Russian lessons – Lesson 4 – Russian nouns gender

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Спасибо за урок Дарья! 😊
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большое спасибо!
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I'm watching from Africa. Привет как дела!?
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I looked for you on my VK account couldn't find you 🙁
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whats the 3rd word she uses? feminine masculine and what? muter? nooter? LOL what?
Alynn Yzy
Chinese student here🙋\u200d♀️Thank you so much for these helpful videos! As a senior student I haven’t got any regular time to learn another language, but your courses give me that chance, now I catch every spare time to watch the videos and follow you reading. I hope once I can speak Russian as if it’s my mother tongue 🙏
Amore J
You are a great teacher, I learned a lot from you, i like the way you teach...Thanks a lot for these videos...
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You're my favorite!
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Here from Kansas (USA)
Andrés Molina
Like if this is your 3rd or 4th language
78th viewer & 11th like from India.👍
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No its. [Foh neem]
Привет Друзья, я из России
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Sorry I have been away from some time with work, but I m here to keep improving.
Cassandra Dallas
Недавно я слушал некоторые из моих любимых русских песен, и я попробовал попеть несколько из них, но я продолжаю возиться с лирикой много, если мне удастся сказать несколько слов, я остаюсь, в основном, эту песню «миша марвин-история», есть ли способ или вещь, которую я могу сделать, чтобы поправиться, потому что я не могу даже петь песню без него?
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D. W
thank you very much
Please don't stop uploading Russian lessons, the audio and the wrtien part of it are both excellent.........
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Watching from Tehran and happy to find your channel. that's perfect. i have no Russian keyboard but \
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Я люблю кот владимир🐱🚀
Erendira Huizar Dominguez
Muchas gracias Daría, llevo un tiempo estudiando esta hermosa lengua y encuentro tus clases de lo mejor. Había muchas cosas que no había entendido respecto a la pronunciación. Aprecio mucho tu trabajo y el apoyo que brindas. Dios te bendiga. (Obviamente hablo inglés, pero soy mexicana y me place dirigirme a ti en mi propio idioma, espero que sea de tu agrado) you're great.
Everyday Essentials
wow india also chai means tea ☕️ exact mass for meat, and other words also\nboth languages with so many similar words in punjabi also we say saalaad for 🥗 salad
Сам русский и живу в России. Изучаю английский язык. Для меня оказались полезными Дарьины уроки, так как хорошо слушать носителя языка и пытаться понять о чем он говорит.
Ah, of course every country is female\nBecause women give men their homes\n\nI love that Russians do indeed point out that men are lost without women. \n\nSpeaking of Russia, I literally blew my friend’s mind\n\nHis name is Ross\n\nРосс is Ross in Cyrillic, right?\n\nРоссия is one of the ways Russia is spelled in Russian, correct?\n\nHis nickname is literally “Rossya” now\n\n\n\nAlso, just to point out my take on it: your «и» and «н» are so easily decipherable. At first, I thought your «и» was «ч», but then I saw the difference there. Your Д and Л look like Δ and Λ, but considering how Cyrillic is heavily based off the Greek alphabet, that is understandable
Gabriel Marte
Hi. Is there a way we can support your channel.
Gary B
I am 56 and going to St Petersburgh next July, I have never learnt another language to my shame, but i am determined to learn at least enough to get me through a 2 day visit, I am really enjoying your lessons although quite difficult in parts. Thankyou for taking the time and great effort to teach us your language. hopefully in a few months i will reply in Russian xx
Glauco . com
thank you so much
Gonzalo Gerardo
Дарья, скажите ,пожалуйста, как вы изучали английский язык? Просто в школе/университете? Или вы посещали курсы? Можно ли выучить английский по песням?
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Nice video and good class..\nYou re teaching more clearly...\nUpload more videos \n👌🏼✌🏻
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Teacher Daria, your letter \
Please, tell me something about your \
Jayesh Limaye
Thank you Daria for putting in such dedicated efforts to teach Russian to newbies through this new series. I respect you even more. :)
Jens Erik Tallaksen
Doesnt стул mean chair and таблица table?
Kamol Murodov
Thank u. U r great. Allah protects u. Good luck
cool stuff : ''
Maria Metta
I was confused with племянник because you said it means nephew and племянница is a girl nephew 😂 I mean 'nephew' is male. Did you mean \
Massimiliano Loconte
Great lessons Daria! Do you know any good online en-ru dictionary? Greetings from Italy!
Márk Purda
I have aquestion: You said i will write it down with latin alphabet because i dont have russian: Eto vino i pivo, eto pivo, eto vino. My question is, is ETO both for plural and singular, Because Vino i Pivo are already plural and you said Eto.. When are we going to learn verbs and its forms?
Nexoner 5
I have to say that the russian pronaunciation of aunt is very similar to the hebrew. In hebrew you say \
You are an awesome teacher! Thank you so much for making these video's. I have always wanted to learn to speak Russian and now it's finally happening!
