Is Russia still meddling in US politics? - BBC News

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BBC News's Suzanne Kianpour investigates claims that Russia is meddling in the run-up to the US midterms.She spoke to two BBC journalists, World Affairs Correspondent Paul Wood and Security Correspondent Gordon Corera about the credibility of the allegations and how Russia might be tapping into the United States' weaknesses.Video edited by Phoebe Frieze.Please subscribe HERE

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At this moment in time one has to be either dishonest or stupid to deny that Retardistan's rise wasn't engineered to near perfection.
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Why don't we get a video called \
Deep state bullcrap. The Russian woman has hilariously been charged with memeing. Meanwhile small hats literally pay the wages of American congressmen and senators through AIPAC and JINSA. The FBI at the top are all deep state. This Paul Wood guy is a spook. All the intelligence agencies are owned by the small hats. (((Shanberg))) of facebook complaining about some fictitious Russian influence is a ruse to silence conservative bloggers. Essentially anyone who criticises the deep state is now a Russian bot.\n\nThis moslem American journalist thinks we're all idiots. Look at the comments. No one is buying this nonsense.
Russia involvement bad.\nSoros involvement good.
Aaron Stone
BBC has run out of some News! given if they've ever broadcasted any.
Activate Windows
I think the comment section sums up the answer your looking for.
Adam Kasztankiewicz
Big Evil Russia..... You see branch in eye of Russia while ignore whole tree in American.... Greetings to all normal thinking people from Poland
Andrew Dias
You should do one called \
Andy Macrae
Should read is the BBC meddling in American politics. ( total propadanda machine) paid for by their victims.
How many Countries Politics has America Meddled in ? BBC
Archibald Maule Ramsay
The only nation that meddles in US politics is Israel.
Ariful Arif
Putin is a great leader in the world.
Ashik Jonathan
BBC do you have any news
Aztec 2017
Oh please ....and we here in the west have been instigating civil unrest and overthrowing 3rd world countries and making them our vassals for as long as I can remember. You gotta stand in awe of the hypocrisy and double standard!🙄 What goes around comes’s nature, its ebb and flow, it’s karma, it’s ecumenical balance !
Box Lane Productions
dont think hillary and russia are involved anymore
Brian Cullen
Don't we need more evidence? Are they building us up mentally for war?
Chen Sylar
I thought China is meddling.
Chris Crowley
The same Intelligence community that took us to Iraq?
Chronos Time
What about censorship by Facebook, Google and alike. Direct/ indirect medling by Soros etc. Apparently they're not a threat because they are leftist/ democrats??
oh stop everyone does it...
There are no good guys in this controversy
Dave L
When are you lot going to stop wasting my money find some real news
David Ellis
A very heavy social media onslaught with outrageous claims & racist & religious bigotry. They are at it.
Daza do
Propaganda didn’t end in 1945.
Dominic Hill
Still spinning this waffle?
Don Spartan
America defeated Russia behind closed doors in the 1850s it's been their puppet ever since \nThe Rosenberg family are the rulers of the world..Wake up
Doniv Ramuk
When US directly obstruct the growth of Russia, why not Russia can meddle in the US' elections?
Dr Ankit Panigrahi India
I completely support Russian interference in the US and British politics . If Trump wasn't in Putin's pocket then India would have been attacked by sanctions due to the recent S400 deal. If American is in good terms with Russia then it's good for us.
E Movie Views
Let's stop praising and hyping Russia 🇷🇺 for nothing
Erik Sarmiento
Whats worse? meddling with the Elections or meddling with a nation's money creation process?\n\nThe former is a suspicion, the latter is a fact.\n\nMeddling in elections could benefit an enemy in the future, meddling in the nations money creation has benefited an existing domestic enemy for generations and the BBC ignores it.
Eye Ball
Why have you blocked my comments BB☪ ???? Lol ..
Fuuj Sei
It's funny how American government thinks they never meddles in other country politics, they even threaten them to send their \
Geoff Freeburn
Geth Creator
Extradite Obama for interfering in our referendum
Goldberg the Goalie
Yes. Russia influenced the election by buying up Facebook ads that swayed a few dozen people at best! Now Big Brother must protect us from the evil vodka drinking Russian bear by censoring the internet!
Greed Unlimited
China is now meddling in US politics to influence the negative outcome of midterm election against Trump's Administration !!!
I Killed Khashoggi Khashoggi
America meddling in Other countries \nBBC fake news
Illuminati Supporter
The western left has a mad plan, it thinks it can end world poverty if it moves about a billion or so people into america and Europe, it's a plan that will doom us all
I would advise people watch a video by Yuri Bezmenov called 'Psychological Warfare Subversion and Control of Western Society. Western society is indeed being subverted, but not by Russia.
Again? Jezzz...
Jerry nessX
Still?You have any evidence?
Johnny Caruthers
Is the BBC still enabling comments?\nIs the BBC an NPC news broadcaster?\n*ORANGE MAN BAD*
Jorge Covarrubias
Is the US meddling in the rest of the world?
No one can meddle in the British democratic deficit.A unelected head of state and over 800 unelected members in the lords with a few unelected bishops all making laws over us,it's scary that we sit passively and allow this to continue.We need reform we need a elected president the lords must be scrapped.Its lacking in freedom we're strange things are happening.
KGB Colonel Gollum
Russian's can have opinion on everyone else's politics but their own. Just how I like it.
