7 Days To Die - Solo - E15 - Horde Night...Ive Seen Better Walking Hordes!

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Hey Bloodstalker, how about setting mines and traps at various points around the horde base? Zombie highjump and limb tossing records should get a few laughs. Great video still!!
Loving the music you add to your videos.
Blasthardchese 72
Standing on a mail box is definitely a sign of being a tweaker
Brigand231's Videos
I wouldn't complain, but yeah.... I remember the good old days of cops, and bees, and ferals at night. I wonder how your base design would work on A17. When I make horde bases I usually replace the ground with two layers of spikes and just check on them every once in a while.
Chris Banks
Bring on the THUNDER!!!!
David Pineault
Awesome video
It is only day 14
Gnamod........now that's a mod that will test you Big time in 7dtd.You want a challenge....that it will do.Groovy :)
Jay B
Try verticle pillar 50 on the ground. About 7x7 or so. Hatch down to a tunnel over to a hatch so you can get in and out. You can melee or shoot them through the pillars.
I think the next horde night should be fought on the ground, that would be exciting. :-)
Karl Marsh
Awesome video bro.
Moto Mdness
Typical 14 day horde! i know you lose a lot of loot with the body's piling and exploding on each other with the barb wire,great video though.
awsome work -thnx's
Nice video. Make a spiked club.
Pete Hall
Funny as crap video! My brother and I have come up with a challenging way to play the game that might get rid of the dullness you are talking about. It might not work the same for you as it did for him, but it might give you a different sort of challenge without making the difficulty absolutely bonkers. We've tried this for vanilla, War of the Walkers, and Valmod with the compo pack and it works fairly well (valmod being the best so far).\n*Seed name is: Riptang. - Seed is sprawling, most of the POIs are spread out, but the POIs actually seem kinda interesting.\n\n*120 minute days\n*We set the enemy spawn to off, until 4:00 AM on the seventh day, when it starts at lowest setting. (subsequent horde days increase max alive each time)\n*No trader runs on 7th day (they will be preparing too, ya know)\n*The basic idea is that you have to loot/ explore hardcore the first few days; fifth day is grinding materials and day six and seven is prepare like hell for horde night while fighting off the zombies who have awoken that day. \nLet us know what you think. As I said, it might not be for you, but it feels actually harder when there is no zombie killing to level up nor zombie loot for six days. Cheers!
Robert Allen
Found ur channel through your play throughs with kage
This is a very rock-solid base design, especially for early in the game. If you can swing it, Molotov Cocktails work wonderfully with this design, but be careful to not set yourself on fire! On my bases (later game, say week 20+), I use the same fundamental design with the 50 pillars, spikes and wire beneath -- but I also include a 4x4 water pool at the top for when I do set myself on fire. ;-)\n\nTry setting the barbed wire out about 6-7 blocks out from your base as a perimeter so that they get stuck there and you can pick them off before they can destroy your pillars ... spikes underneath the base. Just some suggestions. If you use 1/2 blocks or something to walk about 3 blocks out from the top (like gang-planks), you can step out there and fire into your base ... makes it easier to nail those little phuckers attacking the outside of your columns.\n\nReally enjoying this series, BS !\n_________________\n\nP.S. The thing I'm going to miss the most after Alpha 17 comes out is playing 7 Days to Die. ;-)
The skater punks name is Chad and the departed mothers name is Karen and she would like to speak to your supervisor. Still working on names for the rest. Those two names just seemed the most obvious. Great vid.
Wolfhorse 60
You know it's a federal offense to mess with edgar when he's deliverin the mail. Lol
brandon guillory
great video blood
daniel schooley
edgar get off my mailbox, couldnt stop laughing :P
day 21 should be when cops start to turn up for the party, the difficulty just gives the Zs a hit point bonus turning them into bullet sponges, if you want excitement try melee, just got my new system, couldnt be happier i7 8700k, 1080gti, 16 gig ram 3200 DDR4, used to play on a laptop from 2011 giving me a whole 4fps during horde nights..lol, its a whole new game now. what is your new system you building?