Nas presents The Firm - Affirmative Action

Classic NY Shit. The Firm's debut track, shame that they broke up.

AZ Brown Cormega Dr Dre Firm Foxy Illmatic Nas QB Queensbridge The

its only a shame they broke up because this was their only good song besides the first real song on the firm album.  the potential was obviously there but the Firm album Firmly Sucked and this song is better than the entire project.
Foxy KILLED this track!!
Adam Rutz
Best rap. I love this NY oldschool. Respect from Poland
Adam Stanway
The four devels Love hate envy jelousy
foxy's verse is hella slept on; unfortunate that it was ghostwritten by nas
The sickest female verse of all time👌🏻👑
Bearer Of The Curse
Mega sounds exactly like G rap ...
2018 !
Blood Falcao
Don't really listen to female rappers if I'm honest but Foxy went in hard.
Best female verse I've heard, she bodied it
Brian Hines
Nas really undone himself with this Song and Album!!! 🎱🎶🎼🎵🎙️🎙️🎙️🎷🎷🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
Bruno Baeza F.
The flow, the lyrics, the beat... This song is fucking awesome.
Bryan Hilton
rocked this track on cassette until the tape broke. top shelf to this day.
Christian Sanchez
Still bumpin in 2018
Christopher Laney
this track need a million likes man, for real.
Christopher Thornton
foxy laid out some serious mathematical equations, I need to get my TI82
Chuka Maca
they praise Allah with visions of ghandi
Creddy Fruga
Mega n AZ both underrated
Cristian Felipe Charrie Chapa
Nas - It Was Written (1996)
Dallin Moon
And I'll react like a Rottweiler
Damir Gordon
Yo my mind is seeing through your design like blind fury 😳😳🔥🔥
Dan Gunnz
Foxy was the coldest on the track to me murder it 💯❄️☃️ I still bang this on the regular
Dee Alexandra
I want this instrumental played when I walk down the isle, when I go in the dirt, celebrating my first house, and while I’m giving birth 😂
Deechy Marko
I refuse to believe anyone could dislike this song
Delmoitie Cedric
Ilove you péter Jan missyou by respect
Demetrice Black
Yo, my people from Medina they will see you\nWhen you re-up bring your heater all your cream go between us - Mega, the pretty boy with mafia connection.
AZ is so underrated, his flow is one of the best i have ever heard
Don Shammah
I'm only 19 but this is one of the best songs I've ever heard, cold winter nights in Keller Texas bumping this over and over, got locked up last year , when I got out this the first song I bumped in my dad's whip. 💯💯 This is a gem
When rap was rap not crap!
Douniadchccxxvvc Bjkkm Kortalli
NewYork rap is so hardcore i love it i wish i could visit newyork love from Sydney Australia.
Enutrof Salta
Legendary, They just don't make em like this anymore.
Faroek Nasierkhan
Discrimination will only end once there is no talk of things like this. To help the minorities, especially in terms of race, we should focus on giving them equal opportunity rather than forced superiority. The focus should be on better education, as well as on stopping the crime rampant in minority-populated areas. Affirmative action only treats symptoms, not the problems themselves. However, treatment of these symptoms is necessary until such time as a solution has been implemented. If it is a choice between letting minority opportunities disappear or giving them superiority in some cases, the latter is a necessary evil.
Felix Isanya
Real Hip hop. Nas the best
Giant sack of hot garbage
Giovanni Leyva
She begins with 1,400 grams of cocaine\n\n32 ÷ 2 = 16\n16 + 16 = 32\n32 x 3 = 96\n96 ÷ 4 = 24\n24 – 8 = 16\n\nShe says 48 because Cormega (or Mega) is selling it too so she says “double it times three we got forty-eight” because 96 divided by two (Foxy and Mega) is 48
Greeno B
This will *_Always_* be fire. *_2000_* *FoReVeR*
Gyjuan Lucad
