How to overclock a laptop computer ( PC Windows )

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First of hopefully many how to videos to come.Rate, comment, subscribe if you would like to see more videosWill also work for desktop systems as well. Tek Syndicate youtube channelThanks for watching!Tags:Geforce Nvidia AMD Radeon HD Mobile Microsoft Windows 7 8 MSI Dell Asus Acer HP Alienware Notebook Software x86 64 bit

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Aaron Ang
Hi when I open my .cfg file for the first time it says \
Andrew Buck
I'm having problems downloading the MSI stuff. It says its a beta but I click on it and it is just taking forever to load.
Aric Roy
I'm so confused, it says here Core Clock (MHz) is set to 590, and Memory Clock (MHz) is set to 900, in the video your adding 10, and in the comments Hien Pham The said that he set it too 500 and it didn't crash... help?
From 1.8ghz 2.80ghz you the real mvp!
uhhhmmmmm.... FRAPS isnt free... unless you did what i did... **wink** **wink**
Bernardo Andrade e Silva
Hey there!   I was just wondering, what is the difference between overclocking and turbo boost technology?   if I have turbo boost, why would I need to overclock, because turbo boost increases automatically  The Ghz.\n\nAnd, when overclocking, should turbo boost be turned off?
What key did you say to hit? Your speech was unclear.
Uhm...I have an A8 4555M APU and HWMonitor tells me that my APU temp is 90 C.I think it's a bug but WTF?
Coconut ッ
When I started afterburner and unlocked everything I was supposed to it still doesn't let me adjust any thing. It seems like its still locked. Do I have to reinstall it, restart my pc or something else?
Darius Lewers
What kind of computer do you have?
David S.
Can't move with anything. Did all steps. I can actually move with the core speed and the memory speed, but after applying it goes back on 0, the rest is stuck. What can I do?
If you take the bottom of your laptop case off and have a desk fan blow under the laptop, could that help?
Thanks. :)
This guy says you can't do a lot😂😂with Intel omf
Existence Gaming
will this work on win 10? because a lot of people have had issues overclocking laptops on win 10
Faraz khan
Hi\ni bought Alieware M17x R4 and i play BF4 it work really good.\ni also play game called Warrock and i get FPS lagg its say 140FPS in a Warrock buh ma guns are really slow why is that can yu help me please?
does this work for a pc?
Hmm wow mine is already overclocked? I didnt even touch it
GOD clash
For those who can't change MSIAfterburner file because it says access denied,you just have to right click,properties,security,modify and check complete control then modify the file like in the video.hope I helped :)
it's giving me a error saying access was denied I'm using Windows 7
Hey dude when I overclock it does not make a difference and the fps does not change.(game need for speed 2015)
Hans Dano
Nice name \
Haro Northland
You sound like you didn't wanna make this video at all. You sound irritated by even explaining it. Lmfao
I'm afraid notebook overclock from 2.30 GHz to 2.40 \nWhat if it burns? I have to do?
not letting me change the numbers HELPPPP
Hiển Phạm Thế
it hapening when i open MSI\n540
Indigo Blueberry
I edit my file and it says access denied when I try save and replace the .cfg
Infinite Warfare Main Characther
When I did this my clock speed was already maxed at 654 what to do
Jake Taff
What is a reasonable level of temperature for a laptop??
Joe Lane
I can't save the text (.cfg) file once i change the things?!
100st subscriber!
I don't know if its safe for me to overclock because I have an acer aspire 5750g it overheats a lot and I think its causing my charger to stop working so idk if its safe
i cant even move the sliders at all 
Please answer, i have an ati radeon 5470, 4gb ram , intel pentium p6000 1.87ghz, and when i started msi, the core clock and the memory clock were already on max, is that normal?
It won't let me save the file...says access denied but im the administrator...what do i do?
So can this overclock Intel? (Im a biginner)
Lovedeep Singh
Will this work for Intel?
Luis Rosero
nice vid keep it up (+ 1 sub)
Magic Gamer
great video even tho this is 2015 lol but its kinda stupid how u cant just drag it to high and boom it maxes out ur cards an uses .
Matthew Wall
What key?
Would benchmarking with 3dmark11 help with finding artifacting?
Hi you said this won't work if you have intel graphics but my laptop has both AMD and Intel. When i open HWmonitor, only the intel one shows up. Is there anyway i can fix this?
Mike Alfieri
I have a laptop with an amd 8400 hd, I did the whole 1 and 0 thing and that enabled me to change my core clock setting from its max of 600 down.\nNow though I still cant change my memory clock setting from its minimum. Any recommendations?
