UNLIM 500 Saleen S7 Competition Twin Turbo Total Race (2280 awhp) TEST RUNS

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TEST RUNS:13.10.2013 Dmitrov, Russia16-17.11.2013 Tympaki, GreeceInstagram

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какая жестокая ХУЙНЯ  этот весь  UNLIM...
It clearly says test runs in the description
I guess people can't read.... TEST RUNS... he was barely on it (not full throttle).
terrible driver-car sounds like absolute shit- beautiful car  though
I hope they get this car sorted out and dialed in. That dyno video that came out a while back had me so excited to see it once it was in motion. It has a lot of potential but I have been disappointed thus far from what I've seen.
Abec777 Hondatech
Needs driver mod...
Adam McBride
Rocketguns you're pretty stupid
Andrew J
best backfire i've ever heard.
Avetho Plays
And four years later this beautiful monster was recommended to me to watch again on a jacksepticeye video.
Ben Ryder
Looks like it runs as fast off the line as a 400hp car or a 200hp for AWD. Seriously tune it properly and kill that turbo lag.
Chad W
so i see 2500whp awd 4L v6 and this is what a 7+L with 2280whp......... come on
Cody Preston
It's not fast, is that why this use to be the fastest car on earth from the factory? Exactly. It's called testing for a reason. To test your setup. It is far from slow
Cornelius King
what is the speed and time?????????????? ugh
El Guapo
What are we watching exactly? Standing mile?
I'd like to read up on what was done to this car. Any info on that online?
They forgot a comma: it is 228,0 awhp
Want to see this monster at the unlim 500 track, breaking all records..
lol why its run too slow ?
Gianluca Chiarolanza
too much power but poor reliability in this ipertuned (way too much) saleen s7.\nI love this car, but with all that power I was expecting better performances
Harris Pj
Get a new driver.
High Velocity
The title says \
This is honestly sad. Must be embarrassing to miss gears with a paddle shifters, and 500 ppl watching
Hunter Vetticus
They need to go back to the drawing board or something. That thing just does not want to rev up. Let alone hook up. It could also use a far more skilled driver. I saw the dyno for it so something is not right.. If you're \
Irwan Zainal
for me saleen s7 is overrated. its a one hit wonder.
Almost as loud as a pagani zonda r
Can we please get the Saleen s7 to get this amount of power in forza?
those wastegates tho...
James Griffith
That thing doesent sound like its running on all 8..
Jan Eisen
Let's put Ken Block behind the wheel of this beast.
Jarvicorp LLC
Fire the mechanic as well as the driver...SMMFH!!!
Jd Singh
comments should be disabled. Must of these idiots don't even know what they are watching but are first to comment. Description clearly says test runs lol. He didn't even go full throttle on 1 run because they are testing suspension and power response. Nonetheless, its a monstrosity of a car. well done Total Race. 
JhonJhon #PetrolHead
Mesmo Som Do Fusca
Joshua Gandia
First gear all I heard was a lawn tractor, then a gun shot and a orange s7 doing something weird down a straight line....ultimate fail this thing is beyond over powered
Jster Smithson
this is my exact dream car no joke that car right there are only 2 saleen s7 twin turbo Competition edition in the world 1 red one and 1 orange one I would want the orange one I wonder if he would ever sell it I been looking for this car for years I finally found it i'll give you 2,8 million dollars for this car no joke that's in cash
can we get a better driver FFS and a tune. Car needs a new race team.
Justin Olson
Just wait for them to work the bugs out. That is a very unique build that is going to take time to get its full capabilities out of it.
Kevin Altman
so I guess showing times would be irrelevant?
Kevin Choicesinlife
If you noticed from the sound of its shifts, its very obvious the gear ratio and the engine power band is a total mismatch. The suspensions are badly tuned too.
LALO gonzales
stupid driver
LJ & Son's VLOGS
The car and driver suck!
Lathan Starnes
What kind of transmission are they using to transfer all of that power to all four wheels? While I can respect the ambition, I can't see it lasting long at full power.
Lubomir Ivanov
So many Hp and cant beat a Gallardo hehe :D
M Sal89
Need a driver mod
я вот не понимаю... а почему он так уныло стартует? в нем же 10 литров, полный привод, 2200+ лошадей, 1700+ момента и все это не более чем на 1400кг массы, а старт такой, будто в нем даже стоковых 700 лошадей нет. объясните нубу почему так. ведь при таком соотношении мощности к весу он должен меньше чем за 2 секунды 0-100 ехать. по факту, он вообще должен рекорды клепать, как печатный станок
Mr. Bignizz
sounds like shyt .... but look hella gud
Idle Sound like a truck
Not only is he short shifting at around 5-6k rpm, but its not on full boost. Trying to put that much horsepower and torque through an AWD transmission on drag radials is nearly impossible without tons of actual tuning and real-world testing, which they were doing. And to finish this off, even at low boost, he's probably not running full throttle all the time. The car is being built by a small group of tuners and if they break the tranny or blow the motor than thats tons of money considering both are custom built.
