TWD S4E9 - Michonnes Flashback

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This is arguably the creepiest scene in the walking dead
Amber the Savage G or Mrs.Matarazzo
That’s sad
Amia pa' kchar pe
Enrealidad nunca llegue a entender bien esta scena xD
Ariel's Mind
Michonne is so pretty😭❤❤❤❤
Booga Booga
Is this before the zombie outbreak or after the outbreak? Pls help I'm confused
Brenda Olivey
Ma girl Mi :\u003c
Byron Ashura Grant
1:15 is it just me or is he smirking
Callie Bearden
I love the walking dead
Carl Grimes
Poor michonne
Clorax Bleach
*never seen a gorilla drive a car before*
Danny Medina
Poor Michonne
Darth Stalker
Hard to believe that the katana wielding badass we all know had this life.
Datrick Pangerfield :/
Devious Minds
Dichone Lawson
HOLD UP! WAIT A MINUTE!! -- 01:15 am I the only one to realize that mike and terry suddenly change clothes and also suddenly become dirty as soon as michonne goes to put that plate on the table?!?!?! 😮😮😮🤔🤔🤔
EGElsaGaming [Mcpe and more!]
*2 zombies on the window be like*\n\nTf is wrong with her
Ekkarat Atrajai
This scene gives me the same vibe of watching the movie get out
El Negano
2:36 \
Endless Evanescence
This scene was perfect. Everything about it was perfect. The lighting, camera angling, the outstanding and chilling performance by Danai Gurira, the funny dialogue, the extremely creepy but subtle transition with her boyfriend and friend's physical injuries (showing the progression of the outbreak) - it FELT and LOOKED like a nightmare, and it was all so amazing. \n\n_THIS_ is the kind of stuff that made TWD so great for me back in the day. Whatever the fuck they are doing now doesn't come CLOSE to scenes like this.
Enid Rhee-Grimes
Michonne's man was fine af.
Eric H.
Does anyone notice how the atmosphere subtly darkens? From 0-0:45, Michonne's dream is of her life before the apocalypse. The kitchen knife turning into the katana symbolizes that her dream is shifting to the post-apocalyptic world, but without her realizing it. At 1:05, the demeanour of Mike and Terry changes. At 1:15, their appearances becomes more worn-out and they debate whether or not to stay in the camp. At 1:32, a part of Michonne's subconsciousness is still in the world as it was before and it still doesn't register to her when Mike and Terry grow agitated over their current situation. At 2:28, her subconsciousness is suddenly triggered by the memory of their camp being overrun by walkers, Mike and Terry bitten and turned, and her son devoured.
Erika Nirenberg did her sword fit into that knife block? Surely the blade was much too long.
She had flashbacks something like this on telltales walking dead
Happy Rose
This will happen to her again with Carl and Rick 😭 Michonne went through so much and I'm not ready to see her go through this again
Hidden Conquest
2:02 The little boy's face was like \
Igor Soares
What gets me the most about this scene is the moment when Michonne looks at her own arms and only then realizes that her baby isn't there
Irandy Cordova
Pro kha vierga :v? Xddd
That poor kid didn't deserved that horrible fate. For anyone who doesn't know, Andre died devoured by a bunch of walkers who over run the camp his father, the other dude and he were in. Michonne couldn't do anything because she wasn't there while that happened. \nHer husband was to High on drugs and he couldn't protect him.
Did she just fit her katana into the... ok
Jerome Pakalomattom
Is this her future
Jessie Levy
Jon Abarrientos
Who knew Michonne was with MC Ren before the apocalypse XD
Jon snow
Back when the show made sense
Joshua Sutton
Shoulda stayed in Wakanda
Jun hee Bae
Perfect flashback of Michonne's past life in a nightmare mode
Kaitlyn Mayo
I love michonne and her katana sowrd she is very badass with it
Karina Cervantes
I hope the child did not die
Karla Drake
What I’m thinking is are those two men the zombies she brought around with her when the show first introduced her?
King Flip
Is that a baby she had by Rick? Lol 🤔🤣... cause I don’t see how that baby was so light skin and both parents where so dark skinned, Lucy you have some explaining too do! Lmao
Why did their arms disapear?
Kurome Holder
1:55 hey Rick
Kyle Campbell
The change of light and tone on the music is so creppy
Rick I need more video please👍👍👍...
Litter Box
Also creepy is how the buildings outside the window are normal at the beginning of the scene and then they are crumbling and falling apart at the end of the scene when she is screaming.
Awwww Michonne's son was so cute, watching the whole scene play out.
Luka Gamer
1:00 wot,how that big katana fit in that small knife box ??
LukePlayz Zyalp
Its a nightmare she wakes up after she says “NO NO NO”
I might find the later seasons annoying with how they frame and edit scenes, the editing in these two minutes worked out greatly. The subtle changes from a happy old life to the horrible reality that she must wake up into once again. The piano piece becoming more warped as the scene goes on also helps build the tension.
Maksy Tomczak
Melissa Garrison
There should be more scenes like this.
TWD is sorely missing great scenes/flashbacks like this. Plenty of new characters to work in more flashbacks
Nathan Saylors
This scene actually terrified me the first time I saw it! My eyes and mouth were wide open.
Nolevart Sikeem
those guys were her jawless zombies when she first appears
Olzhas Kabyshev
In comics she had two daughters.
Pete Walker
I want a katana
Phoebe !!!!!
I’m scared
Pyro Turkey
Roberto Rivera
did this happen in the comics? O_O
Serenity Walker
It's ok Michonne the walkers are there to comfortable you from your nightmare lol
Shoot 3m
Why was michonnes flashback on Rick Grimes
Sir Deldo
So are the two guys the zombies she has tied?
Skylar Willow
So sad
Slim Arkane
That piano was eerie
Superbrennan 05
What happned
Teddy Oshirak
I need a knife holder like that.
Thess Miranda
rick grimes make a season 5 episodes plz ill waiting that plz thank you for make a video for the walking dead
Tom Bavey
These are the 2 people she has chained up on her appearance
Troy Anthony. Jr
Boy boy that outfit on her
Viper's Venom
my favorite show,thx for uploading so we can relive the older episodes.I'm not a fan of her character, keep hoping she gets killed off
XxPie PlayzxX
Wait... Michonne lived in Atlanta?
Tragic backstory an all that, but the one thing that's on my mind is this: How is her son that light skinned when Michonne and her partner are both that dark?
Zombie attck
This was a great scene that always gets overlooked when they discuss Michonne character. It’s like they ignore her past and what she’s been through. They only focus on Maggie. I get it. But Ijs.
anna carichini
Sembra una pantera
gamesforall ofus
Other one
grover poindexter
That dream well wake up anyone 😱
What in the casting hell?!?! How is the kid mixed-race looking/light-skinned, when Michonne & her boyfriend are both dark-skinned black folks? Do better, Hollywood.
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Ves o o que m o eo2 o 2
So why don't the walkers attack her?
kate vlog
Where did her baby go??
lenuza oliveira
lindsey krontz
That one black dude was off Supernatural. Lol
lituation squad
She's really pretty
shayq almqati
Oh shit ! This sense make me Panic !
sing with me
What happened to the baby
vignesh kr
Those guys look like that walkers with her in the second season.
xCos7y Gaming
But Michonne has two daughters