Putin Speaks Plainly: Russia is Ours and We Won’t Budge; Our Nukes Aren’t Going Anywhere

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Subscribe to Vesti News Vladimir Putin: "Russia is one of the largest nuclear powers. And you know, I've said it publicly, that we modernize our missile strike systems as a response to the strengthening of the ballistic missile defense systems of the USA. We do value our sovereignty, independence. It's in the blood of our people, as I've mentioned many times already. In this context, we feel safe and calm."

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A Wise leader make a wise choice.
Bella Donna
You tell them President Putin, Russia is not SCARED of any thing. GOD Loves Russia and they are a very Blessed Nation, Amen.
C List
Now I want to move to Russia.
Camshaft Shaft
Russia and the USA would be crazy to forge nuclear war on each other both countries are covered in nuclear power plants if we nuked one or the other the whole planet would be doomed ! There is no winning either way we all die !
Canadian kid
I worked on hypersonic missile nose cones back in the 70's for Airforce and Navy projects, You could just imagine what we have now .... LOL to Russian TROLLS....Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Car Lover
Gala Dakota, are you talking of the western countries, your USA, uses its money to arm a d destroy, as for poverty and dictatorships, it's the western words who's doing this to Thier own people, and Putin is right, why should he disarm his country, while America, and the west, still keep building , more nukes to destroy the world, ? God gave us Putin, to save us from rogues like USA and UK, etc, so you agree that your country, bombs other sovereign nations, to take Thier assets, as for poor russians, our own leaders, are putting all western people in poverty, while they bring all Moslems, in our countries, to take and govern, so stop this poor thing shit,
Channa Tirimanne
....compared to all the other world leaders he seems so very stress free,..Lol..Great Leader!..
Cheryl Brandon
The signatories are a roll-call of leading congressional Democrats: Robert Menendez, Dick Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Edward J. Markey, Michael Bennet, Christopher Coons, Joe Manchin, Jeanne Shaheen, Diane Feinstein and Mark Warner. These are the criminals want Julain's head.
Chris Vitaly
It is not only the physical nukes Russia need to be aware but the silent fatal Stuxnet and nitrozeus is the ongoing war currently. it has been crippling financial system of many countries. HAARP and CERN are the other agenda that become secret weapon for the near future war. HAARP has been applied in creating changes in the cloud and weather ending with natural disaster in some recent occasion in some locations especially in Asia.
Cisco Kid
This isn’t even an issue nobody gives a rats ass about Russian nukes we’ve got as many nukes as Russia ( our primary WMD isn’t a nuke ) \nThe only way Vova seems to be able to muster positive reactions is to diss the USA , this doesn’t say much for anything Russian lol 😂\nNice try ... na not really, lame A/F
Djabrail Khalidov
Dynamic Thinker
I need to ask I need to say why are the people running away?\r\nYour country commits War crimes\r\nYou say nothing you all act blind\r\nWhere is your belief in right?\r\nYou people need to stand and fight....\r\n\r\nSingin', power to the people, power to the people\r\nPower to the people, power to the people, right on\r\nPower to the people....Power to the people, power to the people, right on\r\n\r\nYou say you want freedom you want a revolution\r\nWe better get you one right away\r\nThis has to be done its the only way\r\nWell, you, you there, get on your feet...\r\nAnd enter the street\r\n\r\nSingin', power to the people, power to the people\r\nPower to the people, power to the people, right on\r\nPower to the people....Power to the people, power to the people, right on\r\n\r\nA million workers all 'workin for nothin'\r\nWe must say you better give them what they own\r\nWe got to stand up for all we know is right\r\nWe got to put you down\r\nWhen we all come into town...\r\n\r\nSingin', power to the people, power to the people\r\nPower to the people, power to the people, right on\r\nPower to the people....Power to the people, power to the people, right on\r\n\r\nI gotta ask you, comrades and brothers,\r\nHow do you treat your own woman back home?\r\nShes got to be able to be herself\r\nSo she can give herself\r\nWhere is your belief in right?\r\nYou people need to stand and fight ...\r\n\r\nOh well, singin power to the people, power to the people\r\nPower to the people, power to the people, right on\r\nOh yeah, power to the people, power to the people\r\nPower to the people, power to the people, right on\r\nPower to the people, power to the people\r\nPower to the people, power to the people, right on...
Bravo Russia. Tell the Yanks to take a flying ...
Get out of Ukraine! Killing them off by starvation didn't work, occupying for 2 generations didn't, and taking their land by force won't either. Go back to Russia. Then your words might have meaning.
Ehsan Khaibar
Great politation of these decades!
Elias J.
👍 so called leaders from other countries could learn alot from Vladimir Putin
Gala Dakota
Putin's Regime is the most dangerous, he is KGB ! America wake up, he wants to take America and destroy as he destroyed Russia. People in Russia die from poorness, elderly people live in horrible life. In Russia people have no rights, remember.\nPutin puts people in prison for their political views,wake up¡
Translation not accurate. When it read \
Greg M
When ALL else fails, can always sit around on government owned TV and brag about being able to nuke people!
Hernando Cortez
Putin may have killed people to get where he's at. I really don't know. But as a world leader this guy is diplomatic, levelheaded, well-spoken and thoughtful. If anyone could broker peace between the US and Russia, it would be Putin. I think Putin wants peace. Too bad the weasels running the US don't.
