River Phoenix movie clips in The Thing Called Love

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This is one of my favorite all time movies because for one River Phoenix is in it. It was filmed in Nashville Tennessee and some in Memphis Tennessee to where I am from. Also I got one of the names incorrect on the video and I do apologize it is Dermot Mulroney thanks Coleen for pointing this out. Please forgive the subtitles on it I can't seem to get them off. Please visit my channel or comment. Thank you

Bullock Delbert Mathis Mcklinton Phoenix River Samantha Sandra and called love movies the thing

He has a beautiful voice
Aarão Dias dos Santos
Sandra e River juntos; show!!!
Aline Luz
Andrea A
Everytime i see a movie i just keep thinking how lucky are all these actors to have met him :(
Ashlee Cottam
Dlbert Mcklinton??? WHo the f? You mean Dermott Mulroney right? If your gonna list a cast get it right. You were not even close. But on this movie. Its a great flick. River Phoenix ....even to this day I dont see what the fuss is about him. He was a moody rebel wanna be. YEs he had some acting talent, and it was sad he died young, but I dont think he was overly talented.
This is one of River Phoenix's best movies!
Beatle Lovee
three and Ringo, lol
Bryan M
Delbert McKlinton?? Bahaha....
Carla Capalbo
Your music challange, Yula Brandão Cole, it' s actually a bunch ! I will always remember us watching and singing our butt's off
Been looking for this!! Thank you
Christine B. ChristineB.
@hend6475 EXACTLY! i was watching Footloose the other night n was thinking that Riv resembled Kevin a bit...but a lot hotter ;)
Cleo puma
One of my favorite movies. First saw it a couple years ago, and then purchased the DVD. I love it!!!
Denisse Phoenix
River was so gorgeous and incredibly talented!!!Sad that people only remember him as the guy that died outside Depp's club.:((
Donna Wilkins
I was flicking through my tv on Sunday and this film was on in England. I'm so happy as they never put river phoenix films on.this is my favourite.
Elizabeth Neyra
No one can come close to River Phoenix.He has something that nobody else has.
Eoin Whitehead
I so love this movie!!!!! One of the best of underrated movies for a fact this movie is way far too underrated!!! This is a brilliant movie!!!!
Eternal River
Man doesn’t get more perfect than River Phoenix
His voice 😍😍😍
Gatsa Dine
sandra has changed her voice
Heather Jenkins
I love this movie!
History Tech
I miss you river
ILove Autumn
1:46 look how he's staring at her.
Inge Vermeylen
@flightmare12 backup singer is James Intveld, longtime and respected country singer/songwriter/actor :)
Jamie W
SERIOUSLY my cat Mowgli sat on my lap watching River sing, maybe he can sense an animal lover?I played it back for him. Great River action .
Jean O
That's Dermot Mulroney playing Kyle Davidson.
Jo Huffman
Kathy R Phoenix
I love it this song!!!!!!!! and River was so sexy and beautiful, beautiful guy!!!!! I miss you River Phoenix
Kingston Gapate
Is that really his voice and he's he really playing that guitar?
Lisa Memphis
You can watch the whole movie if you look it up
Lisette Huallpa
i am in love wwith river
Lorena del valle
Es idea mía o Harry Styles se parece mucho?? Claro, menos sonriente y más rebelde, pero su aspecto y suaves modales son parecidos, al menos para mí. Qué tremendo actor serías hoy River!
Did River sing for real in this movie?
M Brontë
this is an awesome movie and river sure can sing, him and joachin are great actors.
i just realized that its sandra bullock oh my god
Love.this movie.
Michael Koch
I re-watched this movie last weekend, on HBO.... and I haven't been able to get this song out of my head.....
Mikayla S.
what is the name of this song in the beginnin?
Top Film. I love it.\nRiver Phoenix was amazing.
Mrs. Dalloway
Who is the man playing with River in the performance scene?
Navaz Merchant
Nicole Colson
The other actor besides River Phoenix, Sandra Bullock and Samantha Mathis is Dermot Mulroney, by the way.
Nurul tea
So sad. I remember again with his face. I like Sandra Bullock in movie. She is funny.
