Chihayafuru 2 opening

hope you like it..

Amanda Yuka
Then you remember the anime already has 50 episodes and chihaya only played once against arata when they were in middle school... omg how long is it going to take?
Arilson 87
Caroline And Sam
Season 3 confirmed peeps
Chihaya fighting
G George
Team Taichi because looks attractive. Arata also looks attractive too but Taichi voice is super. Arata is okay too
Gina Richards
Just finished the manga and now I'm left with no Chahayafuru to watch/read and I'm too depressed to function naturally. I NEEED MORE!\n#TeamTaichi\n(Still love Arata too, don't get me wrong)
I see your true colors
Wow I'm team Arata
Isabella Krissane
Why do Arata Chihaya Taichi threesome look like Harry Hermione Ron to me
Jak Jakli
أرجوك أجلب بلمترجم عربي
John von Shepard
Kelvin Resurreccion
Lui Shirosagi
I really love this sonh
Miguelito Tapia
3 temporada 2019 confirmada 😍
Nicolás González
Aguante Arata no me importa nada
Pink panda
Team arata 💗💗
PirateOtaku SP
Team Arata ♡
Qanita Abbasi
Team taichi all the way
THE WAIT IS OVER GUYS, CHIHAYAFURU SEASON 3 CONFIRMED 2019 !!!!\n\nsource: animenewsnetwork
This doesn't make me feel sad anymore... because season 3 is coming. :')
Republik Hasnol
beautiful song
❤❤❤música preferida❤❤❤
Shrikant Garg
ah.. you never know when you find a hidden gem in the anime universe.....
Spicy Salt
I am otaku where me others at OVO
치하야 ♡♡♡♡♡
Thaís Sete
Ai, que amor :´)
Vote Self
Weeb Artist
someone plz help me i cant find season 2 eng sub complete!!! i srsly want it but cant find it plz help
an otaku violinist
apos vlah
i am sorry but as i can clearly see arata will not fell in love with chiha in the present future because is changing he is growing up but with his way of life chiha will respect him and envy him and chiha attract taichi but all are unrequired love you will see everyone will be changing and everyone will be followinh arata idiolism about karuta influnce to world tobecome even morre famous.Overall , arata will stop living in his nostalgic life and will make a new one and will depands on his new impacts e.g. his new friends to wanna help them thus will be become even more stronger himself as he can resolve problems on his on yes he astill wanna stay in his room with the childhood friends chiha and taichi but should decide to leave it behind and focus on the present and see what can do tjis personality that will make will be strong as a leader one... that i believe for me taichi is a cowarared and selfish one that have everything qnd can betrayed his friends because he has not couraze to face the problems even though he represent to us as a educated person rich etc.... on the other hand arata trying to help his newly team without even chiha subhelp taichi so everything for chiha but arata does everything for what he believes ...
becca russell
This seems interesting but I have no clue what it's about😂😅
Taichi couldn't look more resentful if he tried. Best character in the show.
bryan 123
Team arata all the way!!!
card game anime? I could only think romace
insta musiclover69
wow i just realize that a 3rd season is coming out in 2019. i have to rewatch it so that i can refresh my memory.
team both. love both characters.
kris e.
man this is by far the best animation, the characters are good but i stopped watching halfway of the season bc it's boring, dont get me wrong though, i am more into shoujo animes .. so
TV3 2019!
i really want hear more voice of Arata \u003c3
purna puri
zeynep yilmaz
team taichi ♡♡♡