Nick Chatzikirou
Can't get into it because 2300awhp and 2000lb/ft torque... Insane numbers on a car like this. I'd be afraid to try using it. The dyno video is amazing.
Nick Sert
Give this car a powerglide!\n*insert putin.img here*
Nik Coffman
It's uncontrollable horsepower. The guy who thought to put 2281 bhp in a AWD car, and hope to control it was either a retard, or never expected he would have to drive it. It's going to be remembered as a 200 foot orange rub on the wall,
Paradise Road
...evil handling...backfiring...needs a lot of work...
Pascal ///M Power
it's pretty slow, if GTR or Gallardo got the same power, it will be 4 times quicker and crazier\nActually, it looks like it have around 900ahhp
Patrick R
Sounds like crap
Pickle Rick
Most amazing car you've EVER had on this channel imo!!! though the driver really needs to learn to shift gears correctly!
Q8 Fly
Traaaaaaaash,cant even go straight!over powered
Roland Anderson
Put that thing on a track, it doesn't belong here...
Damn.. that's Extremely SLOW for being 2,280hp
I wanted to drive it but the way he drove it, I feel like I would have crashed it instantly.
TEST RUNS YOU IDIOTS .  This car is one of the fastest cars out there
Those russians made S7 go like Lada 
Wesley Leite
It's says testing people Lol!
What a waste of S7 🤦🏻\u200d♂️
hahaha at the end they were listening to Kryptonite by 3 doors down...... I'm kinda realy good with music.
Saleen пердит как трактор Беларус.
poorly built motor. stock twin turbo s7 will kill this thing
andrew gunther
that thing is allover the track lol
My brother used to be an engineer for saleen. Was also on thr race team. He said thr car had too much power that it was slow.. mo traction
what a piece of shit this is hahahahha\na standard veyron is basically as fast as this... there is a ford gt tt that would simply destroy this ruined saleen s7... i mean  in the first 100m i bet a stock gtr would be quicker witch 1/4 the horsepower..
boost addict
There TEST RUNS are you people blind? There probably still fine tuning the car...
made in America , sounds and looks like a bag of shit with the same performance as a toilet flush
Зачем ему 2000+ коней, если они не везут?
Beater bomb \u003e saleen
That engine does not sound happy, it sounds hurt. It's not revving cleanly; anything with over 2000hp at the wheels should be uncontrollable, even with the AWD.
once this car gets tuned right..... oh my.
I really like Saleen S7 becuase of its profile. But this one ain't even fair. It's like comparing drag time with top fuelers against Street tuned cars
Sounds like my neighbor's dirt-bike.
Learn to drive. Dont tune yourself, please let the experts do that.
I bet the driver was just taking it easy
Sounds like it's missing a cylinder!
does they realy built a wad in that car? it looks more like rwd - thats why it is so slow
justin banks
Wow, learn how to shift!
luca liverani
narc1s m.
The boost is turned way down or he's short shifting.
over 2k hp cant even compare to the GT-R :D :D
Not impressed !
test run
why does it sound like a lawn mower at idle?
Didn't look that fast for its claimed HP
roma kozlovsky
Toooooooo much power that engine gave of 2800 hp on race fuel with bad tires which mad the car accelarate so slow way to much wheel spin even at 120 mph on top speed it will maybe hit 440 kph
skankhunt 42
That last run gave me goosebumps
I'm not saying the car is bad, but this thing needs a better tune or a better driver because something ain't letting this beast shift right.
tongna ja
why have many problem\nnot easy run
OMG I'm in love.. the sound.. the engine.. the power.. everything. I never has seen this before
That over-run @ 0:34\n\no.0
Testing...i guess their worried about the clutch/gearbox...it is testing after all...doesn't sound very convincing i have to say
Андрей Лычко
Так были заезды уже в Греции? Я что-то не наблюдаю их в инете :(
Дмитрий Свотин
Какие нахрен 2280 кобыл?!!! Это мёртвое американское ведро, которое таз объедет))))
Рома Онищенко
я так и не понял посмотрев это видео и Анлим в Греции, что этот Сален показал, походу нихера ?