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא
hey hello!!! CURIOUS: Who is Delbert McKlinton in this movie? I see Dermot Mulroney ( Character Kyle) ... colleen
I wanna watch that mooviiee :D
Queenstar Abekah
I thought he died in 1991 but this movie was made 1993
He can sing act, has charisma he's gorgeous full of soul and funny, what more could you want? \u003c3
Rane A.
I almost pointed out the wrong name as well, but I noticed you mentioned the correct on in the description. I got a nice huge laugh out of the wrong one, though, lol.
Rosie G F
River Phoenix 😍
Rox phoenix
great River forever alive!
Skull Crusherz Fitness
Stephen Bruce
Cheers xo
Suzzana Morgan
He really loved Samantha
oh man he is so freakishly hot in this movie!! I literally freaked out when I saw it the first time!! it's always the good ones that die young...
He's so graceful in everything that he does. Such a multitalented person, intelligent and mature. I just find it hard to understand why he succumbed to the drugs when he clarified so many times that it's not what he's about.
arielle waters
I wish james w as my boyfriend
Thanks so much for posting this amazing quality video of one of my all-time favourit movies. River Phoenix was and is the Best! R.I.P
@ashleesc I disagree, I would say River Phoenix was incredibly talented for his age and amount of acting experience. You can't watch Stand By Me and say he wasn't a pretty amazing actor. He died fairly young, so he really didn't have as much work and experience under his belt to expose his true talent that would have fully blossomed a few years to come. Imagine what other incredible roles he could have had or movies he could have starred in if he were still alive.
elvira salgado
beautiful boy so talented he was
I watched this movie just to see River but honestly it is SO bad. He's made such better movies
Do u guys know who river Phoenix backup singer is!!?!??
frances farmer
I can't be the only one who noticed Delbert Mcklinton... lol
river pheonix is like a mix between christian slater and kevin bacon
imagen smith
I'm only 16 and I have a crush on someone that is dead
jevera lix tetrax
Such a great movie. I watched it for the first time last night. The actors were great in it the way they played off each other. A lot of talented actors in one movie was great to see. River Phoenix and Samantha Mathis were great in that movie and the way they were together. I still cannot believe River is gone such a talented beautiful guy with such a great spirit. He conveyed his emotions in every movie you watch of his and he connected with all his characters. So sad that the good die young.
jj gm
River 💕
lisa leto
Thanks for this... I love him with his hair this length  :) I've yet to see this movie
mah ahmed
Yes he did sang
matsumoto china
river has the most beautiful  face in the world,,ive been watching hes movie,tv.interview,documentry,and listening to his music everyday,,today oct,25,2015 i just watched the movie dog fight,,i miss you river, i will never ever forget you,,r.i.p
maya ahmed
where can i find this movie
My kids had a cat named River Phoenix. Guess they named that guy after the cat.
pale aussie
in this movie river looks exactly like a guy i used to have a crush on, though he had hair down to his shoulders.\nmemories...
queen bee
OMG what a voice!!!!
River Phoenix un grande que se fue mucho, mucho tiempo antes.\n\nla estrella que nunca se apagará...\n\n Si te encontrara algún día\n\n tendría que confesarte que vi tus películas demasiadas veces\n\n para descifrar tus ojos.\n\nMilton Nascimento, Carta a un joven autor
rory finch
i just knew hime recently, he died when i was just three i barely knew actors back then. I just had interest in him when I read his name on a SPEED movie that he was a friend of keanu and since then i become so obsses with him , his life his talent..\n
sunshine isadashit
this movie is just so... cozy? lol, idk the right word for it. i do know i fell in love with river after seeing this for the first time back in '06. \u003c3
Лиза Янголенко
I can't stop listening Rivers song.. he had such a beautiful timber.. omg.