Flo Rida - Wild Ones ft. Sia [Official Video]

© 2012 WMG. "Wild Ones" ft. Sia is off of Flo Rida's new album WILD ONES, available in stores & online now! Download on iTunes:

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#Lexis Life
Wild ones is literally my favourite song ever ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
*4 years later, this song is still so fucking good!*
Ajith sunny
Sia + Florida \n2018....???
Aman Rokade
When I seen this music video first time I used to think that the black girl is Sia! 😅
Amro Jamal
Her voice is 🔥🔥🔥🔥💦🔥🔥🔥
Amy Lenn
Sia 💚🇦🇺 Aussie pride 🇦🇺💛
Anderson Nascimento dos Santos
2018 ???
Antonino Jr
Pq será esse vídeo tem a imagem amarelada?
Bandar Bin Khalid
اللي سمعها شمر لايك 😂😂
Sia's voice is so sexually squeeky in this song. I love it.
BeauRoc Mane
💁 2019 🎉💙🙌
Ben Amoule
Bethel Girma
I miss 2012 it was fun😭😢
Bhavna Gupta
Sia 😍\nS-she\ni-is\nA-amazing !!! 😍😍😍
Carl Keenan
Wrestlemania 28 anyone???
Centrotec Eder - Bauru
Conatan Coni
Oh my God o found it finally.Im soo happy.You can't imagine it. AZE
Consuelo MJackson1
Cool Weee
These where the good days because they did it for fun not rusing it just to pay their rent good days 2006 to 2012
Sia carried the shit out of this song.
El Loco
I wish i was a kid again.. enjoy school if you're in it and don't get into drugs
Eliane Silva
2018 💥👌
ErikaL Lopez
Erika. Lopez. Sia. I. Love. You’re. Music. With. Flow. Rida.
Faisal Khan
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Fernanda Mote
saudades dessa época no mundo da msc POP❤
Franciele Inácio
2011 ❤
G May
Whos still listening 2019
Gold3n Kid
i miss this music now all you here is lil pump and other mumble rappers btw rip xxxtentacion
I’m legit just jumping from different 2010-2012 bangers
Inferioritycomplex Transfer
You are all stuck in artificial intelligence land. The only real is emotion. I can always tell when I'm in reality. Your eyes and expression s. You feel the pain when you see what you did for real.
Işıl Kotil
Hey I heard you were a wild one ooh\nIf I took you home, it'd be a home run\nShow me how you do\n\nI want to shut down the club, with you\nHey I heard you like the wild ones (wild ones, wild ones) ooh\n\nI like crazy, foolish, stupid\nParty going wild, fist pumping\nMusic, I might lose it\nBlast to the roof, that how we do'z it (do'z it do'z it)\nI don't care the night, she don't care we like\nAlmost dared the right five\nReady to get live, ain't no surprise\nTake me so high, jump and don't stop\nSurfing the crowd ooh said I gotta be the man\nWhen they heading my van, mic check one two\nShut them down in the club while the playboy does it, and y'all get lose lose\nOut the bottle, we all get bent and again tomorrow\nGotta break loose cause that's the motto
JD Vlogs
2012 old days were good and just time flies 😔😔😟
Jeannet Duran
Her voice tho ❤️
Jorge Santamaría
Like si la sigues escuchando en el 2,019 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Kevin Chen
damnn the nostalgia ;( . sia has always been around, she's awesome, in my childhood and now in this generation
Leo Messi Türkiye
Oh, the good old days. Everything was perfect in 2008-2012.
Lps Sophie
I grew up with this song my whole life 😍
Luca Matarazzo
Back then, we all thought the black girl was Sia...
Luke M
The memories!!!
M Kay
Makes me miss the things I've never done.😩
Manar Djeghiour
Sia has the best part
Medo Gamal
Sia\nS=she \nI=is\nA=amazing
Mimmy muffin
Pleaaaaase someone take me Baaack to 2012😢😢😢😭❤💕💕😿
N'GUESSAN Yao Isidore
When i heard the first note of sia's voice i was stunned! I got goosebumps , i was confused and wondered if this Sia was real!! How can a person sing like that??
Natasha Muhoza
guys who misses this guy's music anyone in 20218
Nate Bryan
I remember when this song came out, there was a huge debate saying sia wasn't real, she was a computer program background singer. Like bitch Sia is amazing
Nayrovic Camacho
Sia😍 2018 !?
Nejc Slanič
Dude i listend to this nearly everyday when i was younger. And now i find it again and cant stop listening to it....
Nicholas Tomeo
2018 November anyone i know im not alone
Omal Lasitha
Sia you are the best .you don't want to show you . You are the most talented female singer. I really like your way
Prashant Chavan
2008-2014 best days for music after that shit years started
dammit I miss 2012\n\n\n\n\n\n((EDIT)) Thanks For The 1.3K likes guys ;)
Robin Cormier
3:08 - 3:12 When Sia releases that scream... musical ecstasy.
Ryan P
This song is awesome and it brings back some crazy nostalgia.