Mikey Sosa
Can I have two overclocking softwares modifying my computer at the same time?
9 is playable for me
Nillus van oort
What key tot press because you said the key unclearly
OFC officialgaming
thank you sir u got +1 sub and like :)
Paul SZ
I can't change anything !!
Hi there, what do you suggest to pay starcraft 2 with shadders and cool stuff with good performance? I got a laptop RADEON graphics 6gb ram corei5 2gb video\nthanks!
All acer aspire 5741G's have graphics over heating issues i had one i didnt have it over clocked yet it un-soldered itself, from overheating so i know what graphics glitches look like :P xD
Reinis Abolins
I can not move anything. Everything is locked. Nothing is working!!! :(
Rizal Paul Lian
may i ask you something ?, when im look my spek laptop its say \
it says 0 for both core clock and memory clock????
Serious Redstone
You talk like you're talking to a 3 yr old
Snuff Catt
i cant edit any thing in the After burner
Some African Kid
My Laptop is still on 1.6 GHz
when I open msi it wont let me change anything, help?
Sorry my english is so suck
I already got 200 degrease without overclocking
i can't move the sliding green box to overclock
Ty mate ! Got also an GT 650M on my Aspire V3-771 ... couldn't play CS:GO with 8xMSAA on and other stuff at highest at least with 30fps ... now its fine with above 60!
i overclocked my core clock but it won't let me to overclock memory clock. plz help
Tez Toon
Does this work for Intel? laptops i have Intel HD 4000
The Nazi Space Wizard
I got an Nvidia GTX Geforce 950M (4 GB of Vram)\n(Laptop)\nwith Intel core i5 processor and 6gb of ram
The Peepinator
when i go into the CFG, I save it after I make the changes, and it goes into save as. so I save it as the correct file, then I click the save button and says access is denied. please help :(
So I've done all this but I can't move any of the sliders in afterburner. When I try it just moves the window instead. Is this because my gpu is an integrated Intel card?
Tho Nguyen
what key are pushing at 6:46?
Timothy William
when i first time open msi afterburner, my core clock was +90 and memory clock was +0 but my temperature is 40-50 ish celcius. is it normal or is it because i didnt manage the 4:00 part?
Tine Albreht
Hi, how do I turn off DOS mode???
Toasted Tim
I dont typically leave comments but you brought genuine laughter to me in whats been in a hard moment in my life. when you went back to say you dont talk like that after saying you had 7 zip because you were a boss lmao. It just all in all showed that you weren't putting up a front for the internet viewers and i had felt good in that,
Mine worked fine good vid.
Hello - I tried to do this and it worked, but my temp. is 83 on my CPU. \nCan i reset this overclock, so i can the normally temp again?
Vincent Chang
Thanks for the helpful video! I'm new to overclocking.. Just wanted to ask if I should follow your directions when trying to overclock my new laptop which has dual 965m sli? Also any advise on cpu overclocking would be very helpful as well. Hope to hear from you.
Wax ™
I have a laptop Lenovo with gt 740m 2GB!You think about I can make an overclock on this video card?
If my average Laptop temperature is around 138 degrees Celsius is it safe to overclock it?
Everything works perfectly on my laptop but I'm worried about the charger I feel the brick when its not overclocked and it's HOT if I over clock It WILLL it be a hazard?
Zach Chris
I got the same thing as the man in the video did, but I cannnot move any of the sliders around
what program do i need to open that file that needs editing
ayyy lmao
if i cant update my drivers do i have to? cause my computer is decently fast but it lags in some games like Skyrim and GTA V on max settings, thanks for responding if you do!
callum oliver
It doesn't want to let me edit the files, I changed everything i needed, did everything i had to do and it won't work!
charlie meacham
For Everyone not able to change anything I had the same problem make sure you do the steps from 3:38 - 4:50 That worked for me hope it works for you!
daniel193 sakk193
Lad i try do over clock but i cant to notIng it is just lets me to overlock my core clock
francisco munoz
How Long can you play before it over heats?
john kristian Husås
thanks allot \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
loewe velasco
i suscribed thx for this vid 
markyruhh gaming
can this in\ncrease my GHZ?
my screen resolution changed and now i dont have a option for 1600x900??
2930\nmy god...
skyblu redfo
hey guys my laptop is dell inspiron n5050\nit has 4gb of ram, 500gb hdd, 2gb intel hd 3000 onboard vga ,\nis there any way can play games like battlefield or something using this msi afterbunner
Do you need to be running a game to use this?
ziggie maxwell
Hey +Pops How To's How does the nividia one work, just wondering because it wont let me overclock r control anything on it