Skinny Girl In Transit S4E9 : Inside Out

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Mama Tiwa and Shalewa decide to help Tiwa get ready for her first meeting with Mide's mom. Didi warns Tiwa about the dangers of not telling Mide about Fabrice. Subscribe to the NdaniTV youtube channel here:

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So Tiwa has time to talk about prenup? But not fabrice? I think I’m the only one who thinks she owes mide no explanation. But with the kiss and video and all, now she’s in trouble.
Abimbola Ogidan
I can't even deal with the comment section! It's the best 👌👌😂😂😂😂😂
Please stop dragging scenes! I can't even laugh anymore I'm just waiting for the scene to end. Who wrote the script? Please, kneel down and face the wall and think about what you've done.
Adenike O. Adebayo
I'm notification gang today!
Adeyanju Olayide
Who else \
African Jewel
Tiwa it’s not me you will give heartache! You cannot kuku open that mouth and talk! Kilode!
Afua Boateng
Common one night stand but Tiwa is acting like she cheated on Mide with Fabrice . KMT !! even Shalewa that dated a married man was able to come clean to Mohammed somehow
Akingbule derbie
Mide Should stop putting words into Tiwa's mouth now😈😈😈
We are grateful for the 25mins Ndani🙌🙌🙌
Anjola Ogunsanwo
*rolling eyes. I would have been so bored if I was binge watching this season 3. the suspense has been dragged for so long.Anyway hopefully next week brings the big reveal ;)
Asakemi Etc.
Okay this is beginning to bore the life outta me 🙄. \nBut sha.... \nTell the scriptwriters to help us and dash wosilat a boyfriend too. She deserves small love too Abeg
Ayomide Wayne
The best part of this episode is the comments 😂😂😂...Y'al are not Ok
Bibiana Berny
Mide is goals, God please may my own Mide fall on me, chai... the guy is romantically gifted😂
Brandon Airihenbuwa
I don't feel happy with the character development of Tiwa. After the Tiwa 2.0 or 3.0 I would think for character progression she would be bold enough to tell him (seeing it happened before they were together. Also for story progression would be nice to see how Mide would have dealt with the truth and let’s play the fact that if a male did what Tiwa did (and opens up to his girlfriend) it would be more accepted than a female doing it and the way the other characters would view her.
Chukwurah Amaka
Advice, if you are gonna bring out another pointless episode for us to wait another 168 hours for, please don't try it. Do not destroy this show for us 🙁
Damie Alabi
My Mide must locate me this 2017....Amen somebody 😁😂
Damilola Duyilemi
This is beginning to look like an india movie. I haff tire biko
well, this season has been a let down. too bad, i really was a fan. Tiwa's character has been annoying from the start, but this doesnt even make sense again. besides, im tired of the kisses and lovey dovey acts i keep seeing. no offence to mide ofcourse, still love that guy. this episode shod have been about tiwa meeting mides mum, why are the writers doing as if they have run out of ideas??
The Real MVP goes to whoever's playing CANDY CRUSH with Tiwa's Destiny, giggling and licking lips ritenow like.....\nTASTY! SWEET!!FROGTASTIC!!! DIVINE!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
My opinion on the whole thing happened before him so if he's mad she didnt need to be with mide anyway.
Elizabeth Akpan
Tiwa we are all in this relationship together. Don't be stupid, tell Mide abeg.
Elizabeth George
Tiwa's 1night stand is excusable but 7secs return match kissing with Fabrice is the time bomb ticking with lot of casuality
Elizabeth Saty
So Ndani will just be wasting my data every Friday abi? I prefer other seasons to this one, it's just annoying. Wasting too much time on unnecessary things. I'm not even vibed up on Fridays anymore. Mtcheewww, oshisco plc
Elizabeth Toyin
Abeg let's all go to Mide's (ayoola) social media page and tell him on tiwa's behalf so this SGIT can move forward. Abi what's all this suspense for
Erika asen
When you doing ur laundry and u get the SGIT notification.All tin stop😂😂😂😂😂.Who can relate.\nBut this episode vex me plenty sha,but the 25mins was 👌👌👌
Erykah T
Whoever is in charge of Tiwa's wardrobe needs to be changed. she is always dressed to look bigger than she actually is (wrong size of dresses)
Essence of Mae
i haff tire for Tiwa o. SMH
Eunice Boadu
Oh lawd tiwa village people have outdone themselves this episode...Mide and Mohammed angels move this episode...Shalewa, Wosilat and Mama Tiwa dramaaaaaaa queens.