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Thank you so much for all the lessons. It heps me a lot in learning russian
Your \
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леди at first I thought it ment LED lights lol (polish ledy)
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The meat drawing though. lol
Real Russian Club
The FULL lesson with all the links is here –\n\nWhat else to watch on my channel:\n\nRussian phrases –\n\nHow to build vocabulary –\n\n\n💗 I'll be happy to make friends here:\n\n\n\n\n\n💗 Listen to my podcasts:\n\n\n\n💗 Subscribe to my channel: \n\n\n🥇Support my channel on Patreon 🥇 –
you r better than all my teachers \n\u003c3
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Pizza is considered bread 😏\n\n\n\n\nBTW teach is a lord of the rings 😍
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Я носитель русского языка, но почему-то тоже смотрю это видео. Хотя мой английский очень слабый (школьный), но мне абсолютно все было понятно :)\nКогда смотрел часть про союзы, вдруг подумал: как иностранцам объяснить в каких случаях использовать союз \
Seth Williams
Daria, thank you so much for this series of lessons. I am anxious to see where and how far the lessons go. It is exciting to get the notification for the next one. I agree with several comments here, you are a great teacher!
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thank you very much for such dedication
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Fantastic lesson Daria and keep practising the drawing, like our Russian it can only get better 👍👍👍
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Thankyou daria
neuter is pronounced nooter, not noiter
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Daria u are legendary! Much love from Serbia!
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Daria, Is your course available in the future? In 2020 more or less?
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I was learning till ye attacked.
Uranus 2
Why does Russian remind me so bad of Swedish.It is really weird since they are from different language families and it came to my mind when you said the Russian word for: or.In Swedish this is: eller.Seems like a coincidence?Well then look at this sentence: „Jag pratar på ryska.“ „Я говорю по-русски.“. Except for the verb the two sentences are pretty much identical if you pronounce them correctly.Strange right?
I've got a perfect teacher for my Russian learning ...
Vanessa Vestal
“And if it’s a woman ... Obviously ... well sometimes it isn’t that obvious these days”. I’m dead.
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34:20 in hindi also tea is pronounce as 'chai'
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Please keep doing this videos!!!!!!! Thank you ♥
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Здравствуйте! А вы долго учили Русский язык? Я благодаря вам учу Английский язык 😂! Канал супер!
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Thank you very dear Daria!!!! I'm on way to start this new lesson. Thanks for your great videos! ))
Приятно осознавать что кто-то хочет выучить наш язык
Privet Daria. Kak Dela? These lessons are amazing. I've been trying to learn Russian for a while but always struggled with some phonetics and now I know about vowel reduction I feel a big leap forward in my progress. Spaseba bolshoi
fan of languages
A very informative lesson that clearly explains the gender of nouns along with some new vocabulary. I would like to mention that I purchased your ebook on Amazon. What I have read so far is excellent. I noticed that you used \
Dont stop drawing, I like them.
Great progressive lessons for beginners! Your website has many useful resources as well. Большое спасибо!
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Madam your teaching so nice
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это сестра или (двоюродная) сестра?
jeremy bowman
I find your teaching methods very easy to follow. I am getting better every day. спасибо!
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but stol can't be a table. Stol is a chair in nowegian...
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really found your videos very helpful :)
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Hello from Turkey, love you!
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*Whispers* bread.
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very good explanations and easy to understand.. you are helping me also to improve my pronounciation in Russian a lot.. thank you...
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Es ist kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen wie sagt man in Österreich und Deutschland. With due respect, darling, you are great. I love languages, all of them. I want to learn Russian. I feel very optimistic. I am a bit less stupid since being your pupil. No language is neither easy or difficult simply lack of familiarity makes them, at the beginning, somewhat hard to grasp. They all become easier to handle once you immerse yourself into them. Spasiva !
prashant kumar
Hello mem i m your student u teach very well mem suggest me which dictionary english to russion i download by playstore for correct word
sebastian Romero Morales
I like your classes because I'm practice my english and I learn the russian language. saludes desde colombia :D
I am from Egypt and my mother tongue is Arabic. But your style is distinct. I understand your English and Russian language very clearly. Thank you and I hope that God will give you health and happiness
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Thank you so much ! I always wondered were the stressed was in the word.
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the sub titles at 15:10 LOL!
Εφη Κ.
What is the 'cons' ?
Бараа Хасан
Thank you so much 💜 your videos are so helpful
Павел Паршев
Змея - она, а змей - он. Лиса - она, лис - он. И еще множество примеров. Очень жаль, что Вы акцентировали внимание слушателей на том, что cat это кот, но совсем забыли упомянуть про кошку. Было бы неплохо сделать отдельное видео об этом. У Вас очень хороший и интересный канал, Дарья. Сердечно желаю Вам дальнейших успехов в его развитии и популяризации. И привет Вам из сурового Челябинска. )))
Сука Блять
Daria you a very good teacher!
американский шпион
This goes perfectly with duolingo. Now I know when to do moya and when to do moy. (I think)
محمد الهلال
ЧАИ come from arab language
ِAli Habib
all the love from Syria to our beloved mother Russia
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Вы говорю немецкий?