the thing called love REDONE

The Thing Called Love. One of my favorite movies from my teen years.Not really a big fan of River phoenix but LOVE everyone else in the movie., samantha mathis ,sandra bullock

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@ Megan Moz ik I couldn't believe it either I read that the only reason that she got with him at the time when she was getting out of her relationship was because she thought river was more attractive then her ex and after he died I think it maybe three weeks or three months after she moved on and started dating someone knew and on the day of his death she and his so called \
hehe sounds weird that someone can not be a fan of River xD well..\ni will always love and miss that beautiful man \u003c3 R.I.P he would be one of the best actors in hollywood right now just like hes brother Joaquin if he just would live :(
Lovely tribute. Samantha Mathis can be blessed to have shared these kisses with River. To me they seemed so real....
Marie Darkness
he was just perfect :c
Megan Moz
I love River so much!! Samantha was far from good enough for him... Can't believe she didn't do anything when he was dying!!
I thought he did a great job.. very sexy guy... back in the day...
How could u not be a fan of River!!!!\nHe was/is the fucking best!
brithanny reid
he put his tongue in watching this man kiss is a living heaven
cells liv
River Phoenix (RIP) most romantic movie...
oh my god. watching that man kiss is like an orgasm.
love it!
melody paige
how can u not be a fan of river's? lol he's the most beautiful man.....
miranda p
Hya wickedme218, The video is really nice :) howcome you dont really like River? I know you didnt say you dont like him as such, but I kind of got the feeling because you said you love all the other characters :) x Miranda x
this is hard to watch with that skank all over my man! lol
victoria jean
This is you the bitch !
what is the name of the song please?? and who is the singer?? thanks