each file is displayed as a block and each file type is color coded. You can get it from their website as well as\n\nClonezilla is useful for for backing up individual partitions as well as whole disk. I regularly backup my individual partitions on a weekly basis. If I screw something up I can just re-image the partition instead of re-installing the OS and applications and transferring backups.\n\nDaemon Tools Lite is useful for mounting and editing a .iso or .img file. I can customize a Linux distro before installing instead of installing 3rd party apps after installing the OS. You can also clone a game disk and mount it so you don't have to have the disk in the optical drive (think of games that require the disk to be present to play). It cuts down on load times and you don't have to worry about damaging or losing a game disk.\n\nVirtualbox is another good app to have. Virtualize everything! Test Linux distros. Got a special program that only works in Windows X, OS X, Ubuntu or Mint? Just run it in a VM.
The Windows 10 fiasco was a good chance for you guys to push GNU/Linux even harder. Honestly a bit disappointed about the compromising with Windows 10 that people are doing.
When I first get a machine I install GNU/Linux.
1. Install your favourite flavour of Linux\n2. Make sure the graphics driver is configured(if using nVidia)\n3. Use it
The Doopa
I actually like windows 10. Still things I find stupid, like no DVD player and it's missing codecs. Other than that it runs rather smoothly. \n\nHaven't used Linux in forever
Theodore Ludong
How about the issue where your disk would randomly hit 100% even when idle?
Tyler Winters
Instructions unclear, deleted system 32
Watermelon Nuclear
I use Microsoft iOS
William Rogers
When i get a new system, i replace the OS boot drive with a new drive and then do a clean install of the OS in Audit mode so i can make a custom recovery after i have finished setting up Windows how i want. after that i use sysprep to make the image and then install the junk after that i use. That way if it breaks less hassle reinstalling Windows Drivers Utils etc.
Wronskian C
microspysoft will always find a way.
alex ds
You didn't put the GodeMode stuff in the derscription for us :(
amethyst 自殺
I'm surprised Classic Start isn't one of the main things you install on Ninite
Install windows 7
Please like this comment, I need help! The forum is broken for me. When I try to enter the forum, I get re-directed to the IP address saying it's an insecure connection.
Yooooo, okay so maybe I'm just having a bad moment of Deja vu, but I swear, this dude used to make videos for TigerDirect....
elio saleh
Gr8 tips but ,duddddde you really need to slow down you're talking you gave me anxiety 😅
gerry neil
talking like firing a Gatln Gun ,what the hell is that about ,slow down and be cool
Needs more Wendell.
lil pump
How much is this laptop?
you talk too fast
i didnt understand most of it but cool vid =)
maria del carmen orozco
first think I do is nukenboot then install a nice Linux distro
max kolesnikov
DO NOT DO THIS!!! 4:40 because it will uninstall WINDOWS STORE!!!!(and it has useful apps like Skype).
michael moody
Hold down ctrl and scroll your mouse.great tip.
rambo lambo
slowwww down....
st1mp4ak 1o0
First thing to do? Deinstall windows 10 !
Windows 10 sucks... I literally have nothing nice to say about it.\n\nStill waiting for someone to make a newer / more stable version of Windows XP x64.
vgfx nw
play this at 1.5x speed.
Win 10 is so ugly 😭😒\ni only want win 7 on a new laptop ffs.
No matter what you do, Microsoft always has to power to re-enable telemetry...\nAnd it's pretty much impossible to stop updates... You can only defer them...\nI'm sticking with Windows 7. Vulkan will destroy DirectX12. It's just a matter of time.
I'm so confused , what's the point of all this??
I hope we don't have to lose you guys... such great personalities