How To FIX There was a problem resetting your PC - No changes were made

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FIXED - There was a problem resetting your PC - No changes were made : 3 possible solutions:learn how to get and install windows 10 from USB:

Fix How To Information Technology Safaa Al-Hayali There was a problem resetting your PC - No changes were made Windows 10 fixed saf3al2a solve solve...

9:00 literally no other youtuber has ever said that in a tutorial video. Well done.
Aditya X
Thank a lot ! No 2 worked for me just have to change D to C
Solution 2 appears to be working for me! Thank you very much sir, you've earned yourself a subscriber.
Ainjell Rivera
ty man for this video...helped me with resetting my pc when I was unable to.
Anthony S Carrera
Hi guys, I’m having a trouble with my HP Laptop Pavilion. Everytime i log on to my laptop it’s very slow like it takes me 5-10 minutes to log on, Now that i’m logged in everything load so slow like it’ll take you a day, and when i search for problem to any video they always fix their computer problem with command promt, So i tried that and everything is fail and i cannot reset my pc even though i got my USB flash drive for resetting it, Please Help Me with these problem this is my first experience
Asif Hussain
hey bro please help me 5:30 is not opening any explorer? please respond bro!
Ayesha Kauser
Help,none of them worked for me🤕
Carmen Deborah Lopez
You're the man, 1st solution help. Thanks a lot Safaa
Chrispy Bacon
This is like the Indian Microsoft tech support but helpful
Clai res
Nice simple explaination, thumbs up then save to my playlist.\nMaybe it can be help son.
Coco Pommel
You've saved me... Thanks a lot. While I was resetting windows 10 I've accidently press the hard restart button while leads me back to the windows login screen. The disk D is formatted however the C doesn't. The reason why I can't reset again is that my disk D has not been reformat. After doing so... It worked! Silly me...
Honestly really helpful, thank you
Wow! Absolute legend! \u003c3
Diego Veliz
Command explorer doesn't work...
im about to destroy my computer.. and just break it and shoot it intro i feel better
Dylan Swinger
You sound like a robot
THANKS! Solution worked for me!!!\n\n\n\nAt first i had issues but i used PowerShell instead and it worked perfectly!
Enmanuel Rodriguez Rodriguez
Are you guys here because of Windows update 1803?
5:40 when i type explorer it says \
If your command prompt is not letting you enable or disable \
Fahril m
Thank you so much
Gauranga \\\\
They didn’t work because I think my virus is more serious so I wiped my files manually then reset it
Gianfranco Fonseca
When I click reset this pc the blue window doesn't show up, is there any solution for that?
Fast as pc wtf
Gumball the Baby Triceratops
I found the errors. so what now? Plz reply! :C\n\n\nI can't use anything that requires wifi in my computer so i can't play tf2 or war thunder (idk why u have to know that)\n\nPlz help :C
Harry T
I turned off my pc during restart since it was stuck on the same percent forever, and got the error message when I tried again. These steps did not work but I noticed my D drive was blank(OS on C drive) and had no storage available and after clicking it asked me to format it and I did which gave me back the 600g of storage so I tried to restore again and it worked!
Holy Faz
Hey, i have a windows 10 home and i tried all the solutions but its not working ,its giving me some error or something. I have a windows 8.1 disk , what if i install it .. will it delete everything from before and give me a fresh windows?
India Mormont
I was so excited when I found this video but none of them worked.
Insta _
None of these helped :(((((((((
Nice and clear explaination thanks man
James Tube
Non of this work
Judin T
1st solution works like a champ. Thanks! 😁
JustDrawW w
Just Amazing
Kiwi Cake
None of these worked but thanks for this video 🙂
Solution 1 solved my problem. You're a life saver buddy. Thank you so much.
Leaping Fox
If only I had an SSD to restart my computer fast every time
Leonel_ Is_gone
Says password is incorrect someone help
Liron Dagan
Goood Tnx you
i love how i tried every solution, and everything failing.
Matthew Merrell
The third solution did it for me. Thanks!
Mauro arias correa
Could I message you?
Michael Hartman
I just want you to know that you are the best!
Solution one was going so well then the computer said Yeet in the middle of the reset lmao
Muhd Hanani Md Aris
thanks alot brother it worked for me just only use method 1..
If the scan on fix 2 doesn't work switch it from d: to c:
Neal Miller
It resets and it keeps saying it won't work after like 20 minutes
Nitish Kumar
by mistake i renamed the catroot folder in c drive. after that window is not starting. showing error with blue screen. how to remae catroot folder from boot screen.
None of them worked for me, rip.
1 way fell out very much thank you are in this world, people who solve such a problem thank you very much for this I belong to the sub and lajk :)