James Dean
Putin puts the fear of God in the LGBT fascists in your government and media propaganda outlets.
John Hardy
if it was not a setup then I like this guy.
John Olson
There are 3000 American companies operating in Russia right now. They generated $90 billion dollars in revenue in 2017 ! So.
Kemajl Emerllahu
The only supreme leader of this universe is Allah repent know don't let terrorist brainwash u repent time ⏳ is going.....
Ken Brownfield
LOL...Putin is lying. He has the pee pee tape, he has evidence of trump laundering money for the russians...putin has trump by the balls.
Whoops,i wanted to see nukes back in Cuba.Well that answers that,then :)
Lily Flower
It's only a matter of time before the US will lose it's position as the world's super power and frankly that day can't come fast enough. It's clear that the US has abused its position for the last decades and now expect all other countries to do as they command.
Mahdi Qurriesh
Who threatening you Mr Putin?
Somebody made an interesting comparison between Russia and the only other country with a \
Maximus H
The guy in audience sleeping...lol send him to gulag...
Michael Hood
Mr Putin I have noticed American campaigns to smear Russia and China and I feel Russia is doing the right thing in the Middle East China is helping the world move forward and the United States is Jealous it really bothers me my country is a liar or at least it’s Political parties I think Russia is doing the right thing to defend itself and help Syrian people
Michel Fradin
That' s a true and spectacular Statesman ! Long live to President V.V.Putin ! Hurrah for holy Russia ! Respects and compliments from France !
Mize Loes
Russia vs U.S.A!! ITS ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS! RUSSIA HATES BEING 2ND AND SO DO THE STATES.. ITS SUCH CHILDISH PETTY ARGUUING!! BUT....it's the rest of us normal people that will suffer the nuclear consequences!!!!!! GROW UP YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
Mohamed Abuelgasim
Nalanease TMI
Who is Putin talking to??? I hope not Americans because we have nukes also.. Americans have been fighting wars for 100+ years with no break... Americans will bring the war to your home just like they do with every country....stay humble Putin and play with your bears we will play with your economy...
What is russia stance on cannibas?
Patrick Fallon
May be if Putin would not be building his missiles like crazy . other country,s would not be building there,s they have to do it to keep up with the Russians . the Russians will start a nuke war
Patty Britist
I like like like love love love love The Putin,The Putin is my Hero!...
Pete Falco
The boss speaks! No other nation has precision hypersonic weapons but Russia. Deal with it because your armada of aircraft carriers are even more useless than before!
Peter Alcindor
Wow,Russians are in a deep trouble \nTheir leader has old mentality.
Phoenix One
Russia are definitely under the thumb of the US. Russian propaganda is inversely proportional to their growing weakness. Nice to know that Russia are choking on pleasant reminders from the US. 😃
Ralph Riffle
Putin is playing Assad fo a fool. Putin knows the russian people must all migrate into Syria to avoid. being entombed in the vary near ice age. take syria from the muslims leave israel alone.
Rick Oliver
A great leader and strong resolve for his country ! Any friends of Russia , you are also protected by the mighty Missile Weaponry Systems ! Yep , the more Nations that buy Russian made Defence Systems , the better you are in the future , it will be just a mere matter of upgrading electronics rather than being suckered into buying complete new weaponry . Good ol` US , ripping the suckers off for decades.
Sanjana Jha
India Russia china should form a military alliance to counter western menace
Second Face
imagine if there's is no china and Russia... the USA will corrupt the earth. Power balance is needed.!!!
Shadow X
I tought the Russians would put missles in Cuba but i guess their hypersonic weapons are faster than anything the americans have and can reach usa from the artic easy
Special Operations
We're gonna kill putin like gaddaffi
TheRedBaron Lives!
That's all right vlad,that underground nuclear missile base the USA is going to build in the Ukraine should be a laughing matter too Korrekt?
Tom Soyka
whats avangard?
Valery von Schenk
Vladmir Putin
America are terrorists
Wave Dancer
Normal conversation? The threats come exclusively from the USA and there NATO cronies.
The evil three of the west want what belongs to you. Thank God for Mr. Putin. I support him completely!
common law
Respect for Putin and Russia ... stand strong .... Last hope for the white race on planet earth !!
dawit s
Evil USA wants to create a Cuban missile crises in Ukraine, Russia should prepare for the worst and lock on all American cities and bases.
The nukes may not be going anywhere, but the same can be said about the economy, carbon based fuels are so yesterday................................
jerzy chroscicki
Trump said almost hundred times: \
What brilliant peroration.
laszlo katona
The USA is divided within itself but Russia isn't . Until the USA sort that out shouldn't try to prove anything
melissa carroll
Putin was named the most influential World Leader of 2017 second was Trump. Putin still holds this American title until someone more influencial comes along.
God Bless Russia and Putin!
still nothing but propaganda! has anyone witnessed any of these hypersonic weapons in action? didn't think so!
pranali ahir
russia have only one topic america trump and america have one topic putin russia is any thing else in ur life
sherry Martin
sharia betrayed in hate in faith plainly gives up Mr Putin utube BS I'm out freedom while u BS her
victor smith
the US is pointing guns on peoples head. russia and china are basically making sure that the US can not shoot their head without killing it self