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During the Doctor Who podcast, Torchwood boy, Liam Catterson, Stephen Reacts and Brianna discussed which episodes of Doctor Who needs reacting. Here is her episode list:Series 4Episode 1Episode 8(Maybe Episode 9)Episode 13Christmas SpecialSeries 5Episode 1Episode 12Episode 13Christmas SpecialSeries 6Episode 1Episode 4Episode 13Christmas SpecialSeries 7Episode 1Episode 5Episode 1350th Anniversary SpecialChristmas SpecialSeries 8Episode 1Episode 4(Last 10 min of Episode 11)Episode 12Series 9Episode 1Episode 10(Maybe Episode 11)Live stream Episode 12Doctor Who Live Stream:Honorary SponsorsJosh KaiserSPIKEisWantedWolfGarrett of house Reed, Protector against pervy youtube commentsKeyboardjunkieSean VasquezDanny PooleWE DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! All Rights Are ReservedCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

Alderam 195
So many questions and only one answer...spoilers
Andrea W.
YESS I'm so happy you also reacted to this ep too!! Stay awesome 😄
Say what you will about Moffatt but god damn it, I love this ending. He seems to be a master of the \
Arlaal Frost
Been waiting for this reaction 😁😁
its 1:30 in the morning I stayed awake specifically to watch this reaction it was brilliant i look foward to the next.
Brian Pletcher
welcome to river song as said she will be a key character to both 11 and 12. she will send you on a rollar coaster and will be yelling damn you moffet at the same time.
Callum Armour
You gonna get a hell of a ride! 🖖🏼 love the River story arc.
Thank goodness you did this one, too!
Count Orlok
Do you watch the ones that you don't react to?
D Hatfield
Be prepared to wait. It takes four seasons for River's story to come full circle.
David MacDowell Blue
As of Jan 2018 several of your questions have been answered.
Deebee Daydreamer
13:22 This is just the cutest thing.
Derek Joseph
Brianna, can you or anyone reading this please tell me how to edit a tv show into a reaction like you do. I need to know how before Doctor Who premieres next week.
Drew Thrasher
So many questions.... all in good time 😏 Welcome to when Doctor Who began for me. You are in for an amazing ride.
Durell Reid
he looks like a Adam to me
FT family channel
The name is a secret nobody knows
Francis Bartoszewski
Need ro do the waters of mars aswell. and before anyone says she doesn't have time, no ones making her do these this quickly. I'd hapily wait an extra week to get the good episodes in.
Fren Croen
George Alexander
OH RIVER \u003c3
George Lin
I really never got this episode's ending like is River dead or saved in the data
George Radcliffe
I suppose, in terms of knowledge, all of us who are up to date with the show are like River and you are like the Doctor. You have all of it to come and it is going to be fantastic.
Glen McCulla
I'd forgotten how Arrow-tastic these episodes are: Walter Steel and Dinah Lance in the same two-parter!:)
Greg J
Your reactions to Doctor Who are tremendous! I love how involved and invested you become in each episode! As a fan of 45 years (Yes - I'm that old!) it warms my heart watching a new fan be born! I can't wait for you to discover who River is and her journey. Don't spoil it for yourself by reading ahead - just watch and enjoy (& of course film the reactions for us!).
Greg Weatherup
Yeay, we got a reaction to this episode! I would of guessed wrong as to the nature of, & what parts you had a strong reaction to, but that is part of what makes watching various reaction videos interesting.
Sorry if this has already been asked but the reaction list shows \
Henry in NorCal
Everyone be careful with \
This episode. This fucking episode. Never had i cried so much in life rewatching it after the current season ended.\n\nRiver!!!!!
So glad you reacted to this one. Can't tell you anything on his name, you just have to stick around to find out.
Issac Miria
all u need to know is river song is the BEST
What's his name?\n\nThat's is the question that must not be answered.
Jean Nguyen
NOBODY SPOILE HER WHAT DID RIVER SAID TO THE DOCTOR!! It's gonna be VERY surprising WHEN she will find out! 🤣🤣🤣
Jess Williams
Can I just say: I really appreciate you finding the time to react, edit and upload this episode for us.
Juan Jose Quinteros Rivas
The amount of foreshadowing in this episode!
Laura Stimpson
I just realized that River Song is momming not only the normal children but CAL as well. My poor heart. I can't take it.
