The Doors - The End (original)

Doors song The End full and uncensoredSubscribe for more great music.Click here to be shuffled:The lyrics are, as followin, This is the end, beautiful friendThis is the end, my only friend, the endOf our elaborate plans, the endOf everything that stands, the endNo safety or surprise, the endI'll never look into your eyes, againCan you picture what will be, so limitless and freeDesperately in need, of some, stranger's handIn a, desperate landLost in a Roman wilderness of painAnd all the children are insane, all the children are insaneWaiting for the summer rain, yeahThere's danger on the edge of townRide the King's highway, babyWeird scenes inside the gold mineRide the highway west, babyRide the snake, ride the snakeTo the lake, the ancient lake, babyThe snake is long, seven milesRide the snake, he's old, and his skin is coldThe west is the best, the west is the bestGet here, and we'll do the restThe blue bus is callin' us, the blue bus is callin' usDriver, where you taken usThe killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots onHe took a face from the ancient galleryAnd he walked on down the hallHe went into the room where his sister lived, and, then hePaid a visit to his brother, and then heHe walked on down the hall, andAnd he came to a door, and he looked insideFather, yes son, I want to kill youMother, I want to...C'mon baby, take a chance with usC'mon baby, take a chance with usC'mon baby, take a chance with usAnd meet me at the back of the blue busDoin' a blue rock, on a blue busDoin' a blue rock, c'mon, yeahKill, kill, kill, kill, kill, killThis is the end, beautiful friendThis is the end, my only friend, the endIt hurts to set you freeBut you'll never follow meThe end of laughter and soft liesThe end of nights we tried to dieThis is the end

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Alex Cebotov
from 2018?
bottom soul touching music, Jim, \
Andrea Spiga
Andrew Buckley
Listened to this at Jim Morrison's grave in Pere Lachaise Paris - twice!
Love the smell of napalm in the morning.
B LeStrange
So limitless and free
Banter Bus
I love the smell of napalm in the morning
I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream; that's my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor... and surviving.
This is not music This is religion
Carlo Carranza Villafañe
This was in the Dark Phoenix trailer
Chickenshit Conformist
In this song Jim Morrison is like a spirit guide, like a disembodied voice; like Virgil leading me through the rings of hell
Cj Jones Jr
His voice was legendary...
Dalai Perez
Danny Devito
7:46 when you step on a lego
Dark Phoenix trailer brings me here
Dave King
This song on LSD intense
David Kyle
Mother, I want to borrow the car.
Deeksha Singh
This is masterpiece.
Don Haas
Is it just me or do others like to close their eyes to some songs like this? ie Comfortably Numb
At the beginning of the song, look at the sunset and imagine Cobra Attack Helicopters coming slowly over the horizon in formation.
I was playing DayZ this one time when I heard a bunch of gunshots in elektro so I went to investigate till I found this guy who was playing this song during the night time and he didn’t say anything as he walked away and as I continued to walk I found 20+ dead guys and this one guy who was bleeding with broken legs as he told me that the guy who was on the road had took them all out as they were preparing for a battle
Epic Sniping
operation rolling thunder\n:)
Fernanda Medina
If I had little time to live I would listen to this song before I die.
Fly Courier
stairway to doors :)
Francisco Villazón
Chills run up my spine as I listen to this song,\nI don't know how long,\nEternal,\nThe end.
wow. as soon as i discover this song they use it in the dark phoenix trailer...\n\nnow im suddenly the flock of people who came from blank\n\neven though im not.
Gabriella Torgeson
Apocalypse now
George Vreeland Hill
Long after today's bands are forgotten, The Doors will still be heard.
Gordolydia Herrera
Open your mind to endless possibilities in every tealm you could possibly imagine? Then down a 24 pack of colt 45 blaze a joint drop a tab of lsd y trip on where this song takes you!cool!
Human in 1997 真コト押
Orgasmo auditivo
James Anseeuw
This song should be on the walking dead
James Kendall
Sure this is the end of our elaborate plans, yeah it's the end.\nForgive me for being sarcastic but will we ever see the end?\nThis was the soundtrack to apocalypse now. Can you picture\nwhat could be so effortless and free but it's diffucult and we fear\nthe end. LA freeways are sometimes difficult but we drive them anyway.
Joe M.
There's something so primordial and ancient about this song.
