Fix Acer Stuck in Boot Loop or Freezes at Getting Windows Ready / Preparing Automatic Repair

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This video helps you diagnose reasons for your Acer being stuck in a boot loop. It takes you through multiple reasons and solutions for why your computer turns on part way and gets stuck somewhere in the startup process whether it be at diagnosingyour PC, a black screen, a loading screen, preparing automatic repair, starting windows screen or some different kinds of blue screens, etc,. This video teaches you how to diagnose your computers problem yourself saving you on costly repairs.Videos:How to Fix a Laptop Screen That is Black

Acer boot booting cant complete doesnt frozen getting windows ready problem rebooting repeats restarting start startin... startup stuck up wont

Ad Di
hai. sorry it won't work on my Aspire 5. at the end it says \
Alex Pawlitza
Thanks this helped a lot
I know you deal with lots of problems but this one is big. Yesterday I was doing an update for a newer Windows and it did so. It restarted and now it keeps saying something like this computer has not updated windows. Restart update process to get it. My dad thinks it’s a virus. What do I do. F2 does work, mine is just different than yours. Please Help me!
I took my laptop to a local shop and they said windows was way to \
Asia K
I struggled getting into safe mode to repair and recover my laptop from a start up loop. I tried different options including the F2 option with no avail. Eventually I kept tapping on the shift and F10 keys this automatically started up in safe mode. Hopefully this resolves your issue.
Ben Prescott
Thank you so much for this! I literally just had to reset the date on bios!
Blaise Degoma
Mine is acer aspire 3
Blood Bath
My screen just freezes every 5 minutes or so, I leave it inactive. Does this method work for that issue too?
Caped Baldy
Is it okay to long press the power button? Im very afraid now its just , we bought it yesterday and i downlosded rules of survivsl now and i leave it snd it sleeped anf when i moved the mouse it starts to blsck screen nothing happened. So i long oressed the power button , now i think it will be destroyed , its back to normal now. But i think this will be destroyed
Cesar Chavez
Never mind I found another video and helped me
Charlene Clay
ctrl alt del worked for me
Charles White
Hi. Can you teach me. How to fix black screen
I've had nothing but problems with my acer laptop when i first bought it it was taking up all of my internal storage without me downloading anything it got so full to the point i was unable to do absolutely anything on it so i would have to reset it completely to factory settings until it would do it again now its stuck in this boot loop and after changing it to legacy it now says brings up a black screen with white letters saying [No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key] what do i do to get out of this loop its really frustrating please help
can i use usb keyboard? my laptop keyboard is not working
Daciel RG
HELP I reset my pc and it keeps showing me the Acer screen then after it loads gives me a blue screen.\nAfter the blue screen it restarts then repeats the same thing over and over again it hasn't stopped since yesterday.
Dark Justice
I tried the first method didn't work . the second method to reset factory it get to the point where it says please wait then I get a black screen and nothing happens :/ it looks I can't get anything beyond the Acer logo I just get a blue screen with a sad face :( saying something then back to acer logo where it says preparing to auto repair then another black screen and nothing happens until I press the off button for 5 secs and all deja vu again my pc is acer extensa 2510 plz help me ☹😟😫😖😩
Dipesh Magar
It is not working
Dounia Arja
Omg thank u so much my laptop was just like that and then I watched this and it worked 100% tbh I would of payed big barks if I had to take it to the shops 😂😂😂ty so much
Droid Drones
Help! I'm having trouble getting into my bios menu. I forgot my master password which I'm sure I will first need to get threw. Any troubleshots, my goal is to get into my bios menu and update my password or simply remove my master password. In addition F2 doesn't work as well. \n Laptop Info\nAsus Sonicmaster laptop
Dwayne C
I have an acer aspire 5515. When I turn the power on the power light comes on and cooling fan comes on for about 5 seconds and the off. Black screen and at that point when I try to shut it down it will not by the power button. I have to remove the battery to power it down. Have checked RAM and hard drive. Nothing seems to work.
My pc wont enter it I haved pressed f2 alot of times!
Edgar T
Great tutorial really helpful
Eki Maleakhi
I just bought a new laptop and it works!!!
When I power on and press f2 it says down below something with bios and then it makes a really weird glitchy sound and it crashes
Faith Dow
I get no bootable device with UEFI. I tried to set it Legacy and it still won't reboot.