Sia\n📂S #she\n └📁i #is\n └📁a #amazing\n └📁Sia#she #is #amazing
Sasha Saldanha
I live in Dubai
Sera Mitchell
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Shaz 1210
2012 was the year of the best songs everrr 🤪😍
This is the song that filled my head after my gf broke up with me 2 days ago. I have no idea how because this song is over 6 years old. Guess its my brain trying to grasp a throwback from the car on the way to primary school, just so that it doesn't ruin the music I listen to now. I'm thankful this song exists \u003c3
Spartak Moskva
Кто от Академии порядочных ?
Stacey Moon
never knew Sia sang in this song.you learn something new everyday.like if you learnt something today also
Sia is the only good part in this song
Steven Kyle
I remember hearing Breathe Me and loving it, but not being like a super fan. But then I heard this... not knowing who it was singing at first, and when I found out my 12 year old self was shook. The rest is history. Sia is my #1! ❤️
Syed Azher Uddin
sia my love no one can sing better than you ... i have not seen some one who can reach to your level.... SIA THE GODDESS IN MUSIC WORLD ....
Teodora Dobritoiu
I almost start crying. Such good times. I love this song!! ❤❤❤❤
The Infernal :v
Who's here for the wwek15
The last centurion
Never noticed the old white guy sitting in the back @0:39
Thiago Lourenço
2017 BRASIL🇧🇷❤
Thug Life
I miss theses days sooo much 😥
Tony Can Swag76
2018 is here and we still the wild ones...
Tukai choudhury
*2012- Florida is the best Rapper. 2018- Florida 🤔 u mean the City?*
Vangelo mefi
I remembered those good vibes jus wanted itback
Various Caesar
*من زماااااان بدور عليها*
Vessy N
This woman is a music genius, no matter what kind of music genre or style....killing it girl!!!
Wa Zers
6 years ago 2018 november who back to here ??
2012 : Who is Sia ?\n2018 : Who is Florida ?\n😂
Will B
Songs before twerking were just better... so much better.
YoubaRey Music
Love you sia from algeria 💗
Im actually crying
asi fox
I think old songs much better than todays songs. I am not the only one right?
chinelle james
when i first heard this i thought sia was black.
hada A.
Sia ❤ perfect
jonah moba
Any Kenyan 2018..still a hit..
just_ me
_2018_ _love u songgg❤_
kamu spotu
sia 400 million , florida 31 million
Flo Rida = black Pitbull?
lyes wadi
December 2018 !? Anyone here hit a like !?
sia's voice is so amazing
mohammed ali
wwe anyone?
namjoon who? only knew eggmonster.
Omg, I remember i was 9.\nThis time, I thought Sia was the beautiful black girl. 😂💕\n#LoveYouSia
red mack620
I new it was Sia from day one you don't need to see who it is you hear It's Sia jut her voice is unreal
simonpierre yao
Flo rida i love you
slmbngldm xxl
v v
It took me 4 years to realize that this black girl with 'Flo' ain't 'SIA'.
yeins cristopher Guerra Polanco
SIA,no aparece en el vídeo, pero bueno una excelente canción😍😍😍😍❤❤
yong music
August #2018
ياسر العتيبي
السعودي ايحط لايك🇸🇦👋🏻
ปัญญา ค้าขึ้น
Love sis 💖 sia
(Sia)\nHey, I heard you were a wild one\nIf I took you home\nAnd be your home run\nShow me how you'll do\n\nI wanna shut down the club\nWith you\nHey, I heard you like the wild ones\nWild ones, wild ones\n\n(Flo Rida)\nI like crazy foolish stupid\nParty going wild, just pumping music\nI might lose it, blast through the roof\nThat how we dos it, dos it, dos it\nI don't care tonight, you don't care\nWe like almost there at the right time\nReady to get high, ain't no surprise\nTake me so high, jumping on clouds, surfing off ground\nSaid I gotta be the man, be the head of my fam\nMic check 1, 2,\nSend em down in the club with the playboy girls\nTill they all get loose, loose\nPop the bottle, we all get hit, then again tomorrow\nGotta break loose, cause that's the motto\nThe club's shut down, a hundred super models\n\n(Sia)\nHey, I heard you were a wild one\nIf I took you home\nAnd be your home run\nShow me how you'll do\n\nI wanna shut down the club\nWith you\nHey, I heard you like the wild ones\nWild ones, wild ones\n\n(Flo Rida)\nParty rocker, push non-stopper\nMore shampoo, number one club popper\nGot a hangover like too much vodka\nCan't see me with ten binoculars\nSo cool\nNo doubt by the end of the night\nGot the girls coming off\nThen I make that move\nSomehow, someway got our ways to prove, prove\nAll black shades when the sun come through\nOh, it's on like everything goes\nRound up baby till the beat gets chose\nWhat happens to that body is a private show\nStays right here, private show\nI like 'em untamed, don't tell me bout pain\nTell'em this, bottoms up with the champagne\nMy life come a humming like a hit plane\nTo be easy, yeah with the insane