Russia responds after Trump says U.S. will withdraw from nuclear weapons treaty

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Russia is firing back at President Trump's threat to pull out of a landmark nuclear weapons treaty. One Russian official says breaking the pact would be a "very dangerous step." Roxana Saberi reports.Subscribe to the "CBS Evening News" Channel HERE: ---The "CBS Evening News" premiered as a half-hour broadcast on Sept. 2, 1963. Check local listings for CBS Evening News broadcast times.

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All of these deals look good on paper, but its a very different reality of whats going on behind closed doors. China isn't even part of the deal. How does this treaty give us an advantage on them?
Annas Othman
Let's bomb USA
Antie Cuteness
BOOM 2030
Man how many news doesn't Americunt have
Bad Fairy
Why did he not talk to Putin about nukes in Helsinki ?
Isn't it obvious he's doing this to divert suspicion from him being involved with Russia in election meddling?
Bern Koh
Trump is crazy, not a single country like him, that's why he is going to mess the whole world. RIP
Bhakta Subedi
Trump is mad man .ONLY mad people choose such a blady
Black Roses In My Garden
Should I move from Europe back to Morocco 🤔
Calvin Hobesson
Just imagine, how powerful could be RF and US, if we unite..that is what politic between these countries should be about
Cao Zhan
It's time to build high-tech underground vaults.
Cesar Ruiz
they know the aliens are heading our way, this is an excuse for both countries to justify their arms race.
Chaithanya R R
if www3 happens no country will be left.entire earth will come to end.y this competition.we all need to live peacefully
Come Ba
Can we stop nuclear ☢️
Commanchee Eagle
Trump the macho man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
D. Davis
HERE WE GO. The mark of the beginning of the end.
Darius Ginyard
World war 3 the End of America is coming soon
Dimitris K
Trump is a big liar !!!
Dolfin Dolfin
Many government inside america ..
Watch the lying media blame Trump when it is Russia breaking the agreement.
Edward Fleming
This is a stunt to negate those suspicions that Trump is in league with Putin, and friendly towards Russian. Thank the upcoming midterm elections.
Edward Williams
Trump and Putin lie for each other. Don't believe anything either of them say.
Lets place the American THAAD missile system throughout Europe. Then blame Russia for breaking the rules. Placing the THAAD installations in Europe was the violation. It might be seen as a defensive weapon but can easily be used as an offensive one.
Ethan Risner
ready to play the real fallout game kiddos
Fernando Hernandez
I am a Trump supporter but I think he is very wrong in this one.
Wonder why none of the women he grouped were pregnant, man he is very good at pulling out. No country will sign a treaty with USA knowing americans can and will pull out at their wish.
Furious Rivera
Here it comes, WW3
GC Ymous
Mr.Trump , It does not matter how much of a rush you are in the morning , you must stop putting your head in the microwave oven to dry your \
Open All Your Eyes.
Grace Antonio
Either Trump & his advicers losing their mind or a campaign ploy for Republicans. Humanity is in no need of more tensions please. Sigh! Russian President has been calling for a dialogue for years so I am hoping this opens that possibility for a real honest to goodness discussion of doing whats good for humanity.
Jacob Black
Trump 2020!
Jake Nation65
If things go south, it will be the end. This treaty literally kept us from putting the human race to extinction
James Marshall
I wonder how much trump got paid for this great move??? We will pay dearly for this. Trump is a SCRUM BAG.
Jay Rizz
Its obvious the treaty needs to be reset at the very least, the Reagan administration is ancient history, it needs to be reset!
TRUMP 2020! MAGA!!!!
Well, if we're the only one following it and no one is penalizing the members not complying what's the use of having it.
John Tulppo
this probaly will end well oh wait vaukt tec is a thing now welp im joining em now
Joshua Paul
After US left ABM treaty INF treaty is far more advantageous to US than to Russia. Putin himself said as much in 2007. US desperately wants to leave the treaty for many years because China is developing such missiles not because of Russia's real or imaginary violations. In fact US violated the treaty placing launchers of anti-ballistic missiles in Europe that can be used to launch cruise missiles which is a flagrant violation. It was done partly to force Russians to leave the treaty first and be the bad guys. Both sides wanted to get out, but wanted the other to be the first one to quit, to bear the brunt of criticism from Europeans.
Julio Perez Estrada
Dont pull out just make new nuclear weapons like they did they say they havent broken the treaty but announced they have nuclear weapons with nuclear reactors so they can go anywhere in the world without needing fuel so do the same dont honor the treaty proud Kentucky resident
Kazzumi Live
The American media still promotes Soviet Russia\nThis is so low, the world has changed for these 40 years.
