One Direction - Perfect (Official Video)

One Direction's official music video for Perfect. As featured on Made in the A.M., listen on Spotify

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If you like causing Trouble in hotle room😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘\n\n\nAnd if you like having Secret little Rendezvous..😄😄😄😄😄😄😄\n\n\nIf you like do the things we shouldn't do ..🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄\n\n\nBaby I'm Perfect...❤❤❤❤❤
1D Blood
1D Forever
*2018?* 🆔
Harry at 0:44.....
Abhisek Basu
Hit Like ONE DIRECTION lovers !! 💙
Alexis Rivera
We miss zaynnnn!!!😕
AlwaysInMyHeart -Yours Sincerely
Its been 3 years, yet I’m still here crying my eyes out. And I probably always will be. They promised us they would be back, im not giving up hope. All the love💚💙
Annah Niram
Till the end with you guys. When you decide to come back, we will be here. You deserve a break, you deserve rest!
Apple snowww
A month to 2019 , anyone still here ?
Arhaan Ishtiaq
Who miss zayn Malik when he left one direction
Asethetic Addy
Im Not a shipper of Larry,\nIm Not Perfect\nYes people make fun of me for being a directioner\nBut I wish one thing\nFor One direction to get back together\nIf they did it would make me so happy I could die\nI know for the right reason’s they stopped \nBut\nIf they want me happy\nThey will make the world.\nEven my friends laugh at me up and down the halls\nThey think there so cool for liking rappers and so on\nBut One direction has a special place in my heart\nI remember the first time I watched the One direction movie\nI was like I wish that was me\nThe boys love their fans whatever they are \nBut this still holds up to me today..\nThere was this one boy in our class\nHe said he would NEVER tell anyone I really liked One direction\nI said “ok a promise is a promise”\nWe shook on it \nBut the next he told everyone\nI hid my face down the halls and I just wanted to go under a rock\nI started to draw all there tattoos\nAnd lots of them were really hard to draw\nI struggled and started to stress\nI sat down and said to myself\n“People can say things but they don’t have to hurt me”\nThey can call me names but they can’t choose who what where Whatever I like\nI just want to tell you all out there\nWho are going through that same problem I am going through\nBe your self,Live your dream,Love yourself,Don’t let words hurt you\nMake those words more weak and your words stronger\nThat boy to this day is a problem for me\nHe will stare at me \nWhisper about me\nAnd shout at me\nAnd i’m always the one last chosen for basketball\nIm still trying to draw there tattoos today\nBut this is all I remember saying to myself when I was in that place\nYou draw a line \nYou erase that line because you don’t like it \nYou make it better\nIt made me think about how I told him \nThen everyone stared at me\nThen I fought back \nMake yourself stronger not there bait \nDon’t be a sheep to get attention \nDon’t be them \nThe mean people\nThe people who don’t like you\nThe people who are mean because they say\nNo one can say who you are\nYou are you\nYou know yourself\nYou love yourself\nAnd especially \nYou wanna be yourself\nAll the people who say\nOne direction can’t sing
Best band ever ❤ 4ever ❤
Bella Stewart
it's almost 2019.... \nand I'm still here..
Bianca B.
Harry is the reason why I have chest pains.
Camila Esquivel
2019? 🆔✔️✳️
Cedric Bocala
It really sounded like the song of Taylor Swift \
Charley McCarthy
Harry Styles is gorgeous and I'm obsessed with him right now
Chattopadhyay _
0:44 harry is me when I get my math grades from school.
Chloe Archer
who else is watching in November 2018?
D'lois Young
man I miss them so much I am legit crying right now and who is watching this in 2017
Dana Vargas
Dariana Stancu
Directioners!!! We are still here , aren't we? #nov2018
Dikshya Rml
I keep coming back here. Idk why somewhere in my heart it feels like they will announce sonner that they are coming back😭😭\nI MISS YOU BOYS
Dipu Nisan
One Direction ever and ever...PERFECT...!
Esharib Sheikh
Harry styles 😍😍😍
Ewhylan Murphy
I feel really sad right now, please tell I'm not the only one missing our boys :/
Excuse me??!! Only 3M likes?? Really
Hewila Hutabarat
Directioners still alive 😍😍😍😍
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😳2018 anyone😳??I know am not alone?!😜
Hunter March
This song is... perfect.
I would've done CHOGIWA better than Chan
Who miss the boys together😔
J Besty
Music Industry isn't prefect without 1D.....