Justin Zarling
NASA didn't take us outer space, THE DOORS DID...
perfect background for such a perfect song
I want to this song play when they announce Trump is impeached and indicted
Mother? I want to... *MMMMRAAUUGHYAAALAGHH!!!*
Madeline Stevenson
I grew up as a small child listening to The Doors while my dad was still in law school. He lived in an apartment above a coffee shop with a poster of Jim Morrison hanging in his bathroom. I don't recall 100% listening to The Doors until I was about 13 and a half years old. We were at a friend's lake cabin for the weekend over the summer and my dad was playing The Doors in the living room on a stormy night with only a candle lighting the room. He was playing a bunch of their hits, this one included, and that was the day I would become forever entranced by The Doors. I have An American Prayer and an biography on Jim Morrison and the movie is one of my favorites. Thanks to my dad, I will always love this unique and fantastic band.
Mark Astoforoff
Why are all the great artists tortured? I love Morrison but his head must have been filled with many demons. Same with Lennon and Cobain.
Mark Hall
I'm in my 60's, still listening to this and wishing I was trippin' on A all over again.
Michael Jimenez Gonzalez
This is the end 11:47
Michael Luccketta
The man was a poet
Miles Stimac
An awesome group. Not only did they inspire me to read poetry but to actually write my own stuff, I found out poetry is one of my talents. Also, I credit The Doors for getting me through high school. After days of pure drudgery bending to the will of suppressive teaches I had somewhere let go and free myself.
Mr. GayGuy
i strongly believe that if morrison hadn't started poetry, he wouldn't being writing such awesome and strange and unexplainable lyrics...with such a passion
Ned D.
One of the darkest, most apocalyptic, haunting songs ever. Absolute masterpiece.
Noel Whittington
Charlie dont surf
Omaira Salazar
Thais Is the end
Oumaima Agoufal
Just close your eyes ..
Pablo Rojas
X men dark
One of the greatest visionaries of what America would become. Thank You Jim, and R.I.P.!\nAmerica became the HORROR of the World!
Peter Bellini
This (and When the Music's Over) are the Doors Magnus Opi. Unbelievable examples of '60s extended jams. Glad to have been around then.
Peter F
this song makes me want to go somewhere far away in solitude and smoke grass and drink whiskey
Peter Lavorgna
He must have studied freud
Apocalypse Now?
Professor Time
I played this song in a haunted house at midnight once.\nAll the ghosts ran out of that house screaming.\nThe owner thanked me.
I accidentally played this whilst trying out my new headgear, no other song silences me quite like this one. I usually avoid it, because of its power to move, perhaps a topsy turvy 60s/70s childhood might have something to do with it? Never worked it out ...
Rachel Ward
Ray Snyder
I was in Vietnam at the time but heard this on battery power record player that was a little slow, made song much darker. Everyday was the end then you just did not know for who. Dark days that still linger.
Rob Roberts
Robie Krieger was their guitarist and he was under apreciated and really never got the recognition he deserved. He was a solid rythim guitarist with a unique attack. He was so integerall to to the doors music. He never tried to shine above the band wich is rare. Thank you for your aewsome contributition to one of the worlds super bands Mr Krieger much love respect and admiration. You are elite and admired.
Robby Bonfire
Perfect for Apocalypse Now.
Ryan Z. Makris
The doors were able to capture the 60s whilst simultaneously being timeless. Best band ever!
Remember Jim Morrison wasn't a Rockstar he was a Poet
Sadia Aslam
Nice here after my love
This song is amazing. I've never listened to The Doors before. Youtube just recommended this based off the amount of content from Pink Floyd I've been listening to. Anyone have any other recommendations from them? Stuff that isn't commercially successful from them? Because I'm bound to find that on my own
This is the song you play at your wedding.
T T.
One of the greatest songs ever recorded.
TG Special
The biggest Doors fan I know is a cute 19 year old Hispanic girl who works at Walgreens. Great music will live forever. There's still hope!
Teresa Gomes
I hate people that just say that Morrison was just a party animal, an alcoholic, an acid addict. Listen to this song, people! He was an hell of an artist, first and foremost.
The Geekazoid
when your as high as me listening to this I swear that sun is setting behind those mountains
The Guy
Crazy shit. I was listening to this when I was like 11 years old... yet now I can understand what they fully meant. Im 35. 😶😑🙏
Thestreetphotographersguide Photography
This would not even make the billboard 100 today. So prophetic. We are doomed. And this was our warning...,
Thomas Ahn
Leaked Phoenix brought me here. Thanks to Vodka people i'm so hyped right now cyka.
Thomas Garbrandt
I can only hope my END Is this BEAUTIFUL
Ventre Ventre
i want this played at my birth
Walter S.
Many people believe a lot of songs written during this time period were referencing Vietnam War. This isn't referencing Vietnam. It's actually referencing breaking up with his girlfriend. Another song like \
It bothers me that The Doors were always marketed with Jim Morrison so far out front. Don't get me wrong, he was a great singer and frontman. But when I think of The Doors, I think of a BAND, in the truest sense of the word. John Densmore's jazz-inspired drumming; Robby Krieger's perfect, subtle guitar work; and Ray Manzarek's essential keyboard sounds making it distinct. None of it works without the four of them, together, cohesive.
Yehia ElSwaify
Who is here because of Dark Phoenix?
Zachary L
This song is just haunting..
aaron perobics races
El mejor vapitulo el cual presenta la union entre la vida y la muerte en tansolo una cancion forsejeando el vergadero amor en medio
bowsette the princess
Apparently this is in the dark phoenix trailer
brown wolf
This song will play when world war 3 comes
I am here to listen to the Doors. This stuff was playing when Nam was going on. Glad my brother and I made it through that crap ! I recall faces that did not.
checho Vergara
Como se llama la musica?? :v
I was 15 in 1967 when this album came out. The end stopped me in my tracks. 50 years later, it still does.
WOW! Just like wine, GETS BETTER WITH AGE!
g ch
timeless. powerful. the doors.
gene bingle
This is seriously one of the greatest tunes I have ever heard. Much more than just a song
h kortekangas
Loppu vittu. Jo oli aikakin. Tiedoksi muuten. Apokalypsi tarkoittaa verhon poistamista. Ei mitään maallista sotaa tms. Totuuden näkemistä siis.😎😂
This song will be listened every single day until the end of human race. So would you please stop the \
pierre brd
if this sunset picture would have actually been replaced by a 10 minutes real time sunset going fade to black, it would have been a remarkable allegory.
snake eater
Who’s here because of good taste of music= thumbs up\nWho’s here because of apocalypse now= reply
The Best song of The Best band that has ever been ... Jim The Shaman & Co. !
snowman thirteen
I like all the old people coming here, reminiscing.
I really don't hear any bands as similar to the DOORS style, plenty of R&R bands sound alike, no one can closely imitate the Doors in music, form, style, poetry, intensity of eargasmic music for the soul.
yıldız tilbe
Me: Father \nFather: Yes son?\nMe: I wanna kill you.
*come on baby, take a chance with us*
Павел Пискун
Конец (перевод bonny)\nЭто конец,\nМой прекрасный друг.\nЭто конец,\nМой единственный друг…конец\n\nНашим тщательно продуманным планам - конец...\nВсему, что имеет значение, - конец...\nНи спасения, ни удивления, - конец....\nЯ никогда больше не взгляну в твои глаза….\n\nТы можешь представить, что будет\nТаким безграничным и свободным,\nОтчаянно нуждаясь в руке какого-нибудь незнакомца\nВ стране отчаяния?..\n\nЗаблудшие в католических зарослях боли,\nВсе дети обезумели,\nВсе дети обезумели\nВ ожидании летнего дождя, да....\n\nОпасность на краю города,\nЕзжай по Королевскому шоссе, детка.\nСтранные сцены на золотом прииске,\nЕзжай по шоссе на запад, детка....\n\nЕзжай на змее, езжай на змее\nК озеру, к древнему озеру, детка.\nЗмея длиной в семь миль,\nЕзжай на змее, она старая, и её кожа остыла...\n\nНа западе лучше всего,\nНа западе лучше всего,\nПоедем туда и там сделаем всё остальное...\n\nГолубой автобус зовет нас,\nГолубой автобус зовет нас,\nВодитель, где ты нас подобрал?\n\nУбийца проснулся засветло, надел свои сапоги,\nВыбрал себе обличье из галереи предков\nИ пошел по коридору.\nЗашел в комнату, где жила его сестра… затем\nЗашел к своему брату, затем\nПошел по коридору дальше, и…\nИ подошел к двери….заглянул внутрь\nПапа? – Да, сынок. – Я хочу убить тебя.\nМама?.....я хочу….тра*нуть тебя\n\nИди сюда детка, попытай с нами счастья,\nИди сюда детка, попытай с нами счастья,\nИди сюда детка, попытай с нами счастья,\nВстретимся на заднем сидении голубого автобуса,\nИграя голубой рок\nВ голубом автобусе,\nИграя голубой рок...\nПрисоединяйся, да!\n\nУбивать, убивать, убивать, убивать, убивать, убивать\n\nЭто конец,\nМой прекрасный друг...\nЭто конец,\nМой единственный друг… конец\n\nМне больно отпускать тебя,\nНо ты никогда не последуешь за мной.\nКонец смеху и слезам,\nКонец ночам, в которые мы пытались умереть...\n\nЭто конец\n\nИсточник:\n© Лингво-лаборатория «Амальгама»:
I felt I'm eating some ILLEGAL STUFF while hearing this song.