Liam Catterson
I should not be allowed to watch this episode :'( My eyes hate it.
Everyone's first time watching this episode: \
spoilers...\nthis story becomes much more powerful once River's story is told. You're gonna get there alot faster than the rest of us. There was almost a 3 year gap in real time.\nnighty night, don't let the vashna nerada eat you alive...
Luis zarate
the doctor real name is forbidden cause we dont want too know it and it keeps him a mystery which is fun
Luke Dang
I knew I wasn't the only one who appreciated the awesome music (at 3:27), shame it didn't make it to the OST :(
Marc Dennis Esteban
Oh my goodness, Brienna! I so wanted to see your reaction to the line: 'I'm tue Doctor. And you're in the biggest library in the universe... Look me up.'\n\nAnd then the Vashta Nerada basically backing the f**k up.\n\nTell me you loved that bit. =)
Masquerade as Sane
Keep the Pompeii episode in your mind for much later as well. You'll understand when you see what I'm talking about.
Matt Kruczek
Basically, you're going to need a flowchart.
The woman in the robes face scared the shit out of me when I was young
Mitch Thomas
This is my favorite episode in the entire series. River fothermucking Song, everybody.\n\nI never realized that she says that last line to the camera, either, so that's neat.
I like how passionate you are watching this show, i was exactly the same :))
Neko Hallowking
Anyone else cries when River says \
No spoilers lolol. You have too watch . The whole series too know . His name or who she really is . Just one spoiler for you . Trust me you will be shocked .
Official Star Wars RP
List of Doctor Who episodes in the RTD era (the era you're currently watching) just in case you get lost:\n\n1x1: Rose\n1x2: The End of the World\n1x3: The Unquiet Dead\n1x4: Aliens of London\n1x5: WW3\n1x6: Dalek\n1x7: The Long Game\n1x8: Father's Day\n1x9: The Empty Child\n1x10: The Doctor Dances:\n1x11: Boom Town\n1x12: Bad Wolf\n1x13: The Parting of the Ways\n2xXmas: The Xmas Invasion\n2x1: New Earth\n2x2: Tooth and Claw\n2x3: School Reunion\n2x4: The Girl in the Fireplace\n2x5: Rise of the Cybermen\n2x6: Age of Steel\n2x7: The Idiot's Lantern\n2x8: The Impossible Planet\n2x9: The Satan Pit\n2x10: Love and Monsters\n2x11: Fear Her (slowly dies)\n2x12: Army of Ghosts\n2x13: Doomsday (cries)\n3xXmas: The Runaway Bride\n3x1: Smith and Jones\n3x2: The Shakespeare Code\n3x3: Gridlock\n3x4: Daleks in Manhatten\n3x5: Evolution of the Daleks\n3x6: The Lazarus Experiment\n3x7: 42\n3x8: Human Nature\n3x9: The Family of Blood\n3x10: Blink (has nightmares)\n3x11: Utopia\n3x12: The Sound of Drums\n3x13: The Last of the Timelords\n4xXmas: Voyage of the Damned\n4x1: Partners in Crime\n4x2: The Fires of Pompeii\n4x3: Planet of the Ood\n4x4: The Sontaran Stratagem\n4x5: The Poison Sky\n4x6: The Doctor's Daughter\n4x7: The Unicorn and the Wasp\n4x8: Silence in the Libary\n4x9: Forest of the Dead\n4x10: Midnight\n4x11: Turn Left\n4x12: The Stolen Earth\n4x13: Journey's End\nSpecialsx1/4x14: The Next Doctor\nSpecialsx2/4x15: Planet of the Dead\nSpecialsx3/4x16: The Waters of Mars \nSpecialsx4/4x17: End of Time Part One\nSpecialsx5/4x18: End of Time Part Two*\n\n*I highly recommend that you react to this one but if you don't I understand. Like this comment so Brianna can see this!
Olive Cooks
she said his name so he could trust her
Oscar de la Cruz
Music of Doctor Who.... amazing!
Rhys Williams
It's so horrible knowing the answers to all your questions but not answering them xD
Robert Middleton
And much like The Doctor Dances, everybody lives. Thanks for that reaction Bri, looking forward to your Journeys End Reaction and (HOPEFULLY, FINGERS CROSSED) your End Of Time Part 2 Reaction.
