High School musical - Were all in this together

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high school musical - we're all in this together east high

East HD High School We all in musical re this together

Abi Markham
This is a true bop 😂😢 I feel like I’m only person from the year I was born to watch this movie and absolutely love it😓😂
I won’t never forget this movie\nIt is super good one and awesome\nWhen I was a kid man I love this and their songs lots, and I glad that Disney showed this to me !
*when it’s the last day of school*
Amanda Gualberto
Infância ❤❤❤ nostalgia ❤❤❤❤
Amelia Barbara
you bet i know all the dance moves
Anette Jimenez
When the whole class fails the test
Angry Crab
I love how Sharpay is reformed at the end of every movie just so she can be freshly horrible again in the next one.
Animad and More!!
Who needs high school musical 4 I really need it 😂😂😂😭
My school's mascot is the Wildcat so we all love this song.
BlackAmex Vlogs
Were all in the fortnite lobby together...\n\n\n\n\nRip good old days\n\n\nOMG 1 LIKE THX THX\n\n\n\n\n\nAhhhh the youtube gods are watching me 3 likes omg omg!!!!
Brendon McPhail
Nostalgia. Coming home from school in the early to late 2000s when disney shows were the greatest, I remember just sitting in class, not wanting to wait to get home so I could watch, Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, etc. So many memories, I miss being 6, i wish I could do it all over again. High school musical was probably my favorite movies at the time.
Bri Bri love
December 2018/January 2019?????
Can i get 10000 subscribers
2018 whooo
Carla Kanzig
We did this as a play at my school it was so much fun
Carol White
Extraño mi infancia :(
Char Char
I prefer don't stare at the sun. 😎😉😝😏
Creative Crow
Zac Efron looks like Luke Skywalker...\n\nIT HAD TO BE SAID!
DIY with ya gal Sadeem
this is deppression
Diamond Marie
why is it not on Netflix smh I am so dissapointed. I want to relive my childhood
Dragon playz 421
Emma Tyler
Oh my gosh my childhood!!! Am I the only one who thought that this is what high school would be like as a kid?
Euril Mada
I actually miss jason and kelsi.They were the original partner during hsm 1&2 :'(
What if high school was actually like this?
Geoffrey Conyers
When the whole class forgets to do their homework.
When the school shooter shows up
*10 years past:* Whoa! I still remember all the steps to this dance!\n*4 hours of studying and 2 minutes pass:*....What the hell did I just read?!?
i c o n i c
i was 12 years old when this movie came out. Zac Efron was my first celebrity crush ;D \u003c3 hes still hot tho ;)
I was never here
2018 anyone 😉😝
Never though zak Efron was 5’8 he looks taller
Jacqueline Chatter
Who came here after the bad lip reading?! Oh nobody OK 0.0
Jax Lord
This. Is the last day of our class...but we are going to perform it still...Our Teacher decided to Split us up..Our Section will be spread thought out other sections....But in our English class this song bring us back together ....💝💔
Jerenina Cansanay
Jillian Weaver
This is how Infinity War should have ended XD
Jomana Ahmed
Wow i remember me and my sisters used to get so excited when it comes on and now everbody is always on there phone
Generación Disney... como habeis crecido desde entonces...
Kousin Kevin
Don't stare at the sun or your eyes will burn and and then there will be goo
Ksenia Melnikova •Russian Girl
New generations will never understand. Omg i'm so sorry for them😭✋💗
Lauryn Marshall
I'm crying I freaking miss the old Disney who else wants it back 😭
Livia Sena
Minha infância kkkkk,assistia quando tinha 4 anos pra 5 hoje tenho 17, tempo q n volta.😍❤️
Loki Laevatein
Kid: Omg! I remember watching this when I was 4 now I'm 11. I feel so old.\nMe: Please! I watched this when I was 12 now I'm 21. I'm the one who should feel old.
So this is where Phillip Carlyle studied huh? 😂
Lucia Panettieri
Va a ser la mejor película por todos los tiempos me marcó la infancia nunca me cansaré de verla hasta me sé los diálogos como los bailes y las canciones de esta no hay la AMO POR SIEMPRE 💖
M14th _M
My favourite song from high school musical 😍
Madison Ford
This is full of happnis thats why i love it i love it because my techer love it
Marisse ✿
I was 9 years old when this movie came out and now I’m 22. what the heck 😭😭😭 still love the movies and jam out to all of the songs 💓
Matthew Brunette
I was 8 and in 2nd grade when this came out. Now I'm 18 and a high school senior. WTH. Also I was sadly disappointed that high school was nothing like HSM
Mr Meeseek’s cat and other
Compare this song to 13 reasons why...
Anyone else watching in oct.2018 lol im 24 years old now holy shit
Nicolle Nacarate B.
OMG!! amo amo amo esta Pelicula❤👏😄💙\nZAC EFRON SIEMPRE FUE TAN LINDO\nI LOVE ZAC EFRON❤😘😍
I wish high school was like that
Pedro Câmara
Minha infância resumida em uma música ❤❤
RJ owTreyalP
Times I'll never ever forget 😂😖😭😭😢
Raechel Verghese
When a test is cancelled in class.
Ramiro Sebastian Carrizo
Esto me hace recordar cuando termine mi secundario 😭\nEsperen yo termine mi secundario en un bachillerato a distancia, vayan hacerse culiao niños tontos 🖕
I wove it btw 2018? And it's like gacha community we're all in this together
Raphael Gomes
high school musical is everything to me I don't even care what you think this is my childhood \u003c3
Rena Hime
These were my high school expectations before entering my freshman year.. \n\n\n\n\n\n\nNow speaking as a junior... BOY WAS I SO WRONG.
Robyn Brown
Who's on a *high school musical songs* marathon??😂😂
Rosa Cerna
2018?? Anyone??
It has catchy tunes sometimes, if Twilight came on I’d run in my room and scream, make me forget wild cats!😲
Roshan 07
People listening in 2018 hit like 💯
We're doing High School Musical in school this year and this dance is so fun to do
Selena Stanley
0:22 for Singing\n0:52 for Dancing
Shiema Bashir
Were using this song for our class assembly😄😃😆😉😊😋😎
I don’t remember during high school once when we all broke out into a spontaneous musical number about us all being “in this together” or about how everyone being special or making our dreams come true. Guess I was sick that day or in the bathroom when that happened.🤣
Sofia Moura
Adoro muito. Vocêis. E. Meu. Filme. Favorito
Suzy Quientin
I watched hsm for the first time when I was in kindergarten & I still know the whole dance to this song;(
Sweetbrown sugar
*watches movie and cried that she was not born in the early 2000's*
Sweetcookie Bun
Wow so synchronized
Tamara Watson
How many people love high school musical?like my best baby girl.
Tessa Tenefrancia
0:00 to 4:42 best part
Thatonekid 1782
when the whole class fails a test
The Lejindary Thirstae Jiminion
Did you know they were under pressure to film \
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and dance to this all night long.
Twrinkle Spinnerette
How can I forget you my old friend...
Uma Bruxa Qualquer
Sorry Peter
Upsidedown Eggos
Imagine being in the bathroom when this happened
Valen Tovar
Together, together, together, everyone!\nTogether, together, come on, lets have some fun!\nTogether, we're there for each other every time!\nTogether, together, come on let's do this right!\n\nTROY: Here and now it's time for celebration\nI finally figured it out (yeah yeah)\nThat all our dreams have no limitations\nThat's what it's all about\n\nGABRIELLA: Everyone is special in their own way\nWe make each other strong (make each other strong)\nWe're not the same, we're different in a good way\nTogether's where we belong\n\nWe're all in this together\nOnce we know that we are\nWe're all stars and we see that\nWe're all in this together\nAnd it shows when we stand\nHand in hand, make our dreams come true\n\n\
adam faris
My childhood 😭😭😭 I wanna be 9 again
anup shengulwar
High school is going to be awesome so excited
bombeur lol
2018 ? 😅😅😅😅😅 ok man
hoe 4 bts
this makes me cry i miss my childhood so much
i'm trash
When all the class fails a test
lica fairly
multifandom trash
When you fail the test but your friends say that they failed too
noe pettyjhon
esa cancion me quedo hasta el dia de hoy la pelicula se estreno justo cuando terminaba la secundaria , que emocion era pensar pude haber echo esta cancion con la coreo para un acto de mi promocion ese año 2006
pamela Benitez
amo esta canción y dale like si tu o traduciste en en ingles
rebecca smith
December 2018??
steven Antezana ciccia
Thanks high school musical ! 😫
the game
2018 and wildcats won the NBA finals
こうき こうき
High school musical \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003eGlee
슝 슝
Together, together, together everyone \nTogether, together, come on lets have some fun \nTogether, were there for each other every time \nTogether together come on lets do this right\n\nHere and now its time for celebration \nI finally figured it out (yeah yeah) \nThat all our dreams have no limitations \nThat`s what its all about(yeah yeah) \n\nEveryone is special in their own way \nWe make each other strong (each other strong) \nWere not the same \nWere different in a good way \nTogether`s where we belong \n\nWe`re all in this together \nOnce we know \nThat we are \nWe`re all stars \nAnd we see that \nWe`re all in this together \nAnd it shows \nWhen we stand \nHand in hand \nMake our dreams come true \n\nTogether, together, together everyone \nTogether, together, come on lets have some fun \nTogether, were there for each other every time \nTogether together come on lets do this right\n\nWe`re all here \nand speaking out with one voice \nwe`re going to rock the house (YEAH YEAH!) \nthe party`s on now everybody make some noise \ncome on scream and shout \n\nWe`ve arrived because we stuck together \nChampions one and all \n\nWe`re all in this together \nOnce we know \nThat we are \nWe`re all stars \nAnd we see that \nWe`re all in this together \nAnd it shows \nWhen we stand \nHand in hand \nMake our dreams come \n\nWe`re all in this together \nWhen we reach \nWe can fly \nKnow inside \nWe can make it \nWe`re all in this toghether \nOnce we see \nTheres a chance \nThat we have \nAnd we take it \n\nWild cats sing along \nYeah, you really got it goin` on \nWild cats in the house \nEverybody say it now \nWild cats everywhere \nWave your hands up in the air \nThat`s the way we do it \nLets get to it \nTime to show the world \n\nWe`re all in this together \nOnce we know \nThat we are \nWe`re all stars \nAnd we see that \nWe`re all in this together \nAnd it shows \nWhen we stand \nHand in hand \nMake our dreams come true \n\nWe`re all in this together \nWhen we reach \nWe can fly \nKnow inside \nWe can make it \nWe`re all in this together \nOnce we see \nTheres a chance \nThat we have \nAnd we take it \n\nWild cats everywhere \nWave your hands up in the air \nThat`s the way we do it \nLet`s get to it \nCome on everyone!
🎭 Drama Queen
Obssesed?No..........................not really.\nKnows song by heart.