1100HP Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Build Documentary - Nth Moto

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Nth Moto Saleen S7 twin turbo. 1100 HP on 93 octane pump gas. Race engine build, turbo kit, design, engineering, fabrication, wiring, and tuning by Nth Moto in Minneapolis, MN.Please visit @nthmoto on Instagram and Facebook.Special thanks to Brainerd International Raceway and AEM Electronics

Look man, put some fuckin bass in your voice when you're talking about this car. I could barely hear you....
3rd Gen Guy
It looks terrible with all that 90s styling.
Andrew Perri
for real my dream car. ever since I played test drive unlimited i just loved driving it around.
i love this car !
Is 93 really pump gas?
Ashley Grant
My absolute favorite car
Austin Spears
Dude that sounds is really badass never heard a car like that!
Brian Galeano
a dream car
Chase Chang
I've never seen this and Minnesota is my home state
That delicious twin turbo V8 sound... mmmmm.
That interior is awful
I want one 😭😢😟
D Binnie
I would take this over a bugatti any day
Datrevious Smith
America's forgotten hypercar
Derek Borba
Was just watching iron man.... this was my favorite car back in high school.
Derek Haas
makes me so proud to be from mn :'( MN needs more attention because there is a massive car scene here -_-
Don Werrboutit
wow, very nice fab work on the manifolds, looks good
Dr. Bananable Lector
I wanna see that thing take on the 1000hp+ supras on highway pulls, would be amazing to see.
Ether Fever
The rep of this car just got out of a mental ward, and the driver, which is clearly incognito is an axe murder!!!
Evo 9 Channel
I remember how this car was in the game Midnight Club... It was literally a beauty, and unbeatable.
Lol this has nothing on the AWD 2000HP Total race Twinturbo S7
 Well you're all out of the boost with the manual shift go to recover the  pressure every time shift your turbo you better be automatic    I'll take a Tom Nelson racing engine he builds bulletproof
In my opinion this is probably the greatest modern car ever made. Super good video.
GM $ T
American and Japan super cars, there's not a lot of them but they're very unique. Dream garage is Corvette, Ford GT, Saleen and Lexus LFA.
One of my favorite cars o.O
Ginger Robinson
It looks at sounds the same off of midnight club Los Angeles
Golden Eagle
true classic yes i like it
Isaac Sanchez
i love car is saleen s7 2006
J. Cruz
The most amazing part of this build it the ability to use pump gas and still be able to perform. That means you can go to the store beat everyone there and get gas on the way home.
Jason Roy
The level of detail and engineering that Nth puts in on their builds in incredible! They are truly one of the best out there. Kudos to all involved with the car, and the great work with the short documentary.
Jayden Henson
when the crew got the saleen i automaticly went and got the crew and bought the car
Jim Canterak
Beautiful, powerful, responsive.\n\nI would take this over any super or hypercar.
Jose Lopez
Hand built and 7.0 V8 sign me up
Jsm madrid
David Lopez I know you're not talking about the 24hrs of le mans?
Justin M
Fell in love with the car all over again wish there were more made
Kendrick H
One of my favorites!!!!!!!!!! I love Saleen S7's
Kiki Yamotasu
always my dream car❤
Lancelot M
Amazing documentary!
That was really good. Nice car too.
   __\n _| =\\__\n/o____o_\\   looks like kit car 
It must be nice to have a car like this and not live in california,
Mikey Billek
Such a great video. The production quality of that last little part is truly something special, it gave me chills.
Mikhail Pugliano
Wow lovin the music 
i seen this car before many times. now i realize it resembles a mclaren f1 Lt \
I saw this car in person over the summer
Nathan Jacobson
in my opinion the coolest supercar design ever made. Saw one of these driving around Sacramento and nearly flipped my shit.
Nicolas Christian
we cant hear you in the back
Patric Boulard
Patrick Yang
Didnt know we had this in Minnesota, lol ! especially with snow!
Pickle Rick
Damn this car is amazing looking:o i've always loved to look at it and hear it:P and it's really an underrated car if u ask me, you hardly see any people driving them today.. yes i know there weren't build alot of these, but still:) gr8 video guys!
Rafael Alonso Ferrer
Bonito juguete 😎 jejeje, ñamñam 🍷 🍷 ok?
Wow those shots and the soundtrack were completely beautiful. Synced well 👌
Love seeing builds like these, built lambos are a dime a dozen on youtube.