Flavio Flavio
My Acer XC-710 gets stuck on the Acer Logo when starting and sometimes the screen is just black 😕\nThis tutorial is also for Acer XC-710?\nPlease help me 😩
Flex Tape Service
My is Laptop is Acer Inspire Windows 10 \nHow do I fix that?
Hamza King Snoop
\u003c3 nice video it works thx so much😘😘
Harsimar Longia
My laptop is's secure boot mode is enabled but it wont let me select secure boot mode to disable it,!!
I have an aspire E 15. I tried to install a newer windows, it downloaded and I turned it off. Now when I turn it on it just goes to the Acer loading screen and then goes black and repeats. I don't want to lose all my files. What should I do?
Hexo Helium
My asus is stuck at the screen were it says diagnosing your pc. It barely hit the actual screen. Shuring it SAYS its loading but it will never finish
Hope King
I have a windows 7 acer
Hurricane Hayley
Omg thx soo much I got a laptop for my biddy which is today I am so thankful and it would not turn on so I used I thanks
Iyadel Bueno
it didn't work😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jennifer Chaney
So I changed to the legacy setting and now it says no bootable device and I can’t get back into the settings area to change it.
Jeremiah Harris
I rember her because of my sister on the day we went back there 6 times in a row
Kreacher Jayyd
Hello, my laptop is Aspire ES1-332 . It doesn't have the same options as yours after I hit the F2 button. It also has a built-in battery. Please help.
Lansing 11
My computer is fixed. The date was wrong. Microsoft worked with me for about 3 hrs on the phone but did not talk about the bios or the time! Thank you so much.
My acer laptop was stuck at the acer startup and i could not go any further than that. Restarting more times would let it diagnose the pc itself but it takes 1 hour
Maranga Cypie
Thanks for the help \nIt helped lots
Mega Backup
It fixed while I was watching it
Meme Addict
Pls help my laptop says operating system not found then I changed it to legacy bios then it works but still a black screen after the Acer logo
Monsour Drunkbird
My boot loop was wierd. Basically i would get to the sign in and it would loop to the screen before you input your password over and over for about 4 minutes then it would stabilise and i would be able to put in my password. Video was good and helped a lot thanks!
Ms SocialButterfly
Hi... I was able to do all the stuff the legacy thing and I got a black screen but it says no bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key. What did I do wrong ?
Its not working\n\n\n\n\nHelp
Nawa Munyinda
Could not start because my time was incorrect . Thank you very much
Oni Bronz
thank you😍😘
Oof Tube
i was only watching this for fun with the same laptop that the guy has lol
PFT Mo Le A'e
I am a \n kid man and I'm trying to fix my moms computer
Papa john Was here
It will not scroll down
Port Alucard
I swapped to legacy and it got me stuck in another loop but this time no matter the key i presses to enter bios it won’t let me
it worked!!
Sagiri Masamune
I just took out my battery and it worked
Shadow Play_z
Slimey Cakes
I just clicked previous version and ran it on windows 8
Sliverthron_ Yt
Not. A laptop
Spencers Horrible Content
Please help i have an hp elite desk desktop and i got a new hard drive recently but im pretty sure that's not it but the monitor picks up the signal.if i fully shut it down and boot it up it will show the hp logo than just stay black i have somehow managed to get into windows but the graphics looked like windows xp so i updated my drivers and once it was down it went black again now i cant do anything pls help i got my pc almost a year ago and i cant afford to buy another one
Stealth Garrett
only video that helped. Thanks much
I can't access boot option filter how to do?
This is the worse. I rarely use it and this happens.
Thomas Ryan
I deleted all my files and am trying to restore computer to new....Installing windows is stuck on 64% and keeps turning on and off looping . Do you have a solution ? Thank you in advance. Acer PC btw
Timothy Dong
But what if the option of UEFI or legacy isn’t in the boot options? My laptop is a Asus
Venshane Gulisao
Why my laptop always goes to Preparing automatic repair when it comes to getting windows ready? What should i do? please reply...
Wogan Jones - Brenin Annwn
F2 doesnt work for me. What next?
Omg can you get it i cant see think my muse my everything i can see only black color pls help sent me youtube i need help pls :(
F2 doesnt work it says \
Young Gun
Most of the acer laptop have that problem.
Zivile M.
