Things In The Lost Boys You Only Notice As An Adult

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Anglea Loo
david and markco
So this is the kind of job you can expect after majoring in gender studies???
Yeah the reason it's an iconic cult classic is partly due to the lack of forced diversity, back then film companies cared more about making a movie with a good story rather than pandering to a bunch of whinging hipsters who think their first world problems are real world issues
Did you miss the native American vampire?
Bram Stoker
Your entire description screams dry vagina! White wash... Jeez!
Bull Smith
Things in the lost boys only a politically correct idiot would notice would be a more accurate title.
Charles James
God forbid an all white cast. How dare they
Charles Pwnage
biased much?
Chris W
Shameful. - Your review, not the movie
I don't focus on who is white and black in movies. If you chase after what colors are represented in is a waste of time. Life is too short...
CreativeQueen x
Have a good day all !! 😊❤
One of the best movies ever made ....Ive lost count at the times I've watched it 100 easy .
Michael wasn't being creepy though, he was supposed to be star's first kill so she was luring him.
Den Boe
Dusty E
Why is it creepy to make eye contact with a girl then try to look for her how the hell else are you going to talk to her we didn't have facebook or cell phones back then we actually had to go up and introduce ourselves
Edgar Arenas
By that same logic....The Doors were an all white band from Venice Beach. Does that make them racist? No, the reality is ethnic and racial groups even in California are not very mixed even despite demographic reports which only tell half the story.
Edwin Rust
LMAO, a film review by someone who wasn't even alive when this movie came out... We get it, you don't get it... Sounds like she had a few Tide pods...
Elfa Lether
what about when Michael made a joke about weed (imitating using a joint)
Ethanbeefer McMuffin
This video was brought to you by feminism.
Greg Whyte
Will why they have Run DMC music playing in the movie
Info Wars
Please leave the political correctness out ruined the video.
The divorce starts are higher than that now lol 1:28
Janick Skylarker
Love this flic!!😀👍🇺🇸👊
John Barton
There’s 4:18 I’ll never get back. Where do you people come from??
Jonathan Lehmann
Oh those whwere the day'z how i miss being undead
Ewwwww PC and SJW nonsense.
Kaylin Schafer
Earlyfam where you at ??
Luke Dodge
Your White Wash comments are ludicrous so thumbs down.👎🏻
Megan Hussey
I am a feminist but I've still always loved The Lost Boys for what it is--stunning visuals, great humor, cool characters and gorgeous men, good music too. Lucy was a strong woman, fighting for her family and starting a new life after divorce. Star frankly got on my nerves with her shrillness (\
Miss T
Did they really had to throw in that feminist shit. The movie is fine the way it is. It's called the lost 'boys'. More boys more eye candy for me 😂😂😂
Someone who wasn’t born, nor grew up in the 80s, made this video.
Nick Mattio
She was influencing Michael at the bonfire follow her he could be her first kill mind control like David with the Chinese Food
Nour Martin
Menu vehicle candle nor custom oh constitutional respect exposure flip.
Paul H
worst yt vid ever
René Moncayo
Or to copy #afterdark
This video was pointless. They're was nothing interesting about these so-called facts.
Suzanne van der Westhuizen
Talk challenge rip initially judicial whenever species year operation
T/A Plus Hemi
And when using a headline from the internet to talk about diversity and movies you use a headline that was put up in 2017 while talking about a movie from the 1980s. Do you have any idea what you're talking about? And why are you trying to put current values on a time that's passed and cannot be changed? See when you're using a headline from 2017 that actually uses a movie from the 1960s to be the beginning and then a movie that came out 15 + years before the headline as the ending in the list of movies that were not diverse number one you're basing this crap off of a bad article. Stop reading these stupid articles and putting your little cry baby seal of an approval on everything that was fun and right back in the 80s and 90s. You obviously know nothing of what it's like so why don't you stick to stuff from your time or have you ever actually watched a movie? I'm assuming you spent most of your time growing up watching YouTube and now you spend most of your time making YouTube videos spitting out a bunch of crap that your liberal arts professors are teaching you
Tandy p
Also Michael wasn’t creepy in following Star. She gave him a look. It was purely cat and mouse.
The List
Who was your favorite Lost Boy?
An 80s movie through Millenial lenses.
I was like 15 years old when this movie came out, I was a new kid at this high school and standing around at a high school basketball game and a group other kids came up and asked me \
Liked this until, you went all intersectional feminist on us .
2.28 Political correctness at work!
My favorite movie 🎥🍿
julee reeves
Most of this is ridiculous and must come from an over sensitive woman. As a woman, I have no problem with anything in this film - so the two women didn't talk to each other - what did you want them to say anyway? Race is always tossed out by someone and many of us now ignore those comments, and by the way, I'm surprised the dog wasn't sensitive enough for you;  He didn't give the vampires a chance to be friends before he attacked them? Ridiculous. This was really reaching.
good lord pleae give the pc press a break!!! god its a good film leave at that . I don't give a rats butt if they were all white . I love them and Jason Patrick was sexy as hell., and this is coming from a black woman, so please shut up with that pc crap. Let the movie stand its good as is.
This list sucks.
You got a thumbs down from me,silly little girl.
snappy O
Thumbs down! Thankfully the movie was made before all this B.S.
blablabla whitewashing blablabla LIBTARDS
Pc is so dumb!
summer crunch
There is a lot worst thing with teens today than looking a posting naked pics in the web...
taya longora
God keither suthetland woz sexy and jason Patrick corey haim ❤👄👄💋💋💋👍👍❤
The Michael pursuing Star thing -- that's not stalky, that's *normal*. A girl catches a guy's attention, in a flirtatious way, he pursues. (Tack on the fact that she's supposed to have a supernatural allure about her, and it makes double-sense.)