The Saleen S7 is HERE!!

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Abdul Yussef
No airbag?
Adam Pines
you were 14 in 2006
Adrian Ram
Spencer are you selling the Martini Porsche??
Albert Mather
Aren't the Saleen S7's supposed to be terrible cars?
Ali Larki
YAA, the long vlogs are back!!
Anders Hvitstein
Andrew Anderson
The headunit should have the rear view camera
Armando Beato
Your the best spencer keep it up, 100% the most real youtuber out there
Asar Ahmad
Is that a twin turbo or N/A
Austin Allison
Blake Latta
were do you get the car photos that are on the wall in your office if you don't mind me asking
Boosted Beaners
Crazy to think that cars that old yet still still looks modern in 2017
How tall are you? I'm 6'-4\
Carolyn Gaulin
That car is not going to last long ! Someone pick that beauty up ! Awsome find !
Chris GTZ
Dope vid Spencer
rob feretti said the saleen looks like a cool peice of schmidt, look wise it is amazing but performance wise it keeps breaking down lmao
Cody Chaplin
whats the signature in the door
Craig Bradford
what a comfortable car...said no one ever
Direkte Demokratie Deutschland
nice video man .
Watching you move these cars is the most stressful thing ever. When that door almost hit the S7 i freaked out. Haha
Eli S
Been waiting for this video since you posted pictures of the s7 on Instagram yesterday
16:42 sounded like an LP640 in the background.
Eric Vonwiegen
How much is that s7?
Gabriel Hill
That S7 is sick. It's just a pain in the ass to get in and out as you have said. It sucks they stopped making them. If Saleen was smart and made other cars besides putting mods on Mustangs then they might still be around. It would be nice if Saleen and Mercedes made a supercar.
Greg Clarke
this looks like every supercar of the nineties mixed together
Gustavo Brum
top demais !
SBPRINTS can't wait
Jake Iapichino
taking the car to get wrapped?
Jason Poe
I have an uncle that worked at symbolic.
Jeremy Thompson
When you let the kid sit in the lambo... warms my heart to see you make someone's day keep up the great work.
Jerrod P
Spencer, that is one sweet ass ride. Thanks for another cool video.
Joseph Brogna
you are sitting in my absolute dream car
Josh B Films
Who would actually buy that?
Josh Starvaski
love how this super car is still using the old ford key fob
Great video, awesome car!
Kieran DeLacy
I want your job soooooo badly!
Know Your Place
Every s7's driver seat and pedals were custom fit to the person who ordered the car.
Lamborghini Lee
Epic video dude keep up the good work man
Levar Nichols
love the videos
Lia Flexx
You have some nice cars, but none of them seemed to exist compared to that Saleen.
Lucas Natson
That s7 !! :O
MGTOW warrior
that car is sick!
Malthe høgh
nice car, how long are you kepping the m3 ??
I feel like saleens were made for people under 5'7.
Always look forward to your videos!
Mt Afro
That intro music 😍
IIRC, the headunit has a backup camera in one of the inputs.
Nick Gantz
Man that showroom at Symbolic looks crazy! A bunch of old gen (well, new back then) Gallardo's. And that Saleen was brand spanking new as well!
Nick K
thanks for sharing your life's adventures with us, its motivating
Nice set up nice tight squeeze
Patrick Pedersen
Cant you fix the Oil leaks on the Corvette and Porsche
Pedro Leão
If you sell the Saleen S7 , should you buy a brand new GTR for you !
Plamen Pachaliev
This model came out 16-17 years ago so the interior looks dated but the body is still amazing i mean badass and the drive train is pretty good as well
Pól O'Hare
how much is it cos it was $500k new
I just came across your channel & wanted to say keep up the hard work! I was in higher end car sales for years & it's an amazing journey you'll love for some time. Just a quick hint for you. With having a tile show floor, get something to put under the kickstands of the motorcycles. Even something as simple as a table top drink coaster will work. If you don't sooner or later your going to crack a tile with the pressure of the metal stand atop the tile. It wouldn't seem like it at 1st. But the pinpoint pressure of a metal kickstand will find the weak spot in a tile floor as fast as a hammer & chisel.
Randy Myers
I wish I could work with you there. I want to work with exotic cars so bad but the nicest car dealership we have here is Mercedes and it's a small dealership. Right now I work at Honda and detail the owners cars when he brings them in he's got an R8 a Mclaren and a few other nice cars. I wish I had the funds to move somewhere nice and get a start on a career.
Rekkless EU
what was the grey lambo he drove in the show room
Rene Collins
He got straight up in that thing without even showing it off
Rut Cornelis
I loved the Vlog! You do great work. I would love to work in the same branch like you. Any tips on where to start? Atm i work at a local car dealer, i clean cars, pick up new import etc.
LIKE #505
I always thought them shits R ugly no way in hell they look gd but that's jus me
Sam Jeppi
How much did you pay? Maybe I missed it
Samuel D
the s7 came in a time were it was overshadowed buy f1, enzo and carrara gt
Spencer thanks for continuing to make good content and not letting the hate get to you :P But, what is your current favorite car? Personally, I love the Huracan LP610-4 :D
Sean Petersen
I really recommend letting those older cars warm up a bit before driving them. Especially that C2.
Sehtaj Chahal
Was the red one the one Manny Khoshbin bought?
who designed those pedal position for the saleen? was it an after thought or something? looks so uncomfortable! great video! though not a fan of the musics, but what can i do?
Sterling Archer
Thats just like driving my miata!!! Lmfao!!!!!
Subie 2003
I tired sailing one of these and I just couldn’t brought it back to delarship few days Later and bought a Lamborghini Adventtador
Thing looks MEAN! Congrats on the purchase Spencer keep up the great work - Blake
Nice vids.
Uhgene Ignorian
its no secret with me, you're about to get that ipe for the m3 😉 I've noticed you been watching alot of ipe exhaust videos on the m3 😈
Yo Spencer, what kind of desk do you use (iMac on it)? I'd like to purchase one
Spence keep up the vlogs man. haters gonna hate . and congrats of one cool saleen
Vp Magic
U should trade in ur BMW for a better car
I remember seeing one of these in a car show once. They're absolutely massive; so wide and so long! Beautiful and exotic, sure. Sporty, hell no.
the pedals are unusuable. but the car looks nice.
oh my god! I would do everything to see one S7 in real life or to drive it like you did. Man you re one of the luckiest person alive. Watch all these cars😍\n\nabsolutly astonishing... and the S7 is THE godly piece of art. Thanks Steve Saleen😍
Where did you get the E30 M3 Skate Board? And the 997 4.0 model? Thanks Spencer and keep up the great work!
dre over
20 minutes yay!
hampecarbon AVA
give me that saleen s7 pleas :)\n\n(My dream car)
Wow, the S7 is crazy. It doesn't make sense in today's Super/Hyper Car World. But, at the time, it was pretty cool. Great Vlog. Thanks for sharing. Any collector will want this.
pedro andrade
first yeah
ryan blazeer
niiiiiiiiiice s7
sean ho
3 rd
heading to san diego to drop it off for another exhaust from my sponsor 😉
sir Winslow
10:41-11:12 what;s the name of that song... please. and as always Im living vicariously through you bredda, great vid!
umanga sarathchandra
BIG QUESTION - isn't it easier if you just make the door bigger?