Hi!😃\nI have Acer Aspire E 15.\nI hope you can help me.....\nThe Problem is....\nI had installed Steam Software, after this, pup up window and asked me install Settings for this Steam Software, and I think, I chose it for wrong Settings, after that my laptop shows black screen every time is start up. Please help me! Thank you!😃😉
mine has the acer screen with preparing automatic repair
ameen boy
Omg.. Its work.. I just change uefi to legacy.. Tq miss.
aristides bonilla
armygirl camolover
My laptop has the light on of the power but the screen is black i was using it and closed it and when i opened it i clicked the right click and the acreen wouldnt come how can i fix it . Should i just let the battrey go down and it will shut down by itself ?
autlum UFO
hello i need help with my acer aspire one cloudbook 14 where the page is up the screen just froze when i used it the screens all black all i can control is the mouse
benedita camelo
Thanks 🙏 may god bless u
bocah iseng
translator mana translator
If you have an Aspire One Cloudbook 14 then your keys would be Alt + F10
My computer makes it all the way to my desktop. I can use the keyboard and mouse enough to log onto my account on the computer then once I click on something it freezes and I have to turn it off and try it again and again. It will take me DAYS and WEEKS before I can get it to work and then if I power off the computer the next time I power it on it all starts all over again. I've tried hitting F2 and it doesnt work. Please help!
gamer arita and gamer arisha raidah and rayna
My acer laptop was and it said my pc did not work
I am having issues with my pal's ASUS X551c. He gave it to me with the exact same issue, I tried all the Bios settings, I still kept getting the loop. I took out the hard drive, used my external backup tool (HD to USB) and backed up all his media, just some pictures and home videos... I put the drive back in.\n\nI eventually the the laptop to load a Windows 7 64 Install CD, however it is soooooo SLOW, and I was able to eventually get past the \
jhon alvin Sotillo
if i reset my pc can i recover my file? :( my thesis is in it.
joel baclao
My acer laptop is only on and off 3 times then its light and black screen.and also tried to press alt and f10 to troubleshoot its only 62%then iits stuck and after 1 hours system said there was a problem in your i dont know what to do now.i try to factory reset but it couldn't work please somebody help me
john cabe
a million thanks 4 u!.....
go to 3:33 to start
liam fitzgibbon
It's changed
littledinog gaming
No it says insert a boot disk and press any kay
nyeongan 18
help! \n1. my pc is in low battery, i plug the charger but it's not charging\n2. i shut down the pc several times after that, then it doesn't turn on \nmy acer pc has non-removable battery , what should i do?
o O
My Acer Aspire is completely frozen after I tried to start it up and will not respond to anything; power button, keyboard, etc. The screen is black but the indicator lights at the bottom are both blue. Prior to this I was using it but the keyboard stopped responding so I decided to shut it down and then reboot. No idea what to do right now :v
robert dono
can i ask what is the problem of my loptop ?
s t e p h
Hi, my laptop doesn’t have this exact issue, but a few days ago my laptop randomly froze and I could not type or move the mouse.\n\nI have also tried adding a plug- in mouse to my computer but that didn’t work\n\nSo after all my attempts to fix it, I closed the laptop down and it randomly went onto a blue screen called ‘InsydeH29 Setup Utility Rev. 0.5’ \n\nI cannot even change anything on the screen using keyboard keys or even scroll down all the options there are with my keyboard.\n\nSo I stopped using this laptop cause of how fed up I was with it\n\nJust today, The laptop had FINALLY WORKED but there was no WiFi, so I tried out some different techniques on how to add a new network to a windows ten laptop because my WiFi network did not work. \n\nThen the whole disaster repeated all over again!! MY SCREEN WAS ALL FROZEN I COULD NOT TYPE and it went back to the Setup Utility which was also frozen :(((((
sandy CHEN
Not sure who your intended audience is, but WHY change to the Legacy BIOS? After I did that, I had a black screen that asks for F2 to setup, and a boot disk (which I lost). Now what should I do?
seanhoga171 FEM
Our computer is stuck at startup with a blue screen it is a acer.
Wait I install a window7 in a USB and when I restart and come up copy right Pete Avivn somewhat more
vilsta studios
My acer aspire v5-122p\nIs black screen when I'm playing a game,the fan is still going can you help me?
ok so my computer is still stuck on boot loop i did all the steps in the vid and it didnt work it says factory reset dosent work and trying auto repair dosent either i changed the time to the right one and switched the boot option that didnt either what do i need to do