A Yo, my mind seeing thru your design like blind fury/I shine jewelry...Sipping on crushed grapes/We lust papes... Forever Nas
Has to be the number 1 of all time
Jeremee Prioleau
Damn Foxy.... 
Jppollo 19
like si viniste por Tess La
Juan HH
Anyone know the original sampler ? 
Kajukenbo Punishers
Who is still bumping this song in 2018. Like below
Kasngi i
Gods who walk this earth don't understand I was literally raised on Nas. Many nights chilled to the bone, but the force above always connects me back to godson, peace
DRAKE - MOB TIES similiar sample to this
Luccia Ronchetti
A l'ancienne🤙 J'adore
Luis Gonzalez
“They praise Allah, with visions of Ghandi”... god damn Foxy Brown
Malvin Cruz
The best that ever did it ! Next to biggie & stack bundles
Maria Depina
Dam dis💩 is exactly 4 min n 20sec long....Yes I'm Lit n so is dis💩
Mark Jones
Love my era 90s baby rite here
In the top 10 hiphop songs of all time.
Matea Plachkova
One of the greatest songs in Hip Hop history
This one goes out to my boy Cedric.M in France. Haven't heard from you in years bro! I hope everytime u hear this joint u remember how we used to listen to it over and over. Miss u for real bro......
Melker Linder Gustafsson
i just watched time is illmatic it made me love NaS even more #nohomo
Mobillion Black
Az, the only lead hitter that can hit a Grand Slam wit no one on base.
Mr 617
Foxy did more math at the end their then I ever did in my whole life!
OK...Math time!\n\
Nyc Finest Bitch
Damn This was 1995 damn I was in 7 grade
When you hear the beat for the first time, you immediately find out this song is special.
Ralphy Klar
AZ was some too underrated rapper..the boy had mad skillz
Raymond Shark
This is real hip hop music.....point blank of the greatest songs in music history!!
Still one of the best songs ever
I'll react like a Rottweiler
Ronnie Hall
foxy killed it
that beat makes you feel like your in it
Scott Pomirko
God Damn do I miss this 90s HipHop Thank lord for bluetooth and youtube and ish like that!! This new shit to me isent even I cant even call it rap def cant even call it HipHop
Foxy brown is my favorite female rapper
The Hidden
The Firm got wack once Cormega left and replaced by Nature.
The tribe Of Zebulon
That intro with AZ is just finesse
this is one of my favorite hip hop albums.
AZ had the best verse.
Wonder Wall
Nas true lyricist
Wu Lang
Foxy Brown had the best verse.
Xavier Bernal
Nas was the Prince to the thrown of hip-hop after tupac
Xavier Malcolm
This song is beautiful
Yussuf Said
This is the true \
the line :- 'my mind is seein thru your design, like blind fury ' .. i always heard :- ' my mind is seein thru your design like brian ferry ' .. i spent much timne pondering the meaning of that one :)
ben khlifa Jalel
 my mind is seein through your design like blind fury 
bharat singh
Foxy !!! 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
bob cherrypie
Raw talent...
henry rockin
Foxy was/is tha best female rapper hands down
irving levenson
First verse incredible
ivanildo pansa
Who's here cuz of drake mob ties
jesus resucitado
AZ's part was the best imo
Cormega kinda sounds like Kool G Rap
Nas will always be the coldest to me! SMH
Cormega killed it
Four Devils \
Almost 2019 and still listening to REAL Hip Hop.
pablo lissar
I'm here in 2019
playboidj tv
Bruh her math trash
AZ, sets is off with a dope verse. The way that flow just catches the beat tho, always on the playlist.
My fav Nas song of all time, this shit goooooooooooooes.
Why is everybody giving foxy props for this verse. Get a calculator... I respect her as a rapper... But her math is suspect O_o
Nas flows so effortlessly and the lyrics memorable
vin b
They all killed it Qb 2 UK baby
D.r. Dre making history on the East Coast as well as the West ;)