Rabin Phaiju
There is a 4th option. In windows defender , there is a option of fresh this pc, it goes same as pc reset but all the info of user left like installing new os. After installation complete. The reset button on setting works. \nI tried your all option but , none of then work. \nI got new idea from ur video, thank you.
Realms_of_ Reality
Thanks for this solution two work for me
Rishit Pallav
Mine did not work even after doing every single thing mentioned.. So, I updated my windows and tried again. This Time it worked.
Rolando Ayenza
Thank you so much! Solution 1worked!
Great tutorial THANKS - Fixed with option 2
How do you get to the boot menu in option 3??????
Saqlain Yousaf
Does reseting your pc, delete files for your graphics card, and so then you have to install the graphics card files again?
Savage Panda
Option 1- None of these methods worked for me, and I contacted Microsoft about this issue and they told me this. Right click on the windows icon on the bottom left corner and go to Settings\u003eUpdate & Security\u003e then install the latest updates. Once you install the latest updates it should fix the problem. This works 99% of the time. \n\nOption 2- If you are still having this issue, no worries! Just download the windows 10 media tool and create a bootable usb drive for the windows 10 setup. Then go to the custom installation option in the setup (after booting up to the usb drive via boot manager). And delete ALL drives and you should end up with only one drive that you can’t delete. Just click next and then windows 10 will be freshly installed on your pc. From there, your issue will be 10/10 solved just make sure to install the latest updates.\n\nPlease like this comment so others can see.
Can someone help me when I try to reset it gets to %1 then it gives me the error
SmileVibes MSP
This didn’t fix my problem at all I tried all three methods and it still says that no changes were made and I’m stuck in reboot of automatic repair what do I do?
None worked and at the end it says I have no errros
[email protected]%#$&* LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to sell my gaming rig but nothing would work and even microsoft couldnt figure this [email protected]&^ out!!!!!! Once again you [email protected]%#$&* LEGEND!!!
At 3:55 I got like 10 times more text then what you have what did I do?
Taiwo Damilare
Thanks man for ur tut. None of them worked for my system but a guy downstairs or upstairs the comments ladder says something like 4th option i.e. using Windows defender and it worked for me. Thanks teacher, thank @Rabin downstairs. :)
Taju Abdulaziz
I think method one is working for me...thanks dude!
Ted The-Bear
I still can’t get my PC to reset
Tejesh Reddy
At 2:20 in your video ,my mouse is not working at that position
The End
Can you help me please, Firstly English isn't my mother language, I got this message (( 'explorer' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file, )) where is problem , note I use UEFI
The Pizza is Agressive
The actual problem is that I cant start the computer because I acidentally corrupted a lot of registry files, but I can still access that blue options screen at the computer startup (sorry for my bad english)
The command: Explorer didnt work for me...
Please help me I am sad and crying because I tried everything to fix this and nothings work
Vijender Negi
Bro it works 1st solution is best in first time nothing happend but when i tried second time it works
Yesss Yess
#1 Worked
computer teach
Great i like it very helpfull
no of them want to work\napparently my laptop doesn't want to get sold
what resolution do you have?
it's ya boy Sedad
Brah I watched every vid and not but yours work!!!!! Thx a lot 😀😀
josh lopez
k mahesh hama
Tq sir it's working
khalid biko 17
Probably The most Important Video i Have ever Watched on YouTube. Thanks alot.
krille sondell
Thanks man
In the 3rd method when i write explorer to cmd, it just says that it is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
I have a question when I click on the reset button nothing show up
maftuh arachman
I've problem with my PC after I reset then Ive problem ini keyboard layout , i just get message something went wrong try again ,and after I try it's seems like I just get same message ,can you help me, because this problem not only me there's a lot of people when I check at Microsoft comunity
moetez kalamoun
Dude ur amazing thanks alooottt solution 1 worked first try !! It was already desabeled
numbers Park
than k you
Can someone please tell me what he said before pressing restart on solution N2? I didnt understand
solution #1 did it for me, perfect explanation!
sheila ryan
how can I do that when I cannot access anything.
tHat one drI3W kId
It says windows resource protection could not start the repair service for the second solution
tai wilkinson
On solution #2 i get: \
yay lmao
Thank you so much! SOLUTION 1 SOLVED IT :D
the explorer command doesnt work
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