Reg IV
Got to sit in a red one about 13 years ago at a dealership. Such a cool car.
Renzø Rk
How much for this car now??
Roberto Consuegra
Nice video guys, keep up the work
Run Bum
Just saw one for sale outside a dealership On my way to the beach the Other day
Saleen S7
Ooooh I likely
SilentMovement 305
I'v always said this car is underrated, when it came out ( production wise ) I feel it was the wrong time why ? The big 3 from across the pond were garbing the attention world wide, the Enzo came along with the Murcielago as well as the Carrera GT. Yes they were great cars but this car here the S7 came from no where and out performs each and every car in every category. And thats the just production wise, in the Le Mans Series it was kicking ass left and right when they came out. This car has so much potential I'm glad TRC decided to do something like this for the S7. I want more updates. Thanks for the video
Spooky shiz
I miss this car i wish that it comes back
Awesome build. Thumbs up for pronouncing Saleen correctly. :)
Tommy Orr Jr
They say this car is 1040 mm high (41 inches) which makes it lower than a countach. It just doesnt LOOK as low as a countach. or anywhere near only 41 inches. I guess you have to see it up close.
Venny Cardenas
Video very nicely put together; what's the quarter mile ?
enjoyed this video TRC please do more of this!!!!
billy heaton
i couldn't hear anything he was saying
I still have a poster of the S7 in red on my bedroom wall...
They were racecar built the chassis is pure race car.
danny phantomvision
I dare to say the design of this car is as timeless as the McLaren F1,Ford GT, or even DMC DeLorean...
It's a Saleen s7, why change it....\nWith so little of these made you just screwed up this cars value.
Nice Vid!!
Would give anything to drive this car just once.
why are we whispering
For fox sake fix your gain. I can't hear what this guy says and then the sound goes trough the roof.
the music and the way there displaying the car at the beginning .... car porn
jason statham
I think Manny Khoshbin owns one.
indicator levers straight out of a ford [email protected] 2:50
Saleen is building 7 more of these. The Le Mans Edition.
Have always loved these cars, always had a soft spot for them. I wonder how much they would MSRP for now, say in comparison to a ZR1 or nice ACR? Likely still over 200k. Would be alot more unique. I wonder if it's still running the 427 Ford motor. All the more reason I rather have this.
Does it still use the same 427 windsor block?
mian fazle razik
I am brimmed with excitement...and will literally die of excitment if i get to see one and get to drive one
midnight ray
Reminded me of petrolicious great job
You guys videos are just paid advertisements now. A 1100hp car sitting still and at 1/4 throttle. Exciting.
Should've took'n it to UGR😊👍.\nBut either way, one of my favorite cars!
Nice car and nice build, but the audio on this vid sucks. First of all, this kid is way too soft spoken, so i have to turn the volume up to hear him. Then you have these car noises which are about 10 times louder than his voice, so I have to quickly turn down my volume to keep my speakers from blowing. Have you ever heard of the term\n\
The outside of this car is a neck snapper even today
this was my favorite car growing up
I have one of these. It's not all that...
Man I loved when this came to Le Mans back in 2001, the Vettes made everything boring but this car spiced up the show. Its too bad the organizers restricted it to so many degrees so the Vettes can catch up. Without direct backing from Ford, it died off in history. But I believe it finally won Le Mans in its final outing. Perfect send off it an awesome car.
Fastest car in test drive unlimited
Too bad Saleen is broke \n
vin russo
I remember Saleen looking and performing awesome in the mid 1990's. They were always the best looking on the track.
Chris K anderson.  Work on the sound. 
It was soooo utterly ahead of its time. capurting both contermporary styling of its day as well as bringing forth the future which only now in 2016 do we see hypercars with such levels of aerodynamics in their design. AutoJournalist back then questioned s7's gills and scoops, how saleen engineers designed the air to be used not just on the exterior of the car but thru the car and channeled underneith the car via venturi tracks and diffusion. the Saleen S7 was decades ahead of its time. Funny enough, so was their bread and butter Saleen Mustangs, of which people back then just didnt get the idea of track performance, driving dynamics. back then people were all about drag strip straight line stuff. And today, well... Saleen despite the companies ups and downs was always at the forefront of automotoring. mainly because of their racing pedigree.
wait how many s7's were made?