Lana Zh
Liberals of USA realized they need to create another cold war and only this way they can make even more money.
God bless Donald Trump and the USA ❤️\n\nONLY sheep believe the BBC 🖕🏿🤡🖕🏿
Lord Summerisle
theresa may can fix this with one of her dances
Matt Latham
Brilliant to see so many negative comments towards the BBC.
Michael Nolte
Is the BBC meddling in the US midterm elections. Hell yes
Mr. Smug
Trumpie NPC's dont seem to think so.
Here comes the BBNPC
NPC 34567998
Beep boop
Is BBC for morons? Yes.
Who didn’t want for Trump to win! 😎👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Pete C
Almost zero evidence of Russian meddling in the US but there's plenty of evidence of US meddling in the sovereign politics of other countries? \n\nGo figure the persecution BBC???
Phil C
Orange man bad.\nYour next thought will follow shortly!
Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit
Putin is loved by dirty commies and flat earth types. They should be deported to Russia. Lets see how they like living in third world! XD
R vD
You are news broadcasting station, you should not put adds in front of your video
Richard Teh
In God we trust God is always meddling in United States elections
Rob Ashton
Of _course_ it is. It owns the US president.\nNext question?
Ronda Meier
No the Russians aren't meddling, the big tech companies are, PERIOD!!!! As well as the main stream media, like you, BBC!!!
Rosco Haines
BBC NPC master . What should we think today state broadcaster.
Rotten Little Punk
Noooooooooooooo\nBecause it never was
SIR Lord Henry mortimer
God bless chriastians\n\nDeath to leftist progressives\nDeath to black panthers\nDeath to Islamist \n\nDEUS VULT
Sajal Jain
what about BBC still meddling in the internal politics of countries around the world.
SherGill M
Hypocritical news. Don't need to say much because people have stated more below.
Si Filey
Here we go again.\nIts funny how these past and post evil colonial powers make themselves seem like angels and vilify the \
Soviet vape King
Russia dint do muffins
Stop Mass Hysteria
Is BBC still meddling in UK minds?
Tanner Cole
Decent enough report. Unfortunately, the bit about the hiring of Christopher Steele was inaccurate. He was first hired through the company he worked by republicans prior to Trump receiving the nomination but ultimately were unable to use it when it became apparent that Trump was going for to win the nomination. Democrats then purchased the report penned by Steele. Just one of many investigative reports that is traditionally business as usual in elections.
The Crusader
BBC extreme Fake news + cover up of pedophilles
Get ready for the typical flood of NPCs reciting the \
Tim M
Sounds like Facebook is meddling in the us elections.
Is BBC still not covering pakistani muslim gangs gang rapes ??
WelNat WelNat
BBC You are meddling in people minds ! You make them zombies and robots a tools in establishment and corporations hands. We will cure you soon.
William Hunter
What's not mentioned in this BBC report is that while it is true that the Democrats hired Christopher Steele that was done only after he was dismissed from that same work by those who originally hire him. Originally, a conservative publication, The Washing Free Beacon had contracted Fusion GPS, a research group in D.C., to do opposition research on several Republican candidates. Fusion GPS had originally hired Steele in that effort. When that effort uncovered connections between Russia's Putin and Trump both Fusion GPS and Steele went to the FBI with that information. Once that was done then Steele offered his services to the Democrats. ¶ My goodness gracious, look at all the Russian trolls leaving comments here. To be sure, we should be careful not to confuse Putin with Russia. Putin is as much or more so a traitor to his country as Trump is a traitor to the USA.
Yashasvi Hangloo
To be very very honest and straight forward, UK as well as States have their fare share of meddling with other nations for their own gain, so if Russia is doing it, it’s kinda a Tit for tat. You can’t crib like a kid that Russia is doing this or that, however I think states if quite capable of dealing it with this on their own I personally don’t feel that I need proof that too from ‘BBC’ regarding this. We all know how clean BBC is!
YouTuber 101
More than Russia\nUK involved in American election\nBritish state media will not report that
now that is some spectacular fake news
cary bary
Is the bbc still meddling in our lives?
What simple-minded propaganda! Disappointed. I had higher expectations for the BBC.
O but the democrats are doing their best to destroy our votes
The US meddles in politics throughout the world!!
mc 74 Two
The BBC has channels all over the world so they can interfere in the politics of foreign countries. I wouldn't mind so much if they produced shows worth watching but they don't. Our licence fee is used to try and manipulate us and the wider world instead of being used to entertain us. Boycott the licence fee, let those who'd benefit from the manipulation pay and take the word British out of the name, they are anti British.
myname is love
I love how the BBC always has Trump in the news when the real news is in their street's! 😀
orange manbad
No but the BBC and Obama meddled in UK elections.\nBBC LYING FAKE NEWS.
Russia did everything- Russia controls everything and everyone it’s even Russia’s fault my beard is ginger
sudipto chakraborti
Well America tried to destroy russia from within back in 90'S and putin knows that very well\nHe may be taking his revenge by doing the same thing \nIt's merry go around.
tommy wong
I honestly careless about russia. I want to know more about the chinese. My friends that working in the propaganda department in china told me they launch a huge campaign on this midterm election. They also working with corporate america to control the narative to ensure republicans dont win. Russia might not want trump to win either as they found they not gettimg much out of it.
victorious Balla
Dont look at China .