How To Use The Liquify Tool In Photoshop

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In this fun tutorial I will show you how to use the liquify tool in Photoshop not just for making people slimmer, but for some other creative things.Here you can download a tutorial files:

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113 DmG
I never thought I'd need melted letters before, but after watching tutorial, I seriously want to find a reason to use this cool application.
Anurag creation
can i change the direction of twirl tool ?? anti-clock wise
Axle Benz
This is very informative, and very helpful. Thank you :)
Carolyn D'Alessandro
Thanks so much!
Dave Grenier
Absolutely excellent! Thanks for making such an in-depth and professional video :).
Dozie Franklin
Thanks a lot bro!
Harish Kumar
please a video on perfect blur effect in photo background like DSLR camera
Hoping You
Hello Sir, i have a problem.\nwhen i click a liquify tool\nmy computer is always loading and not to go the liquify section,., \nhow to fix this kind of problem???\nthanks!!!
Jack Jerelda
Great bro!!!! thanks
Jacob Thomson
Thank you.
John Schroder
Learned a lot from your tutorials Nemanja, thank you so much!
Jonty Das
hi just got subcribed to ur channel can u teach how to change the sky colour of any landscape or any photo depending on the main picture,? i would be thankfull to u a lot if u can help me out...,,,
Keith Lloyd
Thank you for this lesson, you make it seem so simple and easy but most of all interesting .Can i find on your site how to use the refine edge tool for hair and trees etc.
Kostic Slobodan
Brate Nemanja , kad bi mogao a ti to sigurno mozes da postavis i prevod svega ovoga sto pokazujes za nas koji nismo Amerikanci bilo bi sve ovo idealno .....pozdrav iz Svajcarske.!!!
Great! :D
Lauren Truitt
I love these tutorials! Wonderfully produced and I learn so much. Thanks for posting these!
Lisa Maco
Really helpful video.  Thanks!
Lynn Marie
Marte Caparro
Nice..wish I have a pen tab to use.m
Mohamed Bakr
it's really nice work i enjoyed watching this tutorial thx
Muhammad Rizwan Iqbal
Asslam O alaikum SIr\nI have seeked a lot to you thanks for the tutorials.
Nikki Nikki
I’m only researching digital art as I’m traditionally trained in art. I’m painting liquids, metal and flames currently. Liquid you have show brilliantly here so I understand. Are there filters or effects to paint metal or glass?
Omam el banna
Love it! Thanks.
ure voice sound like a roboter lol
Raymond Anderson
First class tutorial, keep up the good work.
Hvala, brate!
Robert Gudramovics
Awesome trick in the end on using mask!!! Thanks for a great tutorial!!!
Good Tut Nemanja. Can you tell me what software do you use to record?
Roner Oliveira
I am a Brazilian artist and I use airbrush for my art and Photoshop for composing the scene for my work. I have learned much from the wizard Nemanja. thanks so!
Sadia Islam
please switch off that mini video of yours that's really distracting me...hope u don't mind
Shahroz Farooq
Another Amazing Tutorial Nemanja Sekulic. I really love your videos, I am big fan of you :)
Shannon Wall
when i click ok to liquify, why am i getting an error message that access is denied?? Photo properties allow editing (it is not set on read-only)... can't find an answer anywhere online! everyone just says to make sure it's not on read-only
I ako znam dosta oko Liquify-u ovo za Background fix nisam, Hvala! :P
Steve Buissinne
Thanks for another great tutorial Nemanja.
Tapan Roy
Nice tutorial, I have enjoyed it much.
Tina Giles
Never tried that! You open new horizons! thank you!
To The Point
Great Video and the model is really pretty.
Vanna It
thank so much!!! now i know more tool to use :)
Viktor Banán
I'm not a gay but i love you buddy :D Thank you for this great tutz!!
Vladimír Dusil
Nemanja, congratulations on a job well done. I've spent countless hours over the past two weeks going through your PS tuts and I feel like I've learned a great deal. Keep up the wonderful work, mate and thank you for being an educator.
Wisedude VI
Yes! I've been looking forward to this kind of tutorial. Thanks a lot Boss😄💯
OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING !! i really dont understand why you only have 14k subscribbers :/
asif ayub
very nice brother
chamith shihan
i like your episodes
franco vaccarino
Many Thanks Nemanja! Amazing tutorial!
musiclycee 1 000 000 vues
Thank you !
paul trunfull
Great work, easy to follow steps. Keep them coming.
Good morning Nemanja. Love this tutorial today thanks so much. A question if i may. What part of the liquify tool do you use to move the part of the subject to be accurate, is it the center of the brush or the edge? I have experimented with this tool before but seem to strugle to control it accurately enough to make a good job. Any tips would be most welcome. So pleased to see the subscriptions going up. Thanks & Please keep up the brilliant tutorial. Top class my friend. Have a good week.