Jackie Wyers
my love for Harry is too real. SFHJDSKFDSHK
Jazmyn Strong
Am I the only one that slowly scrolls the comments while listening?
Johnwyn Mejorada
Directioners Still alive? press like
Karizza Rodriguez
🆔 I never saw this emoji but I’m glad that I found it
Katelyn Kennedy
The part where Harry said, \
Lavinia Mari
Mara Rojc
Fandom, are you still alive???
Marcos Ryoiti Kurosawa
Mari Linda
Don't leave us...... are you still here Directioners? I have hope.... #nov2018 \u003c3 T^T
Marichell Salazar
i miss you one direction😢
Maryam Alammari
i miss them……........……i need them to come back
Matheus Silva
Cadê os BRs?\n\n\nSalve pra quem é brasileiro✌
Matu Saikia
1D forever
Mcrosette bob scent
I still have the notif on in case they come back😢
Mirella Corrêa Ramos
Aahhh, amo está música, marcou minha vida😥💜🇧🇷\n#VoltaOneDirection😥❤️😭
Myriam Tamayo
is it useless to continue writing \
Nisa Horan
Nov 2018, anyone?
Pauline Tsek
Please come backkk😭❤❤❤
Quinn Sapphirestorm
miss you guys :(
Raphael Gomes
Rishav Jadon
missing you alll...🙁🙁🙁😞😞\ncome back plz...😌😌
Rita Pugliese
One Direction is PERFECT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rohan G.
I lost my Direction. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHelp me find out.
You know who is the most beautiful person in the world\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nRead the first word! Have a nice day :)
Sarshaar Moazzam
Miss all of them💔
Sarthak Gupta
December 😢😍😍😍🙌🙌🙋🙏2018
Savannah _14
comeback 😭
Sayoni Chatterjee
🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️🆔️\nBest band EVER
Sebastián Villalobos
Sefie Loposso
2018 and still now the lyrics♥️✨
Sharhye Gregg
2018 is almost over and I’m still waiting. I’ll always be guys promised us.
Smith 123
Real Directioners are still waiting 😭😭
Sonu Joseph
Directionerss were are you guyzz at. Tell the world that we love 1d forever 😍😍😘 even if they are in their hiatus 😘😘😍😍
Surendra Rawat
Drag me down to 1billion guys😍😍😍
Taylor Queen
I love you Niall Horan.
ThaiLand oNly
2018 i miss you💓💓
Troll andMedia
December 2018
who else thinks this song is absolutely *PERFECT* :) ??
Yamely.Estrabao Rodriguez
Perfect- One Direction \nPerfect- Selena Gomez \nPerfect- Ally Brooke Hernandez \nPerfect- Ed Sheeran
Yusuf Kesen
I sang One Direction night changes in my profile.
Zatanna Crock
Harry at 0:46 looks like he's about to start laughing :)
anusha samala
Directioners are you still here in Dec 2018?
chelly beans
watching in December 2018? anyone?
devbala bisht
once a 1d fan always a 1d fan
diy slime
The last time before 2 years i remember when I woke up and I saw a noficaition says \
fuck you
Ustedes son perfectos para el regreso 💔🎶
hazy mushroom
december 2018??????
kasim alam
I like it
kelly holmes
man, i remember the day I first heard you guys... i was beyond amazed and instantly fell in love with you guys.. the first time when i was so happy that i had finally knew all the lyrics to the songs... then BEGGING my parents to buy 1D things... being so freaking happy when I got the perfume for christmas... I wish all of those days just come back! (btw.. i still have the perfume and everything) I still have post notifs on hoping that one day you guys come back :*(
khadak bahadur
Anybody watching in December 2018?
lana yaser
lolita kyutie
I'm missing them 😢😢Nov 2018 anyone
paola lemus_25
2018 😍😍🙋🙋
prink 1d
It's 4am here \nI kept three alarm to wake up today.... Once I heard perfect i woke up..... I miss them.... So I came here
smirna sampouw
Am i the only one who miss them like crazy? 😭😭😭
im a boy directioner and proud! this song and music video is awesome!!
vivek singh
Like for one direction💔😭
yana samanta
oof am I the only one thinking this is about z, and not taylor
Ømñîã Ĝê7ãď
Every day I wish that when I wake up some one say to me that you come back♥♥😢😢
霊界大師 らすかる国王 眞魚
It's a good song.great song!!!