Fola-Bolumole i
I swear they are playing tinko tinko with Tiwalade's destiny oo ma se
Godwayne Ayomide Ogu
The best part of this episode is the comments 😂😂😂...Y'all are not Ok
Her2cents ISreal
That housegirl gives me life. She is really in character so funny.
Hilda Awomolo
I love how Wosilat just jumps in and starts dancing. She makes my day. As for Tiwa.... Your case is different.
Honey Trionia
My love for Didi is huge
Iroroevwo Odjegoro
We all need a friend like Didi💯💯🙌
Itoro Obobikpe
Everybody's upset cos of Tiwa and I'm just here thinking, \
Judith Jackson
Thank you mama Tiwa...cause I can now speak some words in 'lobamto'!!!!! Kilo dde?! ..oya we'll work on the spelling but I can speak uhm oya
Julz Onuk
Please are we still on this fabrice issue ??? I’m hoping she tells him 🙏
The writing has deteriorated. This is not the skinnny girl in transit i fell in love with. Tiwa's character is becoming unlikable,slow and annoying. Pls save this show and give us something to look forward to, these dragged out scenes and episodes is something else.
Karen .N
Sorry, Tiwa has no right to be questioning Mide. What? Isn’t she the one that was sucking fabric’s face whilst she was still with Mide. Kmt 🙄
Kay Kay
Someone remind Tiwa that she is 30yrs ooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭 let's take a moment to appreciate Wosilata's madness 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kigho Lisa
Who else feels like slapping Tiwa for making me waste my money for the asoebi 😂😂🙆🏻
Kimani D
This is turning into a chore... 25 pointless minutes, just to wait another week to know what the phone call was about... and we have to watch 10 minutes of Shalewa and her mum talking about the best dress for Tiwa, really???? I am also tired of Tiwa walking around with that long unhappy face, meanwhile Mide is acting blind...
King Towmeey
Is it ordinary one night stand or is there another thing again? one night stand of before she and mide became official. Shior!
Leemarh Tee
Mide should let her talk biko. This is love is becoming annoying. Tiwa you sef talk Abi you want me to beat you ni
Maame Akua
TIWALADE DOES NOT DESERVE MIDE!!!\n\nHad she said this long ago, she wouldn’t have dragged everyone into it to be hurt. If you cannot say it to the face, just text erh. Mtchewwwww
Do men like mide exist?.... like seriously
Marie Kanu
So, what was the point of the episode 🤔 ?
Wosilat is the star of this show no lie 😂😂
Father I need a Mide in my life 😚
I checked the duration and behold I was pleaseth 🤛🏿
Motun Adesina
Are we going to ignore Wosilat's good acting 😂😂😂
Nanji Banfa
The writers are annoying me...
Music: \n\nCircles by Genio Bambino ft. Lady Donli -\nFamily Ties by Kleinsman (Produced by akú x D.A) -
Nelo's Halo
so upon Tiwa's mum shouting holy ghost fire upandan and forming iya Jesu, she still allowed Tiwa go and sleep over in a man's house? LOL....and don't tell me mide is her boyfriend so it's cool. Even after introduction, my mum would not allow dat. Because you people are not going to be reading bible in the bedroom. This Mide that looks like he always wants to eat her up.
Oreoluwa Aremo
Show me the person (people) who scripted this season because I WANT TO FIGHT.