Robin Hislop
Gotta love the flappy coat, and the floppy hair when he runs...
Rosie Sharp
I cannot wait till you reaction to my favourite episodes!!! The end of this season mate! Glad you've gotten into Doctor Who. I've been watching it from the start, I'm from London. You will absolutely LOVE the three episodes from Turn Left to the end of the season. I can't waaaaaaait!!! :D
She told him his name
Sam Alexander
1:48 I know what she said but I'm not telling lol 😁
Bri just slamming out the Doctor Who ep's today. and yes the ChiqueGeeks would be proud of you're tipsy state.
Shahnawaz Alam
Keep em comin... xD
Shravaka Yogi
The Doctor's name? You wouldn't understand it anyway... ;)
Space Penguins
Are you going to be reacting to \
Will you be reacting to The End of Time Parts 1 & 2 Christmas Specials?
I know I said this on the last Doctor Who reaction, but I must repeat it. Keep River Song in your memory. She is one of the most important characters you will ever meet on this show.
So Glad you are watching Doctor who. I hope you are enjoying it :)
Timothy Walsh
Also, I know you've discussed this with people that you trust, but you really do not need to do reaction videos for all the Christmas Specials. In fact, I didn't really see any point in you doing a reaction video for Voyage of the Dammed when you could have instead done a reaction video for a more interesting episode like The Doctor's Daughter or Turn Left, or a more plot related episode like The Stolen Earth. For the future, I would recommend only doing reaction videos for these Christmas Specials: The End of Time 1&2 (at least 2 is a MUST), Time of the Doctor (Also a MUST), Last Christmas (not a MUST, but interesting) & The Husbands of River Song (a MUST).
I never wanted them to tell us his real name. Was dreading the episode titled The Name of The Doctor, but was so happy when I realized what that title really meant.
Hi Brianna, Now that`s the way to travel, you think about it & then you are there, that is what futuretech should be aiming for. Lol Dr.Moon`s \
People, don't give spoilers for anything Brianna says at the end.\n\nThe reason there were three children is because Cal was one of them. :) And thank you for FIVE DW reaction videos today, Brianna!
Wild sonic Luis
I glad that you choose to react to this episode I know it wasn't on your list and we understand your lack of time. Thank you for caring about us and giving us this episode that shows how much you care about us now if you can please add the Christmas special in season 7 after episode 5 call snowman I think the reaction to that episode is important
Will Parks
React Hillywood show DrWho Parady
We have to see your reaction to episode 12! Please!
I don't care what anyone says...David Tennant is the best Doctor. He will always be my Doctor.
The answer is, YES you will get everything answered and much more than you expected. River Song has become one of the most important characters in 50+ yrs of Who.
2:13 - She whispered his real name in his ear. But, we - the audience - will never know what that is as it's a kept secret through the ENTIRE Doctor Who saga (past and present). But the fact that River knows it proves to the Doctor she IS someone he can trust deeply and with all of his lives.
Ah the beginning of the waterfalls. By the time she reaches the end of season 4 shes gonna be like her sister, Britsmashing everything.
Oh Moffat' (the writer) has got you well and truly spinning. He's good at that. Lol. He's the same one that wrote Blink and Madame de Pompadour. He takes over running the show later.
john fox
my advice keep watching the answer will come
Boozy lol
My favourite episode of Dr Who, maybe of all tv. So thanks for reacting to it! So many great parts, Donna and her family, the return of Miss Evangelista, Dr Moon and CAL, and of course Professor River Song. And do try to avoid spoilers 😏
She told him his name to get his trust.
Only one answer to all your questions. Spoilers.
I'm a 49 year old man but I tear up every time I see this. Every time. Once you catch up look for River Songs time line.
shhh, spoilers
Say welcome and goodbye to Riversong - One of the best characters in Dr. Who since Captain Jack Harkness
I remember this was the first episode of Doctor Who that I watched and it didnt hurt at all, then I watched all 7 seasons that were available at the time. And one day this episode this episode was on tv and I cried like a baby.
Just to clarify the list, there are technically two Christmas specials in between Seasons 4 & 5 (apparently there were 5 \
Oh! -- but you can have the following spoiler/look-for-it, as it has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with the current episode/past episodes of the Nuwho era: did you notice the \
River song shall live on!