Fortnite - Season 5 on the Nvidia 940mx 1080p Acer Aspire E 15 budget gaming laptop i5-7200u

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system: Acer Aspire E 15 ( E5-575G-52RJ )cpu: I5-7200u Kaby lake 2.7ghz (3.1ghz turbo)memory: 16gb 2133mhz ddr4gpu: Nvidia Geforce 940MX 2gb Gddr5 OCos: Win10 Home, recorded with windows game dvrres: 1080p low settingsClick on the link to subscribe:

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Aaron Plays
How much would this cost and what store can u get it at?
Anthony Salome
I plan on buying this laptop from amazon but you’re saying in the comments not to get a certain one is there anyway you can go on amazon and find the correct one so that i can buy from there.(maybe put the link in description or reply to my comment with it?) please and thank you for the gameplay
Delfin Games
I got this from but currently a comparable laptop (originally 8gb) goes from $500-$600. Browse also
My 940mx can't do that
Fun With Music
i have same specs but it run only at 30fps. any idea to improve
Ghost_ Nightmare
Idk whats wrong with yours bc i get 120 nax on moslty high settings
Indie Gamer
I have windows 10 with i7 but my game dvr doesn't record this good. Pls help
Jhalin Kal
Lee Keunhoo
i have this laptop with 8gb of ram, for my case, i can barely run any games smoothly, i dont play fortnite, but i tried dota, its pretty laggy tbh
Sharan Singh Junda
There was a chest below u
You should have tried in 720p high or medium!
sealstark _
your cpu is on fire 🔥
striker yt430
• NES3 •
Its fake i have this PC and have lags and high ping ( i have good wifi because in lol i have 23 ms
How much gb the graphics have ?