Захват - Серия 1 (1080p HD)

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All series HD: The chairman of the bank "National Trust" Pochekaeva unknown calls and says that one of the branches of his bank at this moment captured armed robbers. Pochekaev receives the call as a joke, and naprasnoMy see how the five people in colorful masks burst into the pot and put on the floor of customers and employees. Police and special forces is being encircled bank. The commander of the invaders demands that control access to Pochekaeva cell. Open it must be experienced safecracker Glebych. The contents of the cell is the main purpose of robbers. But it turns out that the hijackers Cross and cart for the first time they hear about the cell, they went to the bank only for the money and now realize that they have substituted. The stress is killing enraged Cross Glebych. Now no one to open the cell.

HD High-definition Television (Accommodation Feature... Блатные Боевик Детектив Захват Криминал Онлайн Первый канал Премьера Сериал Серия 1 Смотреть