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Joy Luck Club -- Bringing Boyfriend Home to Meet Parents


Andrew Colin Wilson
The girl who plays Waverly is Japanese in real life.
Andy Hsu
Angie .
I think even for American households, he would be seen rude and insensitive. Not about culture, but basic etiquette he lacks.
Captain Hook
He's a putz....a little unrealistic.
Claire Baire
0:50 Asian lady is racist...
Cody Y
For some reason, I saw this film 15-20 years ago as a kid on TV in New Zealand. I dont remember the rest of the film, though will plan to see it again soon given Crazy Rich Asians has come out, And Ive ALWAYS remembered the soy sauce scene.
Gooper Loper
Rich could've been a whole lot worse. Old Asian people need to lighten up 
Hugo Dart
It's true he's completely insensitive and ignorant, but... \
Jami Sade
Why does she remain silent during it all? I would have laughed to lighten the mood and told him the truth at the table.
Jay Lawrence
This guy is a dick. When I went to Japan I never did one of these things.
Joshua Lee
Four lessons to learn from this video: \n1) don't drink so much at another person's house\n2) don't take tons of food until everyone has had some\n3) don't brag you can do something, 'cause you'll embarrass yourself if you can't do it\n4) and last, DON'T PUT condiments on to the serving dish! Put it on your own plate!\nFun Fact: In the book the dinner is for Waverly's father's belated birthday, but in the movie it is her mom's b-day dinner.\nHaha Waverly's mom has the oh my god what the heck face 2:32
Kananiokalani Jeremiah
this is insulting even to an american family ;(
Mallory M
Not every ethically Western European partner of an East Asian is such a \
MegaMr JIN
Ohhhh lord Noooooo. \nThis..............ASS!!!!
Melvyn Tan
Muhammad Isham
He doesn't even know how to use chopsticks for Christ sake. xD What a hopeless buffoon.
NikonChic 954
Omg I have to see this movie again. Been too long!
Omar Ben
Why are there subs?
I feel bad for the guy who played Rich. He must get so much hate for this...
Patricia Ramos
Oh man, I thought all he did was SAY that it needed a little soy sauce, not drown the whole dish in it... god. By the way I got hungry just watching scenes from the movie.
Paul Rogers
dont know y the mother is talking.....spots on face....looks like her face got run over by a train...
Rahmat Burhan
damn.. she was so beauty
Raph Reyes
this is my mother. I'm Colombian but I relate to this film so much.
Ray Shaw
what a goober
Robert Flynn
is anyone that dumb really?
S Alvarez
It’s funny to me that white people are called racist when this is a perfect example of reverse racism and how “only white people can be prejudice”...🤔
Sarah Richards
She'd rather get rectal cancer.
Shantina Henderson
I love this because Rich is completely clueless as to what to do at the dinner table ha ha lol.
How dare he take so much of the good dish and drink like a drunk? He acted like the dinner was all about him. Entitled greedy bum. That would offend anybody
So Ni
Soo painful to watch. 😯
Stephen Cherry
Sunny Day
it is too exaggerated. the Chinese people are not that kind of tradition. this video is some extent to demonized the Chinese!!!!
waverly also on teen wolf LOL
this movie creeps me out.
At least he didn't stick his chopsticks upright on his bowl.
The actress who plays Waverly is Japanese in real life.
Rich isn't all bad. Did you see that coat he gave her?
Am I the only one who thinks Waverly is absolutely gorgeous???
i say we shoot him haha jk
The rectal cancer part gets me every time. Seriously I bet his table manners would have been considered indecent in any culture, even American's. I can live with the spontaneous toasting, but taking a large portion of the plate and soy-saucing the mother's best dish? lol that just spells general ignorance to me.
kimberly harris
Typical disrespectful of everyone else's culture.......#typical
lgd works
Here after Crazy Rich Asians
Waverly looks so pretty *_* shes better than what i imagined when i first read the book xD
Moral of the story: Remember to tell your partner EVERYTHING they should not do. EVERYTHING.
RP !!!!
@JHorowitz2mil when you are in someone else's home, be considerate of the homeowner. It doesn't matter what country you are in. \n\nAsian and American cultures are very different, where there are things that won't make sense to the other's culture. Keeping an open mind builds understanding. That goes for both sides of the coin (in this instance, Asians and Americans).
Maybe if she was there with Daniel-san instead, then he would have remembered all the cultural intricacies at dinner. ;)
This has to be the funniest clip. It never fails to crack me up, esp the soy sauce and rectal cancer jokes.
The guy's gasp at 2:28 makes me crack up every single time
Where is the kid in the car scene? She sleeping in the back seat?
@andrewcolinwilson Did you know started as Kimiko in The Karate Kid II?
haha naw he actually got a lot of good roles after this. He became the star of Reba and then had a recurring role on Desperate Housewives. His comedy here help start his career!
Okay, but altering an entire dish that someone has made is bad even in western etiquette. What is he, a narwhale? 😂😂😂
Where he went wrong was just pouring the soy sauce over the main dish ugh...good grief.
Btw.... what is that dish that he pours soy sauce on? It looks like yummy potatoes and cheese lol.