Kit Carr
I actually quite like the Donald, but it surprises me that he's so readily allowed himself to become such a Military Puppet ... it's very plain that it's a Military Hawk hand up his bum and making his mouth work ! But then, as we know from history it's easy to make a man do your will when his family are under threat of death. Just take a look at Phillipe of France and Pope Benedict ( which by the way is the origin of ' a contract taken out on a life' )\n\nThe USA has more history of breaking treaties (beginning with their own Native Peoples) than any other nation on the planet. Any treaty made with any US Government must be treated like snow ... it's gonna melt into a puddle and then evaporate !\n\nLet's see though, the REAL RUCK will begin when someone in Europe, say the Italian Govt decide to break the treaty made with Eisenhower's govt in favour of a more equality based, sovereignty respecting deal with Russia. Or suppose the Germans decide 'Nien, vee don't vant your troops here any more!'
Lalo 27
Oh come on. No one hates eachother. It's all just a show everyone. All just a show.
Meek Mekado
lets step things up to an event which we can blame the comming economic crash on ;)\ncorrupt politicians can't be blamed!???
Message Author
Trump: One Bees Nest after another Bees Nest and we keep getting stung!
Miles Cao
of course British is more supportive than Germans, the missiles will fly to Germany first, they can just hide behind and you know, act like the big boss...
we could live on Mars by now if US and Russia work on science together not on arms race..
Mr. Peanutbutter
CBS fear mongering again.
Muammar Sarip
Think thrice mr. Trump, before you quit the inf. Treaty because repent always come at last
Information update for you fake newsers. The INF treaty was established by Ronald Reagan and was an agreement to withdraw long range and medium range nuclear missiles by Russia, America removed 106 Pershing 2 nuclear missiles from Germany in accordance with the INF treaty. Google 59th Ordnance Brigade. A portion of that treaty has been violated by Russia with the new Hypersonic nuclear Missals Russia just announced they developed. VIOLATION...... President Trump has once again correctly move to agree to terminate the previous Inf agreement after it was violated by Russia.
Pavan Kumar
Russia helps China get it's nukes.... And China spreads it to North Korea, Pakistan and Iran... How did the Russians comply but through proxy China spreads it to all rogue dictators
Brainless man has awakened the sleeping tiger by licking on his feet!!!!!
Rad Derry
WTF ? LOL! America is already in violation of the treaty.\nIs there a single treaty that America has ever honored ?
0:09 The guy behind is poking his nose
Russian Interceptor
Why does every American president promise the friendship with Russia?
We will not bow... All nations must comply, or there is no treaty
Show bobs and Vagene pls
appropriate response
China has ballistic missiles pointed at US bases in Japan and Guam. Russia has been violating the treaty for years and stationed missiles in kaliningrad. The US is the only country dumb enough to endanger its citizens for political correctness
Suryanto Yeni
now we must start built a bunker.
T.Kizer Söze
But I thought trump was Putin’s puppet.
Most powerful leader in world. The only world super power
Tbone Touch Hadebe
Breaking treaties started from Native American Treaties..Now this escalation will one day make Americans think WTF did we do. One day.
Thomas Edwin
More fake news?
Timothy Seeger
Yup , Russia broke the treaty by stationing ageis shipboard missile systems on its boarders in Poland and Belarus , you can't fix stupid ffs .
Tony V.
True Life Average Jane Vlog
Ww3 bc of agent orange
Trump Army
I'm with Trump he's doing the right thing. We need to make nukes to protect ourselves against Russia and China.
Verse Squared
Gorbachev gave up more power than any man in history - Yuval Noah Harari
Wolfae Fox
The London UK elite would LOVE a shooting war with Russia. For them, it would be better than pornography----They have wet dreams of Russian corpses. But, when war comes, they will fly to New Zealand, but the poor blokes on the street will be fried.
ck lam
Withdraw or not, no one believes that USA has been honoring the treaty. Moreover, why pulled China in? The treaty was signed between Soviet Union and USA and China has nothing to do with the cold war and the treaty. Trump is finding excuses after excuses to create troubles for China with the hope to contain China.
glenn alberto
China and Russia building secretly that weapons now U.S.A. building too why this two country afraid?
iOn-Christopher DiMeglio
The Don has said he would catch U.S. up in modernizing strategic forces. This is just a formality..
james wilson
Looking forward to this. I want us to detonate every nuclear weapon there is on this planet.
Europe is not split. UK is the only country that backs that move. Everybody else opposes it because if war breaks out, American military bases positioned across Europe will be hit first and hard.
Putin DOES NOT \
mohammeedd al masum
nuke Zionist usa
nothing more
Russia hits america,china hits from their west and south and central america hits from the south.what a mess.we going down.yee haw.
So we ignore Russia cheating on a Treaty or they will get mad?
richard henry
He only is showing they never abided by the treaty
someone need a butcher
what american gain if he goes war...except for israel will get a lot of money and power
May be that is what Putin want and America is paying into its hands.  Putin that saw what happen to Gadhafi will not come to the negotiating table now when he knows the owners of Israel who hate Russian because they could not loot it into poverty are the ones who controls America.
tino v
Great , hope you both nuke each other and do the world a favor!!
This puts whole safety architecture of Europe in danger... tactical flying time to England or Germany from Russia changes to 60seconds. Trump doesn’t care because to reach America takes through-continental ballistic missiles...
Наталия Милованова
There are no winners in a nuclear war. Remember about Russian system \