Saleen S7 Leaves Car Show with Hard Acceleration

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This beautiful black Saleen S7 showed up to the Lamborghini Dealership in Newport Beach. One of the most rare cars I have seen in person so far. Upon entering the car show, the driver locked up the front brakes and almost crashed. But luckily, he made it in one piece. When leaving the show, he accelerated hard and smoke came from the rear of the car. Unsure whether this was clutch or engine smoke but at first I thought he was spinning the tires. Subscribe for more car videos!Filmed with Canon Vixia HF R500

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Allen Saunders
just stupid irresistible driving nothing more car looks good
Carlos Martinez
I've seen other videos of the same owner in that car, he can drive for shit
Ching ching bing bang
S7 \u003e McLaren F1
Kind of foolish to run up on someones ass like that but nice car.
That’s clutch lol
Traffic is supposed to part to the sides, Bruce Almighty style.
this is no where near hard acceleration.. disliked!
Mc Claren F1 copycat
Kevin Nyman
holy smokes
Not hotdog
idiot almost rear ended the red car leaving the show. You can see his back end step out. Why would he start to pull in second gear with a car that close in front? Probably too busy staring at the smoke.
Rem Nunya
I like how no one called him out. Pussies
that smoke is most likely excess fuel OR its oil thats been sitting in the turbos that needed to be burned off
Zonda 2005
I love this car because most super cars sound really crap but this doesn’t a 7.0 litre V8 pumping out 750 Bhp that is nothing to keep this thing down it is a powerhouse
josuke higashikata
Nice mclaren it's a sales s7 man non car guys these days