Oyedele Oyenike
This is getting boring already. Wasting somebody's mb upandan
Oyekan Tinuade
Fabrice is a French demon.I don’t want this beautiful relationship to go bad. Chaiiiiiii
Peace Chima
I'm officially bored. Last season, I would check every hour from 9am, for the latest update. This season, not so much. \nShe is just going to keep a stupid secret until the end of the season. #boring
Priscilla Kingsley
The only thing interesting about this episode is wosila's dab
Pls when is tiwa going to tell d truth? \nBecause if mide find out I will send my village people to slap tiwa one after d other🤦🏽\u200d♀️🤦🏽\u200d♀️
Rabiaat Danjuma
Me Sha I have officially given up on Tiwa she is finally going to be husbandless if there is anything like that smh🙃
Royale Anuoluwapo
On behalf of all single ladies we welcome Tiwalade into the group,Membership is free📧😁
Sade McIntosh
Y y? I'm officially pissed off. Just tell the man already. This thing is being prolonged for too long. Used to enjoy it but now I'm just upset. TELL THE MEN THE TRUTH OR SOMEONE WILL TELL HIM FOR YOU.
Sandra Chikaodi
I am beginning to be tired jor. Tiwa tell mide the thing na. Haba!!!!!
Can they just give us shalewa and Mohammed? This Tiwa girl is just the biggest didirin in the world... Even wosila is sharp and the yeye Mide will be blowing grammar....
Temi David
25mins long !!!!\n Is Jesus coming today ?????😂😂😂😂💯🔥💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Random Foodie Life
Sisi Yemmi dey SA enjoying herself she forgot to mark attendance ....
TIWAAAA CONFESSSSSSSS!!!!! In all seriousness, this is dragging and becoming very annoying. At this point we should be dealing with the aftermath so the series can move on. This one has passed suspense now!!!
Tolu Tissy
Been watching SGIT since day 1, I rarely comment. This one is frustrating. Can we all cut the suspense and move on please. Either Let Tiwa be Baeless or we all pretend nothing ever happened. Kilode ghan
Tope Akintunde
But this secret is getting too old. The plot twist is too much. Now I won't sleep for another week just thinking about what can happen.... SMH
Tracey-Anne Howell
How can Tiwa be stupid when she has a best friend like Didi and a mom like that.
Vanessa Akin-Adesola
Okay this episode was pointless. Can we get to the point already? .
Waka Girl
Worlanyo Sallah Anim
Tiwa just send him a text about this to start with, if you can't say it with your mouth
Yehmah Areh
TIWA your own is too much ABEG !!!!
I'm gonna need Mr. FEBREEZE to back the heck up!!
ajani tolulope
O my goodness\nI just received the notification how come I met 24people
chukwuma okereke
Who else is enjoying while reading comments
Baba God! Where is my own Mide! If its ready, I was born ready. December is here Jesu kristi omo Maria. 😭😭😭😭 please give your Child a Christmas gift. Plssss
flourish ajayi
Please this is getting too long and annoying, if you don't have stories anymore, end it abeg or focus on salewa or didi, this is getting rediculous
Abeg who bring pop corn come, give me small
kosy chibuezeoke
Didi= conscience of life!
I'm thankful I didn't spoil my last icecream eating it while watching SGIT. Really it didn't worth my Magnum. Seriously guys, what are you doing??, Arrghhh this episode is.....tchiippp. Disappointed to be disappointed by my favorite serie
modesola ojumu
This series is becoming annoying and dragging too long....same plot since the beginning of the season and we are on episode 9
moyosore adebiyi
I wonder if the script writers don't understand the concept of a one night stand or if u ppl have been watching too much telemundo? It's utter madness to me that u ppl feel the need to drag this shit on fire so long. I'm angry, I'm devastated and I'm Disappointed 😢
omolara oluwole
It will be nice to see wosilat real face. 😂😂
oreoluwa akinsuroju
Ok this is starting to play out like all these annoying telemundos. The script writer is just making a mountain out of mole. Now we know she's never going to tell him, thus ruin the relationship. Congrats to tiwa on being the last spinster in earth😒
peter molokwu
We are here!!! Tiwa needs deliverance
Ya Allah my Mide wherever you are, OYA LOCATE ME NOW!!!! and when you do, our village people will never succeed in tearing us apart, Amin.
skie s.
Please move on from this fabrice drama it would have been better if they just did a wedding episode in season three and given us a perfect ending than this annoying drama they're playing for us here I'm tired oo move on please!!
tara nwakudu
Please Tiwa's wigs are always on point
Tiwa don't spoil my mood today just open ya mouth hmm
yeytade y
Shalewa and her mum are drama queens abeg. Never a dull moment with didi but me I sha know that Tiwa has taken a vow to remain a spinster for life.