Running on Empty (1988) - "Fire and Rain" scene

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(Directed by Sidney Lumet), No copyright infringement intended, not mine!A great, great scene from a movie chock ed full of them. This little gem is a beautiful film brimming with outstanding performances from a terrific ensemble.

1988 Abry Christine Empty Fire Hirsch James Jonas Judd Lahti Lumet Martha Phoenix Plimpton Rain River Running Sidney Taylor and on

Love this movie!
Wow Martha Plimpton voice is wonderful!!!
A Alcorn
@lamagamorgana Me too! It was my first time hearing the song and I fell in love with it. I used to have such a huge crush on River too when I was younger. hehe!
Alexandra Roivas
the smart ones are always the best
Angélyna Ngoumbi
I live in France and I saw this movie with my class, it is geniale and I have to cry has the end so this movie is magnificent.River Phoenix was a big actor, this scene is just moving \u003c 3
Betania Apratto
River forever!
Bezzo card
This is my absolute favorite movie of my life!!!!!😍😭 love River Phinox! And love this song. It means so much to me and my life!
Bianca Bosio
This is one of the most beautiful scenes i have ever seen.
Bob Martin
i've seen this movie with my school in my country (i'm french), i've cry cause it's really moving \u003c3 tribute to Rivers
Seems like all the great talent passes on really young . .
Callie Smole
So sad you can see he's just messed up in this movie.
Chris Wolff
River Phoenix + James Taylor + Sidney Lumet= Instant classic. Thank you Mr. Lumet.
Christian Todd Bailey
Aw River… You are missed.
Double-ro-ga Mukko
정말 좋은 영화였어ㅜㅜ
Elijah Craig
Love this scene so much 😢😍😍😍
Such a beautiful scene! And it looks so real!
Gary McDonald
One of my favorite scenes of this movie. All the actors are great with River Phoenix and the amazing song by the amazing James Taylor was perfect!
Beethoven pathetique sonata op 13 second movement is easy enough for most   and fun to play
Jim Scribner
This was my 1971 New Canaan High School Graduation song in Connecticut. It was like the last year of the Vietnam War Draft a few months after Kent State and on top of that one of our senior classmates named John Rice had just been arrested for the ax murders of his little brother and sister, his mother and his grandmother just before Christmas 1970. My mother was living out of town with one of her boyfriends at the time but she was there for my graduation. I didn't know it at the time, and I'm not sure if she did, but she had a terminal illness that was going to kill her about a year later. Very special song to me. Thank you.
John Johnson
This song is about a Depressed Young Woman comitting Suicide in a Mental Hospital. Not exactly the type of song you dance around Happy to. Besides that inconsistency, they aren't even movin' to the timing of the song. Embarrassingly Awful Dancing being displayed here. These people are Oblivious to the Meaning of the Lyrics, & Clueless to the Rhythm & Backbeat of the Music. An Uber Cringe-Worthy Scene.
Joseph James.
Doing the dishes without even being told. Now that's some good wife material. Ladies need to study this so they can obey their husband's like it's supposed to be. \n\n\n\n\n- I don't believe that at all, just wanna know what first thoughts and reactions are.
who's song?
Kal Dhore
In the context of the lyrics heard in this film its very APT and its very usefull to the film itself. I could name to you many songs that are depressional or suicidal and can be used in many way. If you feel a sence of possesion this song I suggest you go seek counselling or a friend to find comfort in, but dont slag people off for this song in this film. Grow up.
Lisa Hall
This scene and the end scene with Fire and Rain are so perfect, every time I hear this song now I think of River.
Manon Gelinas
My favorite of River's movies. He was a true talent. R. I. P. \nThis was the first I'd heard this song and it always brings the end to mind. The truck just driving around. The sad and happy all rolled into one.
Megan Moz
Martha had no idea how lucky she was. I would sell my soul to the devil just to hold him like that😍😫
Mery B
The way he held her, so gentle. I miss him, he was so beautiful. Inside and out😭
Nick Thorbahn
itunes has it
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא
This part of ROE is delightful.. River was/is amazzzzing! I HAVE SEEN FIRE AND I HAVE SEEN RAIN, BUT I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT I WOULD SEE YOU AGAIN...
Phoenix Cook
one of my favorite scenes in the movie.. the ending was something else especially when the song fire and rain (as the cast sung it) echoed as the image of river starts to fade..
Sidney Lumet also directed the masterpiece that is \
Such a beautiful scene, I’m moved to tears everytime.
Sage Antone
I like the movie, but this scene is painfully embarrassing. 
Shelbee Pollino
I watched this movie for the first time yesterday and I’ve watched this clip about fifteen times since then, it’s wonderful💛
I love this scene
Stephen Gagliardi
Just a great scene
Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht
you have no clue how much I'm crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this one of the most beautiful and sad things I'll ever watch. just wow, this touches me so hard
I love this movie!! 
Victoria Zmuda
My fav scene ♥
Younjoo Shin
the best movie in my life
aldo grant
this scene makes me so happy yet sad idk what to feel
i wish i was martha plimpton but sadly i am only that kid in the background
Cutest scene ever
buzz kill9991
Judd hirch a great actor
One of the BEST scenes in a movie EVER! I think if River would have just stayed off drugs him & Martha would have made it, but alas he couldn't & she wanted no part of all of that. Such a shame. He was so damn talented & OMG absolutely GORGEOUS.
Happy Birthday River xxx
Why does a song about suicide necessarily have to the a \
@sylicone221 Even if you're trolling, are you fucking retarded? River was quite possibly one of the most amazing people, in all respects, to walk to planet and it's a shame his life was cut so short. You are the exact type of person who makes River's outlook on life of being peaceful and all loving so important because the ignorance you show is astounding. Maybe before you bash on him you should read about him and his life and what he stood for and realize he was actually a really great person.
love this scene
Y didn't care for this song until i saw this movie.Now.....veeeeery deep!
ev h
how i found James Taylor
gadamer yuziki
@sylicone221 there is nothing to do with River, asshole! This is a movie! Movie! You know what i mean? I mean, you know what i mean?
greg p
This scene made such a haunting impression when I first seen this movie... & this movie made me take notice of River Phoenix when I seen this, I was 17yo. & River Phoenix prolly 18. The song made an equal impression as well, as my name is in the song. It’s just sad all the way around, thinking back then what would the world was & what it isn’t today.
iosu morlog
creo que hay un remake argentino, recuerdo una pelicula argentina, de un matrimonio que huia de la policia con sus hijos.
isa mack
Wow I adore this song it always brings tears to my eyes Thank you James Taylor! Ps how brilliant are 80s films!
loved this movie- this was my fave scene TY
lucyluvs clutch
Oh man! This is a great movie!!!
mary yram
This scene is just too beautiful :)
mauricio sanchez
Tears in my eyes people, tears in my eyes.
River and James Taylor are a match made in heavan
James Taylor himself said that you make out what you want from his songs, he actually channels the songs anyway, so though he heard it first, it is all our songs, he gets credit cause he is a great channeler and artist, and he should...but it is fitting wherever you want the song...Fire and rain ALWAYS makes me very happy, I get happiness from Fire and Rain, no sadness whatsoever from James' poetry
Beautiful movie and every actor is perfect in their role. The screenplay was written by Jake Gyllenhaal’s mother.
I always replay this part of the movie,it's nice to know im not the only one who likes this part.
One of the best scenes in the film.
sam schroeder
amazing movie
It's so tragic his life ended only five years later. He would have become quite easily one of the most definitively talents Hollywood would ever have, even being alive for 23 years. Glad his brother has also had a successful career.
I love this scene and i think what makes me smile is when River smiles/laughs at 1:51 :)
Лудия Руснак
The little boy is my English teacher!! Lmao