Saleen S7 Twin Turbo start up and LOUD revs at 2013 Marques dElegance!

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Like the video if you enjoyed it and also subscribe to my channel for more!Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!Here is a lovely Saleen S7 Twin Turbo from New York, which was at Marques d'Elegance that was hosted at the Paletta Mansion in Burlington Ontario. I was lucky enough to catch the owner starting it up and revving it hard. Thanks to DtRockstar1 for the heads up!Video includes shots of the front and rear and also a start up plus some loud revs. It was much louder in person than in the video. turn up your speakers to 11 for the best audio experience!

Burlington (City/Town/Village) Marques d'Elegance Ontario (... Paletta Mansion Saleen S7 (Automobile Model) Turbocharger (Fuel Delivery Method) Twin Turbo

Andrew Caldera
10/10 almost blew my eardrums out
Arun S
Thaaaaaat sound
Austin Osgood
When it revs it sounds like a NASCAR racing car
Ferrari F430 has better sound.
Started sounds like it’s from a 7,3 😂 still drive be balls off one tho
That car was definitely the star of the show! I'm amazed at how well your mic picked up the sound. Awesome video!
Griffin Faulkner
Fun fact: the S7 twin turbo doesn't actually have mufflers- it relies entirely on the turbos and catalytic converters to muffle the earthshattering roar of of its 7 liter V8.
Harshvardhan Mathur
now that's sweet music, can hear it all day long so pretty throaty roar
Jordan Michnowicz
This thing is brutal!
Lucas Martínez Parra
Bruce Almighty brings me here.
Marcos Vinícius
Miguel Gonzalez
Mommy I'm scared! Beautiful
Nas Dispacio
Richard Ruan
Amazing sound Ford 427 twin turbo!
Shiba Inu / Ethan
This is porn
Stud Muffen
Sounds like a 7.0 liter twin turbo v8 and whats cool is this came out in 2000!
Wassup My boi
If this doesn’t say “AMERICA” then I don’t know what does
Wayne the Mega RED Sniper Lucario
I can totally imagine this car added to GTA V, it would probably go onto Legendary Motorsports if Rockstar made this car. But it would probably cost about like $1,750,000 or $2,350,750 if you were to buy it on GTA Online if they add it.
Westside Strong
Hi Ho Silver....Away!!
If I had one, I think I would just sit in the driveway and rev it all day...for the first day. Probably why I don't have one...and they cost so much...
paxan death
просто ахуенно !!!! супер !!!!
proud of life
a little slow to start check the filter..haha I'd have no clue how to fix this car
Yes, O yes!
OMG that sound !! Great video :)
Sounds like the BMW Brutus hahahaha. Like a 20 litre displacement engine, minimum hahaha
Hay uno atmosferico